Hanna is a game engine for creating Choose Your Own Adventure games.

HannaCLIEngine Hanna is a game engine for creating Choose Your Own Adventure games that run in the command line. You can create complex paths for your games with the power of sequences and conditionals. Download Latest Release o

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brihernandez This is the source code for the quick X-Wing style game I made one weekend to test a few specific things.

hadashiA The extra fast, minimum code size, GC-free DI (Dependency Injection) library running on Unity (IL2CPP).

chetu3319 A Unity plugin for easily binding fundamental properties of a class to the Normal's Normcore networking module. The plugin provides a generic networking model which can be configured and connected to sync multiple properties of classes over the network.

Fewes A small GPU-based component designed to aid in cleaning and refining satellite/DEM based terrains directly inside Unity.

yourwishismine A remake of the 1980 Exidy Sorcerer game written by JOSEPH R. POWER

astralojia A free pixel-art upscaler for Unity using the Creative Commons 0 license, designed specifically for game developers. Open-source and for use commercially and non-commercially, both the source and what you run through it are both completely free to modify, use and sell.

keijiro Utility extensions for Unity standard Gradient class

Emzi0767 A toolkit for managing Among Us games. Primarly aimed at Discord, specifically muting people outside of meetings, and muting during meetings.