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khalidabuhakmeh This library allows ASP.NET Core developers to register routes in a nested way. This reduces the amount of strings representing route patterns.

tokyoneon CredPhish is a PowerShell script designed to invoke legitimate credential prompts and exfiltrate passwords over DNS.

Inf0secRabbit Proof of Concept tool to generate malicious macros leveraging techniques like VBA Purging and Shellcode Obfuscation to evade AV engines.

connormcgarr LittleCorporal accepts a user-supplied argument for a process to inject into on a remote machine, in which you plan to execute the malicious Word document on, and also accepts a path to a local shellcode file stored in .bin format

TechPenguineer HyperMC is a Minecraft Extention manager. Downloading assests then putting them into the right folders can be time consuming and annoying.

keijiro BodyPixBarracuda is an implementation of the BodyPix person segmentation and pose estimation model that runs on the Unity Barracuda neural network inference library.

OG-Sadpanda Read Excel Spreadsheets (XLS/XLSX) using Cobalt Strike's Execute-Assembly

0xDivyanshu Complete Arsenal of Memory injection and other techniques for red-teaming in Windows

Eightvo A code first game development framework written in C# using dot net core 5

secdev-01 .NET 5 Single file Application . Mimikatz or any Base64 PE Loader.

keijiro YoloV4TinyBarracuda is an implementation of the YOLOv4-tiny object detection model on the Unity Barracuda neural network inference library.

fluentpos Open Source Point Of Sales and Inventory Management Solution built with ASP.NET Core 5.0 WebAPI and Angular 12 Material.

wlgys8 A Unity Project used for Learning GPU Driven Terrain Render

patriksvensson A tool to provision local environments to a desired state, using the .NET SDK.

Mr-Un1k0d3r official report for the AdHuntTool. C# Script used for Red Team. It can be used by Cobalt Strike execute-assembly or as standalone executable.

keijiro M-LSD line segment detection model for Unity Barracuda

Kara-4search ShellCodeLoader via DInvoke

aniqfakhrul Sharperner is a tool written in CSharp that generate .NET dropper with AES and XOR obfuscated shellcode. Generated executable can possibly bypass signature check but I cant be sure it can bypass heuristic scanning.

calebstewart Pure PowerShell implementation of CVE-2021-1675 Print Spooler Local Privilege Escalation (PrintNightmare)

yasirkula Control your Windows device from your phone

3gstudent Use to build an anonymous SMB file server.

mjebrahimi SeoTags create all SEO tags you need such as meta, link, twitter card (twitter:), open graph (og:), and JSON-LD schema (structred data).

rvrsh3ll Azure JWT's allow you to authenticate to certain endpoints as the user who signed in with the device code. Even if they used multi-factor authentication. Once you have a user's JWT, it may be possible to access certain apps such a

lowleveldesign Dotnet-wtrace is a command-line tool for reading trace events emitted by .NET Core applications.

deanward81 A .NET Core implementation of the AirDrop protocol that allows arbitrary devices to send/receive files from devices that support AirDrop natively (i.e. Apple devices).

builtbybel Checks if your device is ready for the new Windows 11/Sun Valley update

project-winpass11 🔑 WinPass11 Guided Installer is a tool for installing Windows 11 on unsupported hardware through a walkthrough process.

beatcracker Toptout: Easily opt-out from telemetry collection

eladshamir Whisker is a C# tool for taking over Active Directory user and computer accounts by manipulating their msDS-KeyCredentialLink attribute, effectively adding "Shadow Credentials" to the target account.

MichalStrehovsky C# as you know it but with Go-inspired tooling that produces small, selfcontained, and native executables out of the box.

GhostPack It is built on top of PKISolution's PSPKI toolkit (Microsoft Public License). This repo contains a newer version of PSPKI than what's available in the PSGallery (see the PSPKI directory). Vadims Podans (the creator of PSPKI) graci

typedbyte Chess.NET is a local two-player chess game, written in C#/WPF. It aims to provide a clean architecture and design according to the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architectural pattern.

GetRektBoy724 C# Based Universal API Unhooker - Automatically Unhook API Hives (ntdll.dll,kernel32.dll,user32.dll,and kernelbase.dll). you might want to use the SilentUnhooker function instead of the Unhooker for stealth reasons. This tool is i