Save time typing out directory paths in PowerShell by jumping around instead.

z z lets you quickly navigate the file system in PowerShell based on your cd command history. It's a port of the z bash shell script.. Install it from the official PowerShell gallery. Goals Since June 2013 I have pour

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pwshMgr MDT-Auto-Deployment Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Auto-Deployment PowerShell Script v3.4 Warning: This script is intended to run on a clean Windows installation which doesn’t have MDT/ADK installed/configured already. Unexpected

aliostad SuperBenchmarker Superbenchmarker is a load generator command-line tool for performance testing HTTP APIs and websites. Inspired by Apache Benchmark, it is meant to become Apache Benchmark (ab.exe) on steriods. It displays final

cobbr Deprecated (Temporarily) The parent Covenant project no longer requires a client-side application. Elite has temporarily been deprecated. Please instead use the web interface included with the Covenant project. Elite may eventua

antonioCoco SharPyShell SharPyShell is a tiny and obfuscated ASP.NET webshell that executes commands received by an encrypted channel compiling them in memory at runtime. SharPyShell supports only C# web applications that runs on .NET Frame

NotNotWrongUsually OutConsolePicture Powershell cmdlet for rendering image files to console How to install? The module is published to the Powershell Gallery, so get it from there with Install-Module -Name OutConsolePicture R

natemrice This is a powershell script that can take any image and render it to the PowerShell commandline, pixel by pixel. Most command lines are 120 columns by default so you want a picture that's smaller than that. Use the DrawPicture.ps1 file by

moritz-mm Reddnet A simple open source mini Reddit written in .NET Core 3.1 Setup to run it on you Computer You need the .NET Core 3.1 SDK (Download: and the Microsoft Sql Server (Download

JustinGrote PoshNmap This project's goal is to deliver an effective wrapper around the Nmap Network Discovery tool, providing Powershell-y behavior and sensible autocomplete as well as formatting output into usable, parseable Po