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cosullivan What is SmtpServer? SmtpServer is a simple, but highly functional SMTP server implementation. Written entirely in C# it takes full advantage of the .NET TPL to achieve maximum performance. SmtpServer is available

New-dev0 Telegraph App made in CSharp in .NET [WPF] using Telegraph Api. Download Todo Good UI and screen gestures. Dark Mode? UWP ?? Good (Un)Installer ? Fix

xoofx grpc-curl grpc-curl is a command line tool for interacting with gRPC servers. This tool is the .NET equivalent of the popular gRPCurl written in Golan

Wra7h SharpGhosting Process Ghosting (x64 only) in C# https://www.elastic.co/blog/process-ghosting-a-new-executable-image-tampering-attack Compile options:

HiotyNi Minimal-Browser Um Navegador Simples e leve para assistir vídeos ou escutar musicas! Criado em C# Feito com a ideia de ser usado para ver videos e esc

modern-fortran neural-fortran A parallel neural net microframework. Read the paper here. Features Getting started Building with fpm Building with CMake Examples Crea

martincostello Polly Rate-Limiting with ASP.NET Core Introduction A sample application using ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs that demonstrates usage of the Rate-Limit poli

FlowingCrescent SimpleProceduralSkybox A simple procedural skybox which has day and night in unity universal render pipeline Unity version:2019.4.13f, URP 7.3.1 Pleas

Nano-Digital Bech32 A small utility library to encode/decode bech32 addresses with source code taken from https://github.com/guillaumebonnot/bech32 to encode/decod

pascalbros Oculus Linkintosh There's no support for Oculus Quest 2 (and the old one) on Mac for development. The only way to test your game is to build and run d

cado-security DFIR_Resources_Whispergate On Saturday January 15th 2022, Microsoft released a blog titled “Destructive malware targeting Ukrainian organizations”. Mi

D1og0 AerisChecker | https://discord.gg/e7uQY6SPtb A open-source Minecraft account checker FAQ Q: What features do you have? A: We have capes check (Optifin

mauricelambert CVE-2022-21907 Description This repository detects a system vulnerable to CVE-2022-21907 (CVSS:3.1 9.8) and protects against this vulnerability if des

Ramin-Guliyev MakeUp Make your console app looks much more pretty 😉 * Introduction This package helps you to make colorful console apps with the best solution. Cur

EduartHajko AspnetMicroservices See the overall picture of implementations on microservices with .net tools on real-world e-commerce microservices project;

giacomelli GeneticSharp is a fast, extensible, multi-platform and multithreading C# Genetic Algorithm library that simplifies the development of applications using Genetic Algorithms (GAs).

deepakkumar1984 .NET Standard bindings for Apache MxNet with Imperative, Symbolic and Gluon Interface for developing, training and deploying Machine Learning models in C#.

Element-Research dpnn : deep extensions to nn This package provides many useful features that aren't part of the main nn package. These include sharedClone, which allo

sergey-tihon Stanford.NLP for .NET Stanford.NLP for .NET is a port of Stanford NLP distributions to .NET. This project contains build scripts that recompile Stanfo

ionide Ionide.KeepAChangelog This project implements a Changelog parser according to the spec at KeepAChangelog. It also provides MSBuild tasks and targets t

salihcantekin TechBuddySolution Description This solution is made for containing useful infrastructure content mostly for web api projects such as Middlewares, Acti

DigitalzombieTLD Townscaper - LittleFirstPerson mod - v0.8.0 by Digitalzombie =========================================================== How to install: ============

Elfocrash Nick's .NET Backend Developer Roadmap for 2022 Hey there 👋 . This is my (very opinionated) roadmap for .NET developers that want to focus on backend

Matthew-J-Spencer Ultimate 2D Controller A great starting point for your 2D controller. Making use of all the hidden tricks like coyote, buffered actions, speedy apex,

stringandstickytape MaxLights A Windows app to control Lifx, WLED and RGB.Net (Corsair/MSI/Logitech/ASUS currently supported) LEDs. Overview MaxLights uses drag-and-drop

sdcb PaddleSharp 💗 .NET Wrapper for PaddleInference C API, include PaddleOCR, support 14 OCR languages model download on-demand, support Windows(x64) and

dgreenheck OpenFracture OpenFracture is an open source Unity package for fracturing & slicing meshes. This package supports both convex and non-convex meshes as

bazzi-gg server bazzi.gg의 API Server입니다. ASP.NET Core(.NET 5)로 개발되었습니다. Table of Contents Install Usage Maintainers Contributing Development License Install do

ShaneLinville AWPFBudgetingApp A WPF app for doing a budget This app will allow users who want to setup a budget for their home or business on a desktop. Users will

Solias99 PlayFab MPS Azure Functions Function used for requesting and getting a PlayFab multiplayer server through an Azure Cloud Function. You can use this te

Digit4lBytes Red Teaming List of Red Team / Red Teaming Resources Table of Contents Initial Access Execution Persistence Privilege Escalation Defense Evasion Crede

KristofferStrube Blazor.Bubbles A fullscreen Bubble animation made in Blazor Wasm Demo This project can be demoed here: https://kristofferstrube.github.io/Blazor.Bubbl