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amber8706 WLC Window Library Controls (WLC) - this small library visual controls for Delphi, contains "basic" controls: edit, button, radiobutton, checkbox, sta

metacall MetaCall Python C io_uring Example io_uring is a new Linux Kernel interface that speeds up I/O operations in comparison to previous implementations li

marshallh gbpp Replacement power regulator for Game Boy Pocket. The GBP famously cannot handle running many flash carts reliably. And if you add an IPS mod, it

felangel flutter_services_binding A subset of WidgetsFlutterBinding specifically for initializing the ServicesBinding. When executing runApp within a custom Zo

cryptocode Zig Bit Twiddling Hacks This Zig library reimplements and improves upon the Bit Twiddling Hacks snippets originally authored by Sean Eron Anderson and

V1V1 OffensiveAutoIt Offensive tooling notes and experiments in AutoIt v3. Table of Contents OffensiveAutoIt Why AutoIt? OffensiveAutoIt scripts Using Auto

mickeynp Structured Navigation and Editing with Combobulate What is Combobulate? Note Combobulate is alpha software with all the caveats that follows from that

phoboslab QOI - The “Quite OK Image” format for fast, lossless image compression Single-file MIT licensed library for C/C++ See qoi.h for the documentation. Mor

shuffle2 NandAnalyzer NAND (JEDEC / ONFI) Analyzer for Saleae Logic The plugin was only tested against NV-DDR3 traces (and I use the term "test" lightly). You

nieatty TrustedInjector This is a LoadLibrary injector for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Information It automatically bypasses trusted mode by removing ho

NinjaWeedle Wave-Multi-Emulator A Multi-System emulator in Scratch 3. This is the official repository for Wave Multi-Emulator. More info on Wave can be found here

PipeWarp LxDemOWin Linux Demo OpenGL and Window manager A small header-Only Window and OpenGL manager made in C, written in about 2 hours. With some basic code

dblanding Do-it-yourself differential drive ROS robot This project started out when my wife bought me a Raspberry-Pi 4 (w/ 8GB RAM) for my birthday. At the time

isotopp arista_type_7 Generate Arista Type 7 Passwords in C and Python A friend had the need to provision Arista Type 7 Passwords on switches. According to Ry

procub3r neuc A game - or rather, a simulation - of a non-Euclidean world. Currently, I am just developing a 2D top down game (and having a blast in general).

arighi What is PastaOS? ================ PastaOS is a simple open-source kernel written from scratch for didactic purposes. The main goal of this project i

PreethiSamanthaBennet Dice Throw Game Problem Statement : Assume an online board game in which each player tosses dice. Each time, the count on the dice is added to the pla

XLuma BDSP_Randomisers A collection of tools to randomize BDSP assets Setup (Windows 10 only) Install Ubuntu 18.04 via WSL1 (plenty of tutorials on that) In

fabiangreffrath ================ ROTT Port README ================ This is a port of Apogee's 3D action title Rise of the Triad, originally released in 1994. This p

yun-liu Semantic Edge Detection with Diverse Deep Supervision This repository contains the code for our IJCV paper: "Semantic Edge Detection with Diverse Deep

FeiGeChuanShu ncnn_Android_PP-TinyPose ncnn Android demo of PP-TinyPose this project is a ncnn Android demo for PP-TinyPose, it depends on ncnn library and opencv.

joshday Graph Database for Julia. Built on SQLite. Super hackable.

boochow Freeverb reverberator for logue SDK This is a logue SDK port of Freeverb reverberator by Jezar at Dreampoint. See readme.txt for the original readme.

YYYYYHC This is a simple implementation of Saavedra-Barrera's paper SAAVEDRA-BARRERA R H. CPU Performance Evaluation and Execution Time Prediction Using Narrow Spectrum Benchmarking[D/OL]. UCB/CSD92-684. EECS Department, University of Cal

OlegMishin A1200_keyb_MPU Amiga 1200 keyboard MPU drop-in replacement pcb As the 68HC05 (p/n 391508-01) used in the Amiga 1200 is getting to be very expensive, I

juzeg MSS Magnetic Storage System Purpose : Simple method to organize things off all sizes. Modular containers snap into position with tiny magnets. Feature

Signalsmith-Audio Reverb Example Code This is some example code to accompany Let's Write A Reverb, presented at ADC 2021. The interesting stuff is in reverb-example-cod

trikko Hey! I bet you have been trying to render and control a video with raylib for a long long time. Don't you think you should at least buy me a beer? Wha

netcan meta-list This library provides a bunch of consteval toolsets to do metaprogramming, and provides the pipeline syntactic sugar for function combinatio

cmuratori Dangerous Threads Crew This is a very simple example program to illustrate how you move CreateWindow/DestroyWindow onto a separate thread if you need

mattogodoy Open Rally Computer An open source tripmaster for navigation rallies Description The Open Rally Computer (previously known as Baja Pro) is a complete

Avokadoen Zig vulkan gamejam A game written in ~1 day using zig and vulkan Fork of zig_vulkan Build Download latest zig (tested on 0.9.0-dev.1622+71388b980) $ g