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StarsX VolumeRender Authors' implementation of our SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Technical Communications (Viewport-Resolution Independent Anti-Aliased Ray Marching on

undefinedDarkness _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ ( c | o | l | r | | p | i | c | k | r ) \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

greenfork Jzignet Zig is a general-purpose programming language and toolchain for maintaining robust, optimal, and reusable software. Janet is a functional and

Abb1x Tisix Tisix is an operating system written in C++17 (I try not to overuse it though). Features Tiny microkernel (~2k LoC). Rich and modern C++ freesta

Privanom algorithms A open source repository of different kinds of algorithms in c. Newbies are encouraged to contribute! This is my first open source project,

zonble flutter_platform_alert 2021 © Weizhong Yang a.k.a zonble. A simple plugin to present native alerts, including playing alert sounds and showing alert d

mrd0x Usage inject_dll_amd64.exe pid c:\full\path\to\dll\mod.dll Where to find them? C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community\Common7\ID

z64proto Zelda Spaceworld ‘97 Experience This project aims to be a mostly accurate representation of the Nintendo Spaceworld 1997 demo of The Legend of Zelda:

rochus-keller Welcome to the Oberon+ parser, code model, compiler and IDE This project started out as an Oberon-07 parser, code model and transpiler written in C++

chris47368 SLASH-128 bit A 128 bit substitution permutation network block cipher SLASH is a 10 round substitution-permutation network with a 128 bit block size a

jdtsmith kind-icon — colorful icons for completion in Emacs This emacs package adds configurable icon or text-based completion prefixes based on the :company-k

AhmedSSoliman Courses You can find roadmaps for many tracks Artificial Intelligence Mathematics Textbooks: o Mathematics for machine learning - Marc Peter Deisenrot

dora2-iOS p0insettia A tool for [(semi-){un-(tethered jailbreak)}] of iOS 10.3.4 32-bit devices iPhone 5 with checkm8 BootROM exploit. Note All at your own risk

mrd0x dll_inject_lolbin LOLBINs that inject a DLL into a given process ID. Usage inject_dll_amd64.exe pid c:\full\path\to\dll\mod.dll Where to find them? C:

Jaysmito101 Tovie Lang An Advanced Programming Language (Compiler + Interpreter + Transpiler ). Docs : https://github.com/Jaysmito101/tovie/wiki What can it do? A

MDeiml tree-sitter-markdown A markdown parser for tree-sitter Progress: Leaf blocks Thematic breaks ATX headings Setext headings Indented code blocks Fenced

bkaradzic About metal-cpp is a low overhead and header only C++ interface for Metal that helps developers add Metal functionality to graphics applications that

FerryYoungFan NaiveMatrixLib 帆帆的简易矩阵计算库 A simple C++ stdlib-based complex & real matrix library, with matrix inversion, left division (A\b) and determinant calculat

thesc1ent1st j0lt.c DNS amplification (DDoS) attack tool Use with extreme caution Brutally effective DNS amplification ddos attack tool, will cripple a target mach

azkadev Project Name Sosial Media Donate ID: Jika Anda Menyukai karya saya dan ingin memberikan dana untuk saya membeli beberapa snack silahkan donasi seberap

skahwah CheckCert A small utility to request the SSL certificate from a public or private web application. CheckCert helps operators in the following ways: It

coolwanglu Vim.js : JavaScript port of Vim A Tool/Toy for Non-Beginners by Lu Wang Try it online Variations NW.js Firefox extension Asyncify Streamline.js Recomm

p-morais Quark Quark is intended to be a simple differentiable rigid body dynamics library. For the time being it is starting out as a ground-up rewrite of RBD

dmamontov ESPHome BLE Keyboard The firmware implements the ability to connect your esp32 device as a BLE keyboard and send keystrokes via Home Assistant Table o

cucapra Event Queue Dialect Event queue (Equeue) dialect is an MLIR Dialect that models concurrent devices in terms of control and structure. Motivation The m

stefanoscolapasta Hermite Curves Editor An editing tool for Cubic Hermite Splines Table of Contents About the Project Built With Getting Started Prerequisites Installat

paulchannelstrip morse-tidal Morse Code pattern generator for Tidal Cycles Installation Simply place the morse.hs file in a memorable location (I suggest having a dedi

jniac Cours de Graphisme Dynamique DIMI (Campus Fonderie de l'Image) Prérequis Logiciels Visual Studio Code (vscode) Pourquoi ? (Pour la programmation) Node

skyline-emu Skyline Shader Compiler (SSC) A fork of yuzu's shader compiler modified for Skyline's needs with all other changes being upstreamed and changes from y

FlorenceOS Baremetal Embeddable Debugger FlorenceOS discord server A very small and simple debugger. It takes only a single RWX page and you can run it from anyw

Yi-Tseng P4 DPDK target notes Build P4 code There is a very simple L1 switch based on PSA architecture in this repo (see l1switch) Before building the p4 code,

fluttercandies flutter_switch_clipper A Flutter package that two widgets switch with clipper. 1.使用 SwitchCipper( initSelect: true, child: const Icon(Icons.fa