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nunomaduro Bombe is a tool for benchmarking the given url response status and response time.

nihui The YOLOv5 object detection android example

x64dbg Repository with the latest pluginsdk versions for x64dbg. Automatically updated when a new x64dbg snapshot is released.

ria-jit Lightweight and performant dynamic binary translation for RISC–V code on x86–64

pwncollege Kernel development & exploitation practice environment.

p-ranav Criterion is a micro-benchmarking library for modern C++.

ratwithacompiler Provides closed captioning via Google Cloud Speech Recognition API as a standalone OBS plugin, no other tools required. It's fully optional to viewers and uses Twitch's built in caption support which works on livestreams and in VO

sepfy Make your Raspberry Pi Zero W as a 1080P IP Camera.

zodf0055980 Fuzzer run with argv based on AFL

odriverobotics High performance motor control

expnkx fast_io is a C++ general-purpose exception-safe RAII I/O library based on C++ 20 Concepts. It is at least ten times faster than cstdio or iostream.

TheWaveWarden This is the home of Odin 2 free VST3, AU and LV2 synthesizer plugin. This repository contains the code to build the project.

LloydLabs wsb-detect enables you to detect if you are running in Windows Sandbox ("WSB"). The sandbox is used by Windows Defender for dynamic analysis, and commonly manually by security analysts and alike.

deepin-espanol WepApp with DTK look and feel

adham-elarabawy An open-source 3D-printed quadrupedal robot. Intuitive gait generation through 12-DOF Bezier Curves. Full 6-axis body pose manipulation. Custom 3DOF Leg Inverse Kinematics Model accounting for offsets.

wondertrader WonderTrader是一个基于C++核心模块的,适应全市场全品种交易的,高效率、高可用的量化交易开发框架

chrxh ALiEn is a GPU-accelerated physics engine with focus on artificial life computations.

Mazhichaoruya Perception of Autonomous mobile robot,Using ROS,rs-lidar-16,By SLAM,Object Detection with Yolov5 Based DNN

ideugu 게임 수학을 위한 소프트렌더러 프레임웍

nunomaduro ⚡️ This package provides a wonderful C skeleton to start building your next package idea.

rootless-containers bypass4netns: Accelerator for slirp4netns using SECCOMP_IOCTL_NOTIF_ADDFD (Kernel 5.9)

TuyaInc Tuya Device OS 是涂鸦独创 IoT OS 操作系统级别的端云 SDK,提供了按照业务需求选择组件,定制 SDK 的能力,是涂鸦开发者的利剑,具备轻量级、互联互通、安全传输、组件丰富、快速开发等关键能力,有效降低开发门槛

gdbinit Hex-Rays MicrocodeExplorer

hhhrrrttt222111 This repository aims to bring everyone into the competitive coding world. It contains the solutions of all coding problems in CodeChef in multiple languages

kkent030315 A PoC for vulnerable driver "mhyprot" that allows us to read/write memory in kernel/user from usermode.

lemire The fast_float library provides fast header-only implementations for the C++ from_chars functions for float and double types. These functions convert ASCII strings representing decimal values (e.g., 1.3e10) into binary types

iboB A collection of small single-header C++ libraries similar to or extending the C++ standard library. See below for a list.

fujita greeter-bpf is an experiment on implementing server software in eBPF. It works as gRPC GreeterServer only for the benchmark. It's tested with libbpf. (b6dd2f2b).

LakshyAAAgrawal Emulator displaying the CHIP-8 logo, drawing Sierpinski Triangle and Playing Tetris

nathan818fr A small utility to hide the Among Us taskbar when playing.

google Makani was a project to develop a commercial-scale airborne wind turbine, culminating in a flight test of the Makani M600 off the coast of Norway. All Makani software has now been open-sourced. This repository contains the working

DanielaE An educational C++20 implementation of Boost.Optional that also is-a C++20 std::optional.

aircrack-ng Drivers for the rtl8814au chipset wireless adapters