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FerryYoungFan NaiveMatrixLib 帆帆的简易矩阵计算库 A simple C++ stdlib-based complex & real matrix library, with matrix inversion, left division (A\b) and determinant calculat

thesc1ent1st j0lt.c DNS amplification (DDoS) attack tool Use with extreme caution Brutally effective DNS amplification ddos attack tool, will cripple a target mach

azkadev Project Name Sosial Media Donate ID: Jika Anda Menyukai karya saya dan ingin memberikan dana untuk saya membeli beberapa snack silahkan donasi seberap

skahwah CheckCert A small utility to request the SSL certificate from a public or private web application. CheckCert helps operators in the following ways: It

coolwanglu Vim.js : JavaScript port of Vim A Tool/Toy for Non-Beginners by Lu Wang Try it online Variations NW.js Firefox extension Asyncify Streamline.js Recomm

p-morais Quark Quark is intended to be a simple differentiable rigid body dynamics library. For the time being it is starting out as a ground-up rewrite of RBD

dmamontov ESPHome BLE Keyboard The firmware implements the ability to connect your esp32 device as a BLE keyboard and send keystrokes via Home Assistant Table o

cucapra Event Queue Dialect Event queue (Equeue) dialect is an MLIR Dialect that models concurrent devices in terms of control and structure. Motivation The m

stefanoscolapasta Hermite Curves Editor An editing tool for Cubic Hermite Splines Table of Contents About the Project Built With Getting Started Prerequisites Installat

paulchannelstrip morse-tidal Morse Code pattern generator for Tidal Cycles Installation Simply place the morse.hs file in a memorable location (I suggest having a dedi

jniac Cours de Graphisme Dynamique DIMI (Campus Fonderie de l'Image) Prérequis Logiciels Visual Studio Code (vscode) Pourquoi ? (Pour la programmation) Node

skyline-emu Skyline Shader Compiler (SSC) A fork of yuzu's shader compiler modified for Skyline's needs with all other changes being upstreamed and changes from y

FlorenceOS Baremetal Embeddable Debugger FlorenceOS discord server A very small and simple debugger. It takes only a single RWX page and you can run it from anyw

Yi-Tseng P4 DPDK target notes Build P4 code There is a very simple L1 switch based on PSA architecture in this repo (see l1switch) Before building the p4 code,

fluttercandies flutter_switch_clipper A Flutter package that two widgets switch with clipper. 1.使用 SwitchCipper( initSelect: true, child: const Icon(Icons.fa

ariya PhantomJS - Scriptable Headless WebKit PhantomJS (phantomjs.org) is a headless WebKit scriptable with JavaScript. The latest stable release is version

LANDrop LANDrop is a cross-platform tool that you can use to conveniently transfer photos, videos, and other types of files to other devices on the same local network.

RandomSoup libpiper A simple C library implementing v0.7.0 of the Piper protocol. Limitations Dynamic content (using Content-Length of 2 ** 64-1) isn't supported

barosl jvm-monitor jvm-monitor is a Java agent attached to a Java VM (virtual machine), which logs all the local variables when exceptions occur. Rationales

toitlang Toit language implementation This repository contains the Toit language implementation. It is fully open source and consists of the compiler, virtual

hyye DSL Project page: https://sites.google.com/view/dsl-ram-lab/ Monocular Direct Sparse Localization in a Prior 3D Surfel Map Authors: Haoyang Ye, Huaiya

securifybv Introduction Cobalt Strike beacon object files (BOFs) is a feature that was added to the beacon in order to allow rapid beacon extendibility in a more

chjj mako - full bitcoin implementation in C Mako is a from-scratch bitcoin reimplementation, written in "almost-C89" (i.e. it can be compiled by a C89 com

sail-sg EnvPool is a highly parallel reinforcement learning environment execution engine which significantly outperforms existing environment executors. With

davidrmiller biosim4 What is this? This pile of code was used to simulate biological creatures that evolve through natural selection. The results of the experiment

BitcoinABC-BCHA Bitcoin-ABC-wallet Official wallet for Bitcoin Cash ABC [BCHA] Licence: MIT Licence Author: Thomas Ramo BCHA Porting: The Bitcoin ABC developers Lang

fobser GELATOD(8) - System Manager's Manual NAME gelatod - a CLAT configuration daemon SYNOPSIS gelatod [-dv] DESCRIPTION gelatod is a CLAT (Customer-side tr

rob-ng15 PAWS a Risc-V RVIMAFC CPU Written in Silice Inspired by ICE-V by ICE-V by @sylefeb A simple (no interrupts or exceptions/traps), Risc-V RV32IMAFC CPU,

zhiboniu MoveNet-PaddleLite Adapted from PaddleDetection; Movenet cpp deploy based on PaddleLite; Movenet model transformed from tensorflow; 简介 Movenet是近年的优秀开源

htools-org Handshake Protocol for Wireshark This is a dissector for Wireshark written in Lua that decodes Handshake packets. Screenshots Progress Although all pa

klezVirus DCKFinder: Dangling COM Keys Finder A simple utility to locate COM registry keys referencing DLL or EXE which are not on the system anymore. Disclaime

Wkh3 🌟 kcp-cpp A C++11 header-only kcp library,It has been heavily optimized to support native heartbeat packets and multithreading There are a lot of ins