Newest releases

Azure Cloud Katana is a cloud native tool developed from the need to automate the execution of simulation steps in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

aaaddress1 Out-of-the-Box Tool to Obfuscate Excel XLS. Include Obfuscation & Hide for Cell Labels & BoundSheets

calebstewart Pure PowerShell implementation of CVE-2021-1675 Print Spooler Local Privilege Escalation (PrintNightmare)

natemcmaster LettuceEncrypt provides API for ASP.NET Core projects to integrate with a certificate authority (CA), such as Let's Encrypt, for free, automatic HTTPS (SSL/TLS) certificates using the ACME protocol.

hassanhabib ASP.NET Library that allows developers to add an extra layer of security on top of their existing endpoints

UnamSanctam SilentETHMiner v1.3.3 - Based on Lime Miner v0.3

rasta-mouse Enumerate missing KBs and suggest exploits for useful Privilege Escalation vulnerabilities

xoofx Blake3.NET is a fast managed wrapper around the SIMD Rust implementations of the BLAKE3 cryptographic hash function.

Aetsu OffensivePipeline allows to download, compile (without Visual Studio) and obfuscate C# tools for Red Team exercises.

alexanderdna Ameow is a toy cryptocurrency. It was made as a hobby project and named by its author's girlfriend.

mez-0 DecryptRDCManager is a .NET port of Decrypt-RDCMan.ps1 which was written by Ben Turner and Rich Hicks. This tool will decrypt credentials from Remote Desktop Manager by using the functionality from the RDCMan.DLL as done here.

LimerBoy Decrypt gecko based browsers passwords, cookies, history, bookmarks.

dragonjumeog DragonFist DragonFist is an automated tool for checking vulnerability and making report on Unity Engine based Games. This program works in Android environment and also supports Android emulator environment. It can check

ektrah NSec NSec is a new cryptographic library for .NET Core based on libsodium ❤. It provides modern cryptographic primitives in a modern API based on the new Span<T> and ReadOnlySpan<T> types. NSec ai

axzxs2001 Ocelot.JWTAuthorize This library is used in the verification project when Ocelot is used as an API gateway. In the Ocelot project, the API project, the verification project, and the injection function can be used.

cryps1s DARKSURGEON CircleCI Status: About DARKSURGEON DARKSURGEON is a Windows packer project to empower incident response, digital forensics, malware analysis, and network defense. DARKSURGEON has three stated g

glinares CSCGuard Protects and logs suspicious and malicious usage of .NET CSC.exe and Runtime C# Compilation Usage CSCGuard is meant to be used in sandbox, analysis, or non-production environments. I simply have not

akalankauk Keep-It-Secure-File-Encryption Keep It Secure Is Private Data Encryption & Decryption Tool And Fully Open Source C# Project. Hash : 128 Byte | File Type : .ae Preview Features Cust

win-acme Windows ACME Simple (WACS) A simple ACME client for Windows - for use with Let's Encrypt. (Formerly known as letsencrypt-win-simple (LEWS)) Overview Please check our website for an up-to-date overview, doc

peewpw Invoke-WCMDump PowerShell script to dump Windows credentials from the Credential Manager Invoke-WCMDump enumerates Windows credentials in the Credential Manager and then extracts available information about each one. P

EslaMx7 Encrypt\Decrypt file(s) with AES 256-bit Description This is a personal tool i just made for a specific purpose (encrypt multiple files at once to securely backup them on a cloud service) then i decided to ad

A-mIn3 Description WINspect is part of a larger project for auditing different areas of Windows environments. It focuses on enumerating different parts of a Windows machine to identify sec

dnSpy dnSpy - Latest release - ❤️ Donate dnSpy is a debugger and .NET assembly editor. You can use it to edit and debug assemblies even if you don't have any source code available. Main features: Debug .NET and

Kevin-Robertson Invoke-TheHash Invoke-TheHash contains PowerShell functions for performing pass the hash WMI and SMB tasks. WMI and SMB connections are accessed through the .NET TCPClient. Authentication is performed by passing an NTLM

bitbeans StreamCryptor You can use StreamCryptor to encrypt and decrypt files without size limit and the need to load every file completely into memory. StreamCryptor uses FileStream to read and write files in chunks, there