A curated list of awesome C++ (or C) frameworks, libraries, resources, and shiny things

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JohnEarnest This project is a rewrite of the web-based Octo CHIP-8 development toolkit in C. This port can run on a wide variety of older or lower-powered devices which would struggle with a modern web browser. C-Octo also provides an enhance

elipie Pie language, interpreted, easy to learn, and has a similar C++ & Ruby syntax.

TimMJN This projects contains schematics and firmware for a step sequencer compatible with Eurorack and Kosmo modular synthesizers, based on an Arduino Nano

codingo A collection of code for interacting with API sources directly to improve your understanding of those services.

ssut Build ffmpeg for ARM-based Apple Silicon Macs

jpbarrette cURLpp is a C++ wrapper for libcURL. libcURL is described as: a free and easy-to-use client-side URL transfer library, supporting FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, GOPHER, TELNET, DICT, FILE and LDAP.

andywang0607 A label tool aim to reduce semantic segmentation label time, rectangle and polygon annotation is supported

WebKit WebKit is a cross-platform web browser engine. On iOS and macOS, it powers Safari, Mail, iBooks, and many other applications.

bsauce Linux kernel CVE exploit analysis report and relative debug environment. You don't need to compile Linux kernel and configure your environment anymore.

daohu527 This is an open source HD map project for autonomous driving. The precision map production process is divided into four parts: map collection, map production, map labeling, and map saving.

dirkschumacher This package can encrypt arbitrary files such as PDF reports or RMarkdown exports and embed them in an html document that can decrypt itself using libsodium. The resulting html file is fully portable and just requires a browser to

LaurentMazare This library let you run WebAssembly modules within OCaml with some support for wasi for system calls. It acts as a low-level and typesafe wrapper around the wasmtime C library, only a subset of the functions are supported for now

Moriarty2016 RDI implementation in Nim

slaeryan Detects Module Stomping as implemented by Cobalt Strike

cloudius-systems OSv was originally designed and implemented by Cloudius Systems (now ScyllaDB) however currently it is being maintained and enhanced by a small community of volunteers.

rohanrhu Cebsocket is a lightweight websocket library for C.

typesense This is a demo that showcases some of Typesense's features using a 2 Million database of recipes.

jizhang-cmu Autonomous Navigation and Collision Avoidance for Ground Robots

ankane Uses homomorphic encryption, so the server can’t read data or queries. Powered by HElib and follows the Redis protocol.

clieg coffeetch is a minimal command line system information tool written in C. It displays the username and hostname, OS, kernel, machine model, CPU, RAM, shell, number of packages installed, and uptime information.

mkirchner In a 2016 TED interview (14:10) Linus Torvalds speaks about what he considers good taste in coding. As an example, he presents two implementations of item removal in singly linked lists (reproduced below). In order to remove the f

mattdesl Standalone MP4 (H264) encoder compiled with Emscripten into WASM.

graphcore PopTorch is a set of extensions for PyTorch enabling models to be trained, evaluated and used on the GraphCore IPU.

markrussinovich Takes a bitmap that is the size or width of Task Managers's CPU core view (ideally with single cells showing instantaneous percent CPU) and scrolls the bitmap using threads that consume CPU based on the pixel's greyscale (black is

rizinorg Rizin is a fork of the radare2 reverse engineering framework with a focus on usability, working features and code cleanliness.

EricLengyel This is a C++ math library containing classes for vectors, matrices, quaternions, and elements of projective geometric algebra.

ethz-asl libnabo is a fast K Nearest Neighbour library for low-dimensional spaces. It provides a clean, legacy-free, scalar-type–agnostic API thanks to C++ templates. Its current CPU implementation is strongly inspired by ANN, but with mor

aergoio The easiest way to deploy a blockchain for relational data storage on your app or device

Manawyrm Manawyrm/ISA8019 – RTL8019-based ISA network card, NE2000-compatible

brwhale KataScript is designed to be lightweight, secure, sane, and easy to use. I made KataScript because I wanted scripting for my game engine but I did not enjoy the quirks of Lua or the security issues of including a Python or JavaScr

leduythuccs This is my project in the Data Structures and Algorithms course. In this project, I had to implement 12 Sorting Algorithms and write a report about it

std-nullptr AmongUsMenu is a Cheat Menu for the popular Game Among Us.

glennular i3help is a simple popup dialog to display all of your configure key binding. By default it will load the bindsyms from the running i3wm instance, there is also the abiliy to pass in a config file.