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Impostor Impostor - An open source reimplementation of the Among Us Server

fawohlsc This repository outlines an automated testing approach for Azure Policies. The approach is fundamentally based on behavior-driven development (BDD) to improve communication between developers, security experts and compliance offic

amis92 A list of C# Source Generators (not necessarily awesome), because I haven't found a good list yet.

scelts In game landing analysis for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

NicolasDorier Helping you to block mainstream media to keep your sanity

derenlei Localize 2D image object detection in 3D Scene with Unity Barracuda and ARFoundation.

specklesystems This repo demonstrates how to create an eager and responsive async component that does not block the Grasshopper UI thread while doing heavy work in the background, reports on progress and - theoretically - makes your life easier

dpaulino A .NET Standard 2.0 library to help with data synchronization, such as determining object differences, applying patches, and merging changes.

dafthack MFASweep is a PowerShell script that attempts to log in to various Microsoft services using a provided set of credentials and will attempt to identify if MFA is enabled.

jorgejgnz Hand Physics Toolkit (HPTK) is a toolkit to build physical hand-driven interactions in a modular and scalable way. Hand physics and hover/touch/grab detection are modules included. This toolkit can be combined with MRTK-Quest for

thunderbird-team ThunderBird OpenSource

Apr4h Scan files or process memory for Cobalt Strike beacons and parse their configuration.

slyd0g A port of limbenjamin's LogServiceCrash project to C#.

EncodeGroup This project implements a DLL planting technique to bypass UAC Always Notify and execute code in a high integrity process.

jonatan1024 CompileTimeExecution a Source Generator that runs your C# code at compile time and stores the result values into generated classes.

SciSharp The Open Source AI Chatbot Platform Builder in 100% C# Running in .NET Core with Machine Learning algorithm.

slyd0g A port of FuzzySecurity's UrbanBishop project for inline shellcode execution. The execution vector uses a delegate vs an APC on a suspended threat at ntdll!RtlExitUserThread in UrbanBishop

mez-0 DecryptRDCManager is a .NET port of Decrypt-RDCMan.ps1 which was written by Ben Turner and Rich Hicks. This tool will decrypt credentials from Remote Desktop Manager by using the functionality from the RDCMan.DLL as done here.

apache Apache Lucene.NET is a .NET full-text search engine framework, a C# port of the popular Apache Lucene project. Apache Lucene.NET is not a complete application, but rather a code library and API that can easily be used to add searc

keijiro KinoFeedback2 is an example of a Unity HDRP custom pass that implements an old-school frame feedback effect.

astralojia A free pixel-art upscaler for Unity using the Creative Commons 0 license, designed specifically for game developers. Open-source and for use commercially and non-commercially, both the source and what you run through it are both c

keijiro Utility extensions for Unity standard Gradient class

AeonLucid Impostor - An open source reimplementation of the Among Us Server

checkymander A quickly written C# application that allows you to run SSH commands against a host or list of hosts.

Flangvik C# Azure Function with an HTTP trigger that generates obfuscated PowerShell snippets that break or disable AMSI for the current process. The snippets are randomly selected from a small pool of techniques/variations before being ob

rnwood A dummy SMTP server for Windows, Linux, Mac OS-X (and maybe elsewhere where .NET Core is available). Lets you test your application without spamming your real customers and without needing to set up a complicated real email server

anastasiadevana HeadphoneMotion is a plugin for Unity3d that exposes Apple's Headphone Motion API (CMHeadphoneManager) in Unity.

keijiro Rcam2 is my second attempt at a real-time volumetric AR VFX system with Unity (the first attempt is Rcam). This time I used iPad Pro with a LiDAR scanner.

needle-tools This tool visualizes the assembly compilation process in Unity3D. It hooks into the Editor-provided events and nicely draws them on a timeline. That's especially helpful when trying to optimize compile times and dependencies betwe

IRCSS This repo contains shader code for 4d Moebius transformation of 3d space both in GLSL vertex shade as well as C#.

Cryental This subtitle converter can quickly convert subtitles to SubRip (SRT) or any supported format.It removes all custom styles and comments from the original file so you will get a clean subtitle.

MerlinVR USharpVideo - a basic video player made for VRChat using Udon and UdonSharp. Supports normal videos and live streams.

Idered 📋 Snatch - Beautiful clipboard manager for Windows