A curated list of awesome C++ (or C) frameworks, libraries, resources, and shiny things

Newest releases

LloydLabs A way to delete a locked, or current running executable, on disk. This was originally found by Jonas Lykkegaard - I just wrote the POC for it. This can also be used to delete locked files on disk, that the current calling process

hathach TinyUSB is an open-source cross-platform USB Host/Device stack for embedded system, designed to be memory-safe with no dynamic allocation and thread-safe with all interrupt events are deferred then handled in the non-ISR task func

alibaba hessian2-codec is a C++ library from Alibaba for hessian2 codec.

tonysheng01 This repo contains C++ implementations of common algorithms and data structures, grouped by topics

rsmudge This is a Beacon Object File to refresh DLLs and remove their hooks. The code is from Cylance's Universal Unhooking research:

grey-platform grey is a subsidiary product of the product "Three Kingdoms:The Last Warlord" of LongyouGame.

wevsty RDPBlocker is a tool to prevent brute force password cracking against RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) services.

NLnetLabs Unbound is a validating, recursive, caching DNS resolver. It is designed to be fast and lean and incorporates modern features based on open standards.

edubart Minicoro is single-file library for using asymmetric coroutines in C. The API is inspired by Lua coroutines but with C use in mind.

AsahiLinux A bootloader and experimentation playground for Apple Silicon

outflanknl A Cobalt Strike Beacon Object File (BOF) project which uses direct system calls to enumerate processes for specific loaded modules or process handles.

connormcgarr Beacon Object File (BOF) for remote process injection, via thread hijacking, without spawning a remote thread.

wasmerio Wasmer enables super lightweight containers based on WebAssembly that can run anywhere: from Desktop to the Cloud and IoT devices, and also embedded in any programming language.

AsahiLinux Research for an open source graphics stack for Apple M1.

theacodes Structy is an irresponsibly dumb and simple struct serialization/deserialization library for C, Python, and vanilla JavaScript. You can think of it like protobuf, thrift, flatbuffers, etc. but imagine that instead of a team of eng

nihui The minimal opencv for android and ios

espressif ESP-Skainet is Espressif's intelligent voice assistant, which currently supports the Wake Word Engine and Speech Commands Recognition.

osresearch Import of the DIY Dynamic Template v2, retrieved from the Internet Archive

checkra1n the checkra1n set of tools targeting bare metal, Linux and Windows

PaulBatchelor Soundpipe is a lightweight music DSP library written in C. It aims to provide a set of high-quality DSP modules for composers, sound designers, and creative coders.

ahhzee Inspired by the Capriccio project and the Zaver HTTP server, cherry started out as an experimental project trying to incorporate cooperative threading (sometimes also known as fibers or coroutines) into a server. Unfortunately, as

jarikomppa SoLoud is an easy to use, free, portable c/c++ audio engine for games.

mamba-org Mamba is a reimplementation of the conda package manager in C++.The Fast Cross-Platform Package Manager

Gusabary Hooray! Card Game UNO!

ben-strasser This is a small, easy-to-use and fast header-only library for reading comma separated value (CSV) files.

altillimity A few standalones demodulators replacing GNU Radio flowcharts

dynatrace-research SetSketch: Filling the Gap between MinHash and HyperLogLog

ggerganov ggwave – tiny data-over-sound library

bloomberg A word2vec negative sampling implementation with correct CBOW update.

petercerno High-performance backtesting engine written in C++ for evaluating trading strategies restricted to a single trading pair (e.g. BTC/USD) and finding their optimal hyper-parameters. This software gives you a full control over every

NoelFB A small game made entirely on live stream over about 15 hours. I intend to add more documentation and clarify some of the code and assets over the next few days.

Blockstream To build you can use the docker image (see Dockerfile) or install the esp-idf toolchain and repo following the commands in this readme.

Bitcoin-Ultimatum-BTCU BTCU Wallet is the original Bitcoin Ultimatum client and it builds the backbone of the network.