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JorenJoestar Data Driven Rendering Testing data driven rendering code using ImGUI and SDL. This is a Visual Studio 2017 + Windows 10 only tested code. The interest

tunabrain The Tungsten Renderer About Tungsten is a physically based renderer originally written for the yearly renderer competition at ETH. It simulates full l

wjakob Nori Version 2 Nori is a simple ray tracer written in C++. It runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS and provides basic functionality that is required to

lighttransport NanoRT, single header only modern ray tracing kernel. Path tracing example contributed by https://github.com/daseyb NanoRT is simple single header onl

JiayinCao SORT Introduction SORT, short for Simple Open-source Ray Tracing, is my personal cross platform ray tracing renderer. It is a standalone ray tracing p

NVlabs #Fermat Fermat 2.0 is a CUDA physically based research renderer designed and developed by Jacopo Pantaleoni at NVIDIA. Its purpose is mostly education

leahneukirchen te - a tiny emacs te is a small text editor with emacs keybindings. Here are söme Ümlautß! Oh no. Come, you spirits That tend on mortal thoughts, unse

SpexGuy Oculus Quest Apps in Zig This repository contains a example on how to create a minimal Oculus Quest app in Zig. This is a proof of concept, and is not

acdemiralp Rational Implementation of the (not yet written) std::experimental::rational proposal. Getting started Copy include/std/experimental/rational.hpp to y

ajmandourah ⌨ Ladispad Ladispad is a custom-made 11 key macropad with 2 rotary encoders designed for the simplicity and the ease of assembly to non technical user

can1357 NtRays NtRays is a Hex-Rays microcode plugin for automated simplification of Windows Kernel decompilation. Features Cleanup of instrumentation and sch

can1357 HexSuite HexSuite is a header only wrapper around Hex-Rays API in C++20 designed to simplify the use of Hex-Rays and IDA APIs by modern C++ features.

FeiGeChuanShu ncnn_Android_mlsd The Android demo of M-LSD: Towards Light-weight and Real-time Line Segment Detection This is a sample ncnn android project, it depen

louis77 Tuner Minimalist radio station player Discover and Listen to your favourite internet radio stations. Contributors wanted! I've started Tuner in May 20

devanshr Epidemics Epidemics is a UG4 Plugin that provides various algorithms for epidemics modeling. Contents This document should give a broad overview on Ep

paul-j-lucas cdecl Introduction I’m still uncertain about the language declaration syntax, where in declarations, syntax is used that mimics the use of the variabl

AgustinMachiavello My first ever "Hello world" for the Game Boy Advance :) It displays three pixels (R, G, B) on the console screen.

smartboxchannel My new zigbee project. Wireless temperature and humidity mini sensor with electronic ink display 2.13 inches, low power consumption, compact size, enclosure with magnets. The device use SHTC3 sensors, chip CC2530, battery CR2477.

yumcyaWiz ppmapa Header only implementation of Progressive Photon Mapping: A Probabilistic Approach(PPMAPA) in C++. In this reformulation of (stochastic) progre

tinegachris Smart-Water-Management-System Final Project 2021 Abstract The Smart Water Management System project aggregates three meters to enable remote and autom

exploitblizzard WindowsMDM-LPE-0Day Works best on Windows 11 CVE-2021-24084 Windows Local Privilege Escalation Left officially unpatched since 2020. Hence, its still

Duncaen OpenDoas: a portable version of OpenBSD's doas command doas is a minimal replacement for the venerable sudo. It was initially written by Ted Unangst o

ryanhaining CPPItertools Range-based for loop add-ons inspired by the Python builtins and itertools library. Like itertools and the Python3 builtins, this library

greenfork Jzignet module template Template for building Janet modules with Zig with the help of Jzignet. Requires Zig version of at least 2021-11-20, zig execut

mb64 A λProlog interpreter Features: Pattern unification sigma, pi, and hypothetical clauses A mediocre REPL Unimplemented features: Delaying constraints (

ccadic S3lamandraWatch The ESP32 S3lamandra Watch project - Making an opensource ESP32 S3 based time tool This is an opensource project from www.morpheans.co

orioledb OrioleDB – the solution for PostgreSQL wicked problems OrioleDB is the solution for PostgreSQL wicked problems such as bloat, write-amplification, poo

PlummersSoftwareLLC HyperCacheAmiga Source code to the 1980s Amiga product, version dated 1992 A fellow named Matthew Kott reached out and asked me to release the source

liuxiao916 HLRobot_gazebo A simulation for QKM HL6-0900 6DOF robot based on gazebo Demo Demo Link Install sudo apt-get install ros-melodic-ros-control ros-melodi

fahimahammed CSE2122: Data Structure Lab Array Traversing Inserting (int) Inserting (string) Deleting Sorting (Bubble sort: int type data) Sorting (Bubble sort: st

dinau Nim On AVR Nim language test program for Arduino UNO/Nano Prerequisite AVR Peripheral register access Example1 LED blink nimOnArduino UART UART_LED St

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