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i3 i3: A tiling window manager i3 is a tiling window manager for X11. For more information about i3, please see the project's website and online document

Airblader i3-gaps What is i3-gaps? i3-gaps is a fork of i3wm, a tiling window manager for X11. It is kept up to date with upstream, adding a few additional feat

haxscramper Author: haxscramper This module implements pattern matching for objects, tuples, sequences, key-value pairs, case and derived objects. DSL can also be

BuddiesOfBudgie Budgie Control Center Budgie Control Center is a fork of GNOME Settings / GNOME Control Center with the intent of providing a simplified list of setti

Raphael-Boichot Game-Boy-chips-decapping-project A database of microscopic images of decapped chips from Game Boy cartridges. The silicon dies were extracted from epo

modanashar cbi compile time bounded integers A tiny header only library for providing clearer contract-like interfaces for working with intergers. Contents A Fir

kauKoala algorithm-codes Koala 알고리즘 코드 저장소 폴더 구조 폴더 구조는 [알고리즘 저지 사이트명] -> [문제 번호] -> [소스코드 및 나만의 풀이] ex) beakjoon -> 1000 -> suhwan.py, suhwan_python_sol.md 소스

Numerix-DSP siglib SigLib Digital Signal Processing and Machine Learning Library What is SigLib? SigLib is a highly portable DSP and ML library that supports many

microsoft ArchProbe ArchProbe is a profiling tool to demythify mobile GPU architectures with great details. The mechanism of ArchProbe is introduced in our tech

1hAck-0 This a small cheat menu for Sword With Sauce (a UE4 game) that I made in a week or so. The reason why I am sharing the project is that it is probably one of the best sources to learn UE game hacking from. The project has many comm

todbot tal_experiments Experiments with the Teensy Audio Library. Mostly on SAMD51 (M4) boards using the Adafruit fork of Teensy Audio Library. Demos "ominou

woodrush SectorLISP Examples This repository contains programs written for SectorLISP, a 512-byte Lisp interpreter that fits inside the boot sector of a floppy

mattmundell Mad project from 2006 aimed at creating a public domain Lisp OS. I spent most of the time playing around with the Emacs-like editor. Derived from CMUC

Arnau478 OS Tutorial Welcome! This is a self-learning tutorial in which we will be creating on operative system from scratch! But what will we cover? Everythin

SarnaxLii python-inject Inject code into remote python process. Table of Contents About The Project Built With Getting Started Prerequisites Installation Usage

linuxmobile DWM - DOTS ━━━━━━ ❖ ━━━━━━ Window Manager • DWM 🎨 Tiles Everywhere! Shell • Zsh 🐚 con oh-my-zsh framework! Terminal • Kitty 💻 Una terminal que sopo

libui-ng libui-ng: a portable GUI library for C Fork of andlabs/libui. This README is being written. Status Old announcements can be found in the NEWS.md file.

DonutVikingChap ASCII Fortress 2 This repository contains the source code for ASCII Fortress 2. For releases and more information, check out the download page at TF2M

MolassesLover EmbeddedPyston About This repository holds an example of the Pyston interpreter embedded within a C++ program. This repository is available as a GitHu

trapexit 3DO M1 Opera Portfolio OS The 3DO M1 Opera platform ran an OS called Portfolio. For the time a quite advanced operating system which supported preempt

NyaMisty detours-cross Cross Platform Support based on Detours Usage Compile with CMake (currently no cross-compile support) Include detours.h located in inclu

i-am-the-gabe Broadsheet Broadsheet allows you to check world news anywhere, anytime - from the comfort of your own terminal. Table of Contents Broadsheet Table of

Zekfoo CGZ-CPU-01 As a follow-up to my AGZ project, I have once again redesigned original Game Boy hardware, this time with the Game Boy Color. Following my

openglonmetal MGL OpenGL 4.6 on Metal This is a start for porting OpenGL 4.6 on top of Metal, most of it is functional and has been tested. The tests are functional

MaJerle Convert STM32CubeIDE project to CMake and Visual Studio Code This tutorial explains steps to effectively develop and debug STM32 application in Visual

thefLink Hunt-Sleeping-Beacons The idea of this project is to identify beacons which are unpacked at runtime or running in the context of another process (=InM

ioncodes ceload A tool that allows you to manually load up CheatEngine's signed driver and get a handle to it for various kernel hacking operations. The code i

pema99 Faceless A proof of concept OpenVR driver for using VR controllers without an HMD. The goal is to guesstimate the position of the HMD based on the con

BuddiesOfBudgie budgie-screensaver Budgie Screensaver is a fork of gnome-screensaver intended for use with Budgie Desktop and is similar in purpose to other screensav

MoAlyousef Livid Livid is a single header C++ wasm frontend library leveraging Emscripten. Usage The code looks something like this: #include "livid/livid.hpp" #

minad TempEl - Simple templates for Emacs Introduction Tempel is a tiny template package for Emacs, which uses the syntax of the Emacs Tempo library. Tempo

jonpalmisc Objective Ninja Objective Ninja is a Binary Ninja plugin to assist in reverse engineering Objective-C code. Beware, Objective Ninja is still in very e