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echtdefault MalDoc-Embedded-EXE-Bin- This is a technique that takes an embedded RTF file (contains Base64 of an EXE in this example) or any file of your choosing

nvim-neorg NFF Table-Tag TreeSitter Parser A TreeSitter grammar for Neorg's table format. Available Commands Command Result yarn installs needed dependencies (on

ori-drs Allan Variance ROS ROS package which loads a rosbag of IMU data and computes Allan Variance parameters The purpose of this tool is to read a long sequ

GDQuest Learn to create turn-based combat with this Open Source RPG demo ⚔

AmirHammoutene These are series of enigmas games. Enjoy thinking about problems and puzzles. This 1.3 version contains : - Eulerian Graphs series ...but more types

amno1 Conky-Vision Style Clock This demo implements a small clock based on Conky-Vision theme by Bobby Bakes. You will need to have Poiret One font installe

google title section header footer date MOUNT-ZIP 1 User Manual mount-zip 1.0 November 2021 NAME mount-zip - Mount a ZIP archive as a FUSE filesystem. SYNOPS

OccupiedDev The X Programming Language X Programming Language. Being used for educational purposes and maybe turn into an Official programming language! Hello wor

ucefooo libft_with_bonus_and_makefile_and_main libft with bonus part and the Makefile and the main functions "libft from 42network and 1337 khouribga" with 3

AkBKukU BRAW Decode This is a project that uses the official Blackmagic Raw SDK to decode a *.braw file in a way that can be read by FFmpeg. The goal of the p

mrexodia MiniDumpPlugin Simple x64dbg plugin to save the current state in a full minidump. Created for dumpulator. Download the latest binaries here. Building

Skengdo battlefield-2042-internal-sdk Internal Software Development Kit for Battlefield 2042 SDK Includes the following: Entity Classes Player Classes Vehicle

telephil9 grapple grapple is a graphical menu of plumbable lines. When run, grapple captures all output from a pipe looking for plumbable text (pattern is: (:)?

Deecellar Bottom-Zig This in an implementaion of the Bottom Spec in Zig, now, this really a bad implementation, it decodes and encodes fine enough, but it ignor

leanflutter screen_capturer This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to capture screenshots. screen_capturer Platform Support Quick Start Installation Usage Licens

Tigermouthbear TorC (Tor Controller for C/C++) TorC is a tor library for C/C++, written in C. With it you can use Tor's control protocol to interface with a tor proc

gamemann The DPDK Examples (WIP) Description A small repository I will be using to store my progress and test programs from the DPDK, a kernel bypass library v

wolf-plugins Wolf MidiCurve Wolf MidiCurve is a MIDI remapping plugin. It can be built as an LV2 or VST plugin and as a standalone Jack application. Build manually

notunixian fatality-ldr loader for .gg/stayfatal - fatality.win crack 2021 credits: dalkr - doing everything (cracking, creating this loader, etc) greetz: vmexit

star-sg kernelcache_decryptor Kernel Cache Decryption for iOS 12 or laters working on mac M1 Requirements: macOS: brew install lzfse, libtasn1 Run: ./kernelca

MakeMHz Firmware update for XeniumOS used on Xenium and OpenXenium modchips to provide software fixes and various improvements. About • Features • Installatio

smartmicro ROS2 smartmicro radar driver Purpose / Use cases There is a need for a node that will interface with a smartmicro radar driver and publish the data ac

s9w Oof (omnipotent output friend) It's common for C++ programs to write output to the console. But consoles are far more capable than what they are usual

jfedor2 DIY two-ball trackball This repository contains design files and code that can be used to make a fully programmable two-ball, three-button USB trackba

zmwhit path_smoother About Fast and Light-weight path smoothing methods for vehicles Denpendencies This project has been tested on Ubuntu 18.04. sudo apt-get

OratorX Хранилище тредов Ссылка на мой твиттер: ValeriiZhyla Все документы с тредами в этом репозитории созданы с помощью ThreadReaderApp GitHub не очень силе

a740g raylib Nuget package This is a Nuget package for the popular raylib video game programming library. Resources used to create this package are as follo

gamemann The DPDK Common (WIP) Description This project includes helpful functions and global variables for developing applications using the DPDK. I am using

sreedevk U8G2 Kendryte SDK (K210) Hardware Abstraction Layer This project a port of the u8g2 HAL for the Kendryte SDK Platform (K210 Chipset). This HAL makes u

skyjake Lagrange Lagrange is a desktop GUI client for browsing Geminispace. It offers modern conveniences familiar from web browsers, such as smooth scrolling

CzBiX WSLHostPatcher Dynamic patch WSL2 to listen port on any interfaces. How it work The localhost port actually forward by wslhost.exe on Windows, but it

telephil9 view ===== `view` is an image viewer for 9front. It uses the STB library to load PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP file formats. `view` currently misses some fea