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Database Drivers

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AbdullahOztuurkk Bu repo Yazılım Geliştirici Yetiştirme Kampı'nda yapılan çalışmaları kapsayan Araç Kiralama Projesidir. Genel olarak proje katmanlı mimariye uygun şekilde tasarlanıp ORM olarak entity framework kullanılmaktadır. Kullanıcı arayüzü

cmeeren Facil generates F# data access source code from SQL queries and stored procedures. Optimized for developer happiness.

yangzhongke Using this library, Entity Framework Core users can delete or update multiple records from a LINQ Query in a SQL statement without loading entities. This libary supports Entity Framework Core 5.0 and above.

JasonXuDeveloper A Unity Plugin which enhances productivity for developers who are using Redis.

tforkmann Thin F# API for Sqlite for easy data access to sqlite database with functional seasoning on top

mysql-net Async MySQL Connector for .NET and .NET Core This is an ADO.NET data provider for MySQL. It provides implementations of DbConnection, DbCommand, DbDataReader, DbTransaction—the classes needed to query and update databas

dotnet Repository This repository is home to the following .NET Foundation projects. These projects are maintained by Microsoft and licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Entity Framework Core Microsoft.Data.

samus MongoDB-CSharp This is a community supported release of a driver to connect to MongoDB using .Net. It is written entirely in C# and has been tested and developed under both Windows and Mono 2.0 (Ubuntu 32-bit 9.04). C

RobThree Project Description An easy to use library to use MongoDB with .NET. It implements a Repository pattern on top of Official MongoDB C# driver. This project is now available as a NuGet package for your convenience. If yo

bchavez RethinkDb.Driver Project Description A RethinkDB database driver written in C# with 100% ReQL API compatibility and completeness. This driver is based on the official Java Driver. The basic mechanics and