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clementfarabet videograph: a package to create/manipulate graphs on videos This package provides standard functions to create and manipulate edge-weighted graphs of

jzrake Introduction Lunum ('lua' + 'number') is a numeric extension for the Lua programming language. Its goals are to provide flexible and robust facilities

clementfarabet LOpenGM: Lua bindings for OpenGM OpenGM is a C++ library for graphical modeling, and inference. The Lua bindings provide a simple way of describing gr

ocallaco LuaSHkit A Lua wrapper for tuning and deploying an mplsh index, as implemented in Wei Dong's lshkit: http://lshkit.sourceforge.net/ Some additional pa

rlowrance kernel-smoothers kernel smoothers in lua This repository will eventually implement in torch 3 kernel smoothers: Knn: k nearest neighbors Kwavg: kernel

clementfarabet imgraph: a package to create/manipulate graphs on images This package provides standard functions to create and manipulate edge-weighted graphs of ima

clementfarabet allreduce: a simple Lua wrapper around vowpal wabbit's allreduce implementation This is a simple Lua interface to John Langford's allreduce implementa

xk-wang Onsets and Frames TensorRT inference This repository is a tensorrt deployment of the onsets and frames model, which is implemented using pytorch (http

Tim-ats-d Basic A WIP interpreter of original Dartmouth College BASIC. Trying to follow as much as possible this specification (and its limitations). Don't hesi

trapexit 3DO M2 Portfolio OS v3.0 The 3DO Opera platform ran an OS called Portfolio. Developed internally at NTG/3DO by several of the same people who develope

i2Nav-WHU OB_GINS Optimization-Based GNSS/INS Integrated Navigation System We open-source OB_GINS, an optimization-based GNSS/INS integrated navigation system.

randrew Uxn32 - Uxn Emulator for Win32 Uxn32 is a graphical emulator for the Uxn virtual machine. Features Compatible with: Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows

frkngksl ParallelNimcalls This repo contains the Nim variant of the recent MDSec's research which is Parallel Syscalls. You can use this code to load a clean v

jdah minecraft-again yeah I made it again Minecraft, but it's built on top of a deferred renderer. Use the Makefile ($ make) to build. This won't support a

starpu-runtime StarPU: A Unified Runtime System for Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures coverage report What is StarPU? StarPU is a runtime system that offers supp

yegor256 Here we compare Fibonacci algorithm implemented in C++ but in different programming styles, in order to understand which style compiles to shorter bin

Zekfoo gbaHD AIO Shield This is a Spartan Edge Accelerator shield which implements all the hardware connections needed for zwenergy's gbaHD, no wires require

shadowofneptune Threaded code is a technique used in the implementation of virtual machines (VMs). It avoids the overhead of calling subroutines repeatedly by 'thread

doleron yolov4-opencv-cpp-python Example of using YOLO v4 with OpenCV, C++ and Python Prerequisites Make sure you have already on your system: OpenCV 4.0+ Pyt

elias94 accent.el Overview accent.el shows a popup with accented characters based on the current letter under the cursor. Based on the MacOS features for addi

Cerbersec Project Ares Project Ares Injector Project Ares Injector is a Proof of Concept (PoC) loader written in C/C++ based on the Transacted Hollowing techniq

hrvach A computer from 1948 in ICMP packets Errr, what? Manchester Baby was the very first stored program computer in the world [1]. Now it lives again, and

PolyMC PolyMC is a custom launcher for Minecraft that focuses on predictability, long term stability and simplicity. This is a fork of the MultiMC Launcher a

MitalAshok self_macro C++14 header only library that exposes a macro that creates a type alias for the current class without naming it. Also exposes macros that

CodigoCristo Sublime Text Build 4126 & Sublime Merge Build 2068 This site was built using GitHub Pages. Download Windows Sublime Text Build 4126 & Sublime Merge Bu

ethylamine PS4-RDR-2-Menu-Base A mod menu GUI for PS4 RDR 2 A (very basic) mod menu GUI based on 2much4u's PS4 GTA V Menu Base. Requires Scene Collective/AlAzif'

benjarmstrong QRCodeTexture Godot Module Summary This module is a simple, lightweight and flexible way to generate QR codes in Godot. It provides a new type of text

jermp SSHash This is a compressed dictionary data structure for k-mers (strings of length k over the DNA alphabet {A,C,G,T}), based on Sparse and Skew Hashi

mitchellh libxml2 Built with Zig This repository contains Zig code for building libxml2 using Zig. This allows other projects that use the Zig build system to e

Jaysmito101 ogl OGL - A Great Cross Platform OpenGL Base Library With Everything You might Ever need! For any Questions : https://discord.gg/vYFeWXUZ7A How to use

surge-synthesizer Monique Mono-Synth Monique is a monophonic synth from Thomas Arndt which, in December 2021 became open source as part of the surge-synth-team family o

alibaba BladeDISC Introduction Overview Features and Roadmap Frontend Framework Support Matrix Backend Support Matrix Deployment Solutions Numbers of Typical