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elFarto nvidia-vaapi-driver This is an VA-API implementation that uses NVDEC as a backend. This implementation is specifically designed to be used by Firefox

ScarredMonk SysmonSimulator SysmonSimulator is an Open source Windows event simulation utility created in C language, that can be used to simulate most of the att

windowjs Window.js Window.js is an open-source Javascript runtime for desktop graphics programming. It is documented at windowjs.org. Introduction Window.js pr

kweatherman SigMakerEx Super IDA Pro signature generator plugin. Installation Copy IDA_SigMaker32.dLL and IDA_SigMaker64.dLL to your IDA plugins directory. The de

veluca93 Fast PNG Encoder This is a proof-of-concept fast PNG encoder that uses AVX2 and a special Huffman table to encode images faster. Speed on a single cor

en0b pico-display-matrix Digital rain animation gif with glow squeezed into a raspberry pi pico and pimoroni pico-display or how to actually use all Flash

iwatake2222 Provide conversion between the major representations of 3D rotation and display the pose

munchy-bytes FREE Professional Certification Exams Professional certification recognizes your knowledge and experience and enhances your professional credibility.

JackHCC Fucking-Keng Keng “Keng”,学名坑,是汉语通用规范一级汉字,读作:kēng,由“亢”和“土”构成。阬是坑的异体字,始见于篆书,本义是沟壑或地面凹陷处,引申表示坑害、地洞、陷阱、洼下去的地方等。 当然,此坑非彼坑,这里的坑是虚拟的二进制世界的坑,它藏匿在代码之中,表面上看上去光鲜

gkodinov A sample MySQLD component implementing a http server using libmicrohttpd. ATTENTION! THIS IS NOT PRODUCTION CODE! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! IT DOESN'T DO

sehugg libwordle Open this project in 8bitworkshop. This is a C library for making Wordle-like games for 8-bit systems. Platforms supported: C64 (cc65) Wordl

dogukanozdemir What is a LRU Cache? A Least Recently Used (LRU) Cache organizes items in order of use, allowing you to quickly identify which item hasn't been used f

MikeM64 TLP Streamer - Host Software This is a collection of utilities to use with the TLP Streamer Gateware. Requirements libevent ft60x_driver from LambdaCo

fliermatex Bootloader for x86 with "Hello, world" OS kernel in Pascal Scans for PCI devices on PC startup (emulation only): The following devices were detected o

spazzylemons zig80 - z80 emulator zig80 is a Z80 emulator written in Zig. Features Cycle counting Support for undocumented behavior Examples For a demo of this lib

luciolopresti A little program to count lines in selected file. Purely written in C. This program is designed for portability. No Win32 API, or anything Windows rel

xupsh 2022 开源定制计算冬令营 Introduction: 2021年1月10日始,为期两周的冬令营*由CCF体系结构专委会主办,北京大学高能效计算与应用中心与Xilinx学术合作联合承办。 北京大学,清华大学,计算所,浙江大学,北京工业大学,Xilinx等来自学术界工业界多位学者和资深工程师分享研讨

vircon32 Vircon32: Console software This is a general repository containing all Vircon32 sources for any software running on the console itself. This includes:

indiesoftby Yandex.Metrica for Defold Yandex.Metrica is a free of charge web analytics tool for websites, that's the reason why we can use it for HTML5 games. Yan

Cogmasters About Concord is implemented in plain C99, its symbols are organized to be easily matched to the documentation of the API being covered. Concord's imp

practicode-org Practice C++ Practice C++ by solving well-prepared exercises! Complexity level is middle. Not "how to write a for loop and push to a vector", but rath

TheKing0x9 Horri-Fold A port of Horri-Fi shader to Defold. Horri-Fold is a Lo-Fi Horror Shader with support for seven different effects: -Scanlines -Noise -VHS d

symflower symflower-kakoune Symflower fully automatically generates high coverage unit tests for your source code: revealing bugs and security issues while you

mjakeman Extension Manager A native tool for browsing, installing, and managing GNOME Shell Extensions. Written with GTK 4 and libadwaita. Features The tool su

bbidulock blackbox Package blackbox-0.77 was released under MIT license 2021-05-11. This is a fork of the original blackbox CVS that is on Sourceforge. This for

gsingh93 NOTE: The SLiM display manager is no longer maintained. The old website (http://slim.berlios.de) hosted a copy of the Git repository, but this site is

bbidulock The default installation settings of xdm match those used for most platforms in the previous X.Org releases: Scripts & modules: $(libdir)/X11

yshui picom This is a development branch, bugs to be expected This is forked from the original Compton because it seems to have become unmaintained. The cur

Plagman gamescope: the micro-compositor formerly known as steamcompmgr In an embedded session usecase, gamescope does the same thing as steamcompmgr, but with

swaywm sway English - 日本語 - Français - Українська - Español - Polski - 中文-简体 - Deutsch - Nederlands - Русский - 中文-繁體 - Português - Dansk - 한국어 - Română - Ma

WayfireWM Wayfire Get started | Manual | Configuration Wayfire is a 3D Wayland compositor, inspired by Compiz and based on wlroots. It aims to create a customiz

venam 2bwm A fast floating WM, with the particularity of having 2 borders, written over the XCB library and derived from mcwm written by Michael Cardell. In