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jfmaes Ansible-Cobalt-Strike An Ansible role to install cobalt-strike on debian based architectures, let's be honest it's for kali. Variables This role has t

wwh1004 ConfuserExTools ConfuserEx unpacking tools It has only basic support for ConfuserEx (AntiTamper, ReferenceProxy, Constants) because it is a tool for m

TobitoFatitoRE Krypton .Net Reactor Devirtualizer Current Status: Resource Parsing OpCode Mapping Method Disassembling Method Recompiling Method Replacing Usage: Dra

wafinfo TeamView_get_Password 👮🏻‍♀️ 免责声明 由于传播、利用TeamView_get_Password工具提供的功能而造成的任何直接或者间接的后果及损失,均由使用者本人负责,本人不为此承担任何责任。 使用介绍 目前免杀某60,某绒等等 支持CobaltStrike内存加载 e

A-Tabeshfard English | فارسی Notepads Design of a modern text editor with WFA and WPF platforms Author : Amirreza Tabeshfard ( WebNestDotNet ) What is the use of a

darkguy2008 Switchie is a virtual destkop pager for Windows inspired by various Linux-based virtual desktop pagers

vovgou An MVVM & Databinding framework that can use C# and Lua to develop games

IRCSS Real time Matrix VFX implemeted in Shaders in Unity using Triplanar mapping For the detailed break down of the technique, have a look at my blog post:

StefanJo3107 2D-Water-Shader 2D Water Shader made in HLSL in Unity based on water effect from the game Kingdom! First off you'll need to create a render texture! S

ivaylokenov Domain-Driven Design with ASP.NET Core Microservices This repository contains the demo source code from my SoftUni course about Domain-Driven Design w

alugili Modern Architecture Shop is a clean-lightweight .NET microservices application, showcasing the use of Dapr to build microservices-based applications. It is a simple online shop with all the core components that make up such a syst

tyranid DumpReparsePoints This is a simple tool to dump all the reparse points on an NTFS volume. It uses the \\$Extend\\$Reparse directory which can then be

davidfowl .NET 5 Samples These are samples from the community stand up episode here https://youtu.be/IQLEjj7v4io. Download the bleeding edge .NET 5 runtime from

ScorpionesLabs D(COM) V(ulnerability) S(canner) AKA Devious swiss army knife - Lateral movement using DCOM Objects Did you ever wonder how you can move laterally thr

RiccardoAncarani DirSync PoC An extremely unsexy PoC of a software that uses the DirSync protocol to poll Active Directory for changes. So it turns out that there are

HandyOrg HandyUI We turn fancy UI designs into reality with the help of HandyControl Power. We use Dribbble designs NOTE To see the designs better, please run

CrossGeeks PayCards Plugin for Xamarin iOS and Android Simple cross platform plugin that uses Pay.Cards library to scan credit card information.         Setup Av

Cyanilux Cards See here for preview : https://twitter.com/Cyanilux/status/1296100597893148677 • Uses CardHandController.cs (and Card.cs) scripts to set positio

passthehashbrowns SharpBuster This is a C# implementation of a directory brute forcing tool designed to allow for in-memory execution. Why another directory brute forci

ph09nix APSoft Webscanner Version 2 new version of APSoft Webscanner Version 1 Software pictures What can i do with this ? with this software, you will be abl

IEvangelist Blazorators: Blazor C# Source Generators Design goals 🎯 I was hoping to use the TypeScript lib.dom.d.ts bits as input. This input would be read, pars

microsoft MSTIC Sysmon Resources An open-source initiative by the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) R&D team to share resources used during research

plackyhacker Unhook BitDefender A C# application that unhooks BitDefender from ntdll.dll and kernelbase.dll to help run malicious code undetected. The code is quit

adelarsq This cheatsheet glances over some of the common syntax of F#.

jhrscom The JHRS WPF framework is used to demonstrate how to use wpf and xamarin to build a development framework. The presentation framework only provides an idea. If you apply it to actual projects, you need to complete more functions y

Cyanilux Blit Renderer Feature Based on the Blit from the UniversalRenderingExamples Extended to allow options for : • Specific access to selecting a source an

chsienki Kittitas - Roslyn compiler host Kittitas is a dotnet global tool that hosts the Roslyn and MSBuild APIs in a single process, making it easier to debug

ColinLeung-NiloCat UnityURP-MobileDrawMeshInstancedIndirectExample youtube runtime demo video: https://youtu.be/A7rav4tS88s download .apk, try it on your android phone:

builtbybel ControlUWP Windows 10 Settings app with a little more control About this project • Download the app About Here is another small experimental project o

r3nhat GRAT2 C2 (c).-.(c) (c).-.(c) (c).-.(c) (c).-.(c) (c).-.(c) / ._. \ / ._. \ / ._. \ /

dfinke Tiny PowerShell Projects This is the code repository for Tiny PowerShell Projects. I ported it from the Manning Publications book, Tiny Python Project

Dewera Kalon A humanlike cursor movement library that uses randomised bezier curves for path generation Example The image below demonstrates some generated m

JoeWDavies Tutorials for making 3D-looking maps with Blender and QGIS