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sepfy BerryShare Share your PC desktop to Raspberry Pi with WebRTC. Getting Started Install the latest version of RaspiOS image (Lite or with desktop). Conn

TUDSSL BFree This is the official public repository for a battery-free prototping platform with CircuitPython for the Adafruit Metro M0 Express. This reposit

SubhadeepJasu Musical Performance Arranger Workstation Ensembles is a realtime musical performance arranger app. Its built using Vala and Gtk, powered by Fluidsynth

juanmanzanero Fastest-lap 🏁 🏎 Fastest-lap is an optimal laptime simulator, written in C++, and with a python API. What can be done Numerical G-G diagram: given a

devcordde adventofcode-21 Ein Sammel-Repository für Advent of Code 2021-Lösungen der deutschen DevCord-Community. A repository collecting Advent of Code 2021 so

ii14 amend.nvim Work in progress. g. or :Amend to edit and rerun last normal mode command. For example, if you messed up a count for delete command and del

jaredmcneill UEFI for PINE64 Quartz64 (Rockchip RK356X) This repository contains a port of Tianocore EDK II to the PINE64 Quartz64 board. https://www.pine64.org/qu

r0sieJ Aftel Aftel (acronym for «A Far Too Easy Language») is a programming language, primarily intended to serve as an embeddable scripting language for gam

workbenchapp solana-workbench-releases Download the Workbench, report issues, and feature requests here. Solana Workbench is alpha software. It might be a little r

wandersoncferreira Code Review Package to help you perform code reviews from your VC provider. Currently supports only Github. Link to same PR on Github: https://github.

NVIDIAGameWorks NVIDIA Image Scaling SDK v1.0 The MIT License(MIT) Copyright(c) 2021 NVIDIA CORPORATION & AFFILIATES. All rights reserved. Permission is hereby grante

paladin-t FANTASY CONSOLES/COMPUTERS This is a list of available fantasy consoles/computers. Including softwares which simulate virtual hardwares, with limited

ethdevberlin Purpose This repo is intended to coordinate Ethereum Berlin events Workflow Talk proposals are added via issues (with the label proposed talk) There i

SungJJinKang std::vector.find simd version std::find doesn't use simd intrinsics. ( check https://gms.tf/stdfind-and-memchr-optimizations.html ) So i thought simd

seijikun LanPartyServer, or LAPAS for short, is a Linux distribution configuration that simplifies the setup required to get a LAN-Party up and running.

trickster0 Tartarus' Gate - Bypassing EDRs Description Hell's Gate evolved to Halo's Gate to bypass EDRs by unhooking some of them and now it turned to Tartarus'

kekyo Algorithm W and Algorithm M in F# What is this? This is a type inference implementation of both Algorithm W and Algorithm M written in F#. Referenced

avaneev KOMIHASH - Very Fast Hash Function Introduction The komihash() function available in the komihash.h file implements a very fast 64-bit hash function,

1onepower KM-WotR_Modding_Wiki Instruction on how to use a mod & Introduction to popular & good mods. Supports EN and CN languages. English Version: https://git

abdulrahmanabdulazeez PortFin Port-Fin(port finder) is a tool which scans for open and closed port on a website/host. This tool scans the state of the well known/common por

nagarajpandith Hello World! Contest Solutions Repo for solutions for all problems given during contest. Important Links C++ 14(gcc 6.3) Solutions C (gcc 6.3) Python

discordmalware TrollWare 🤡 TrollWare is the most advanced Discord Malware, with a built-in RAT which can be controlled through a Discord Bot Pinned Note: Please giv

OpenIPC IP camera hardware checking tool This basic concept belongs to Maxim Chertov (thank you for your original utility) and Nikita Orlov (for cute YAML for

Keith-Cancel Small Bitonic A bitonic sort for small arrays of size 8 and 16 written in AVX-2 assembly. The assembly file has been written in such a way that it sup

IOsetting English Readme | 中文说明 About A SDK for WinnerMicro MCU W806. File Structure wm-sdk-w806 ├─app # User application source code ├─bin

agavrel 42 School Cheat Sheet by agavrel 💕 Intended for 42 alumni, current students and candidates Truth can only be found in one place: the code – Robert C.

luizffgv constexpr-Change What is this? This code calculates at compile time the least number of coins needed to pay change. It's not very fast and might not w

WheretIB nullc nullc is a C-like embeddable programming language with advanced features such as function overloading, operator overloading, class member functi

xan1242 Xan's NFS Music Player This is a custom music player replacement and a BASS library interface for NFS. FEATURES Custom playlist generation - put any n

iamjackg ESP32 + Phomemo T02 Game Boy Printer This project lets you print Game Boy Printer images via Bluetooth using a Phomemo T02 thermal printer and an ESP3

rmney Born2beroot This project aims to introduce you to the wonderful world of virtualization. # Dear reader since you're looking for how to start Born2bero

a-p-jo darc darc stands for Dynamic ARray Collection. This repository currently hosts 3 variants : mga (Macro Generated Array), vpa (Void Pointer Array), fpa