ASP.NET Core project template for real world applications

Installation Rename your project using "MvcTemplate.Rename.cmd". Set Web as default start up project. Install necessary VS extensions if you don't have them already: Web compiler. Features Mo

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studioxsoftware Introduction This is a template to create ASP.NET Core MVC / Angular. It has 2 different versions: ASP.NET Core MVC & jQuery (server rendered multi-page application). ASP.NET Core & Angular (single page application)

scriban Scriban is a fast, powerful, safe and lightweight text templating language and engine for .NET, with a compatibility mode for parsing liquid templates.

Tyrrrz MiniRazor is a tiny wrapper around the Razor templating engine, which provides a way to compile and render templates on demand. This library focuses specifically on providing the lightest possible implementation that can be used in console, desktop, or other non-web applications.

Zaid-Ajaj A lightweight alternative template to the full-fledged official SAFE Template.

dpaulino A simple template repository you can use to fast track your new modern Windows app.