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mez-0 .NET 4.0 Share Hunting and ACL Mapping

keijiro Waifu2xBarracuda is a Waifu2x implementation with the Unity Barracuda neural network inference library.

Drnxloc-Dev Auto ADB LDPlayer Release Bao Gồm

benaadams Low level ASP.NET Core example Web server

Daniel-Krzyczkowski Cars Island is a fake car rental company which used Microsoft Azure cloud services to implement the system for managing car renting.

dje-dev Ceres - an MCTS chess engine for research and recreation

keyone2693 The regions and divisions of Iran including a list of all provinces, cities, districts, cities, towns, and villages which you can search and access with LINQ syntax

Hona My own IMDb dataset importer - loads into a Marten DB document store.

sleevezipper Provide useful sensors and services from your workstation to Home Assistant.

Franiac If you are looking for an extremely fast and easy to use Twitch VOD downloader, this is your tool!

keijiro Pugrad is a color gradient generator for Unity that supports commonly-used perceptually uniform colormaps.

20chan Censors bad language automatically

zenjia MvvMChart is a simple, MVVM support and highly customizable WPF/UWP chart control

jfmaes Executes position independent shellcode from an encrypted zip Get PIC code from your assembly either by using donut or metasploit or cobaltstrike RAW format.

tarikguney Automating management tasks to help managers focus on more strategic wins.

tjackenpacken Lightweight application that lets user create and pin groups to the Windows taskbar och desktop

cmeeren Facil generates F# data access source code from SQL queries and stored procedures. Optimized for developer happiness.

dpaulino A simple template repository you can use to fast track your new modern Windows app.

xoofx Powerful and fast command line tool to rewrite git branches powered by .NET, LibGit2Sharp and Roslyn.

gizemcifguvercin This project is about how we can send news to related news agency. You can look at Use Case, Architecture, Technical Overview on README file

gasgiant Fast Fourier Transform ocean waves simulation for Unity. This is a prototype. Not recommended for real projects.

rfuzzo Modding tools for the cyberpunk 2077 game.

S3cur3Th1sSh1t C# binary with embeded golang hack-browser-data

B1eed A small tool for file transfer using OSS in the Red Team operation

Tyrrrz Contextual offers a simple foundation to provide and consume implicit parameters using stacked contexts. Inspired by React's Context API.

VShawn PRemoteM is a modern remote session manager and launcher, which allows you to open a remote session at any time and anywhere. Fornow PRemoteM supports multiple protocols such as RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, sFtp.

Dewera A manual syscall library that supports both ntdll.dll and win32u.dll

thalpius I have created a small C# project that requests a Ticket Granting Service ticket using KerberosSecurityTokenProvider to use for Kerberoasting. I started the project for educational purposes only, but the tool works fine and is not

fiseni Nuget package providing extension methods to IServiceCollection (.NET Core's built-in DI infrastructure). The extensions provide the ability for dynamic/runtime DI configuration, through external config files.

n00mkrad Flowframes Windows GUI for video interpolation - Supports RIFE, RIFE-NCNN, DAIN-NCNN, CAIN-NCNN networks.

securesean Command line tool to extract/decrypt the password that was stored in the LSA by SysInternals AutoLogon

otoriocyber PowerShell script for hardening Siemens Simatic PCS 7 servers

Redth Xamarin.Binding.Helpers is a NuGet package with MSBuild tasks and other useful tools to help make bindings easier!