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tensorflow Documentation TensorFlow is an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning. It has a comprehensive, flexible ecosystem of tools, libraries, a

pprett Bolt Online Learning Toolbox Bolt features discriminative learning of linear predictors (e.g. SVM or Logistic Regression) using fast online learning a

uberyoji mister-boot-roms Custom boot roms for the MiSTer FPGA project How to install Copy the 'Games' folder in /media/fat. So far only the following core rom

TillFleisch ESPHomeGenericSitStandDesk I have one of those generic relatively cheap Sit Stand Desks. In an effort to monitor my desk usage I developed this overki

neurolabusc About This tool converts a NIfTI 3D voxel image to a triangulated mesh. It can save meshes in in the GIfTI (.gii), mz3, obj, ply, FreeSurfer (.pial),

heisai ThreadPool c++17 采用多线程多对列,每个线程控制一个队列,替代老的多个线程公用一个队列。 将任务拆分多个下发给每个线程,每个线程掌管 M(tasks) / N(threads)个任务 M(tasks) / N(threads)个任务 公用一个队列。减少竞争。 使用方法: 初始化线程池

valmat Detecting rotation angle on scanned documents Detects the rotation of scanned documents. Uses libleptonica Designed for embedding in systems using tes

videofeedback Slider Beta Jan 16, 2022 Unreal Engine Motion Control PWM with Arduino https://youtu.be/Oo4hHmzGOwc Description: Today we reverse engineer a camera sl

PinkDev1 CVE-2021-42237 This is an exploit/PoC for CVE-2021-42237 taken from: This Assetnote report DISCLAIMER: I'm not associated with Assetnote in any way or

jamon Raspberry Pi Pico PIO Quadrature Encoder Works with C/C++ via pico-sdk, arduino, and micropython. Examples are provided for all but arduino. Pass A an

AptRock327 Turing Machine Hi, this is my little project I did during vacation, because I was slightly bored. It's an open-source Turing Machine simulator! Descri

kriswiner ICM42688 Collection of Arduino sketches for TDK's combo accel/gyro motion sensor The basic sketch configures the sensors' data rates and full scale se

google cwisstable.h cwisstable is a single-header C11 port of the Abseil project's Swiss Tables. This project is intended to bring the proven performance and

kostya tkrzw Fast Persistent KeyValue Storage. Wrapper for Tkrzw Installation Add this to your application's shard.yml: dependencies: tkrzw: github: ko

josehu07 The Rux Kernel Rux - An x86_64 toy operating system kernel written in Rust. Rux is a port of the Hux kernel, my x86 32-bit single-CPU toy kernel writt

Jackbail4 Aegina-Injector Aegina Injector is a proof of concept injector using various different methods to excecute a dll into a target. The current version on

rsc This directory contains the source code for the Plan 9 VMware tools, which were written circa 2001 and only ever released in binary form due to concer

PaulBatchelor Bitlang Bitlang is a tiny stack-based DSL, designed for the sole purpose of producing procedurally generated 1-bit art. It is implemented in ANSI-C, a

SpeedyCodes RenderBender A third party program to change Minecraft RTX's settings externally, directly in-memory. Get the latest release here. About RenderBender

SABER-labs C++ Torch Server Serve torch models as rest-api using Drogon, example included for resnet18 model for Imagenet. Benchmarks show improvement of ~6-10x

rjobling Old-Jobbo-Amiga-Code This is a collection of Amiga demo routines lifted from my old A1200. Most are from around 1994-97, there are two intros in here

DioBruh startup-creator Language Simple program written in c++, for you to place your programs at windows startup. 💻 Requirements Latest Mingw-64 or Mingw-32

totemstech NeuralN Powerful Neural Network for Node.js NeuralN is a C++ Neural Network library for Node.js with multiple advantages compared to existing solution

NathanEpstein Pavlov.js About Pavlov.js uses Markov Decision Processes to implement reinforcement learning. It is written in C++ and compiled to JavaScript. For mor

rlidwka node-fann node-fann is a FANN bindings for Node.js. FANN (Fast Artificial Neural Network Library) is a free open source neural network library, which

cloudera Welcome to Impala Lightning-fast, distributed SQL queries for petabytes of data stored in Apache Hadoop clusters. Impala is a modern, massively-distri

bigartm The state-of-the-art platform for topic modeling. Full Documentation User Mailing List Download Releases User survey What is BigARTM? BigARTM is a pow

doukremt distance - Utilities for comparing sequences This package provides helpers for computing similarities between arbitrary sequences. Included metrics ar

pprett Natural language Understanding Toolkit TOC Requirements Installation Documentation CLSCL NER References Requirements To install nut you need: Python 2

titsuki NAME Algorithm::LibSVM - A Raku bindings for libsvm SYNOPSIS EXAMPLE 1 use Algorithm::LibSVM; use Algorithm::LibSVM::Parameter; use Algorithm::LibSVM:

sermanet OverFeat OverFeat is a Convolutional Network-based image classifier and feature extractor. OverFeat was trained on the ImageNet dataset and participat

apache Apache MXNet (incubating) for Deep Learning Apache MXNet is a deep learning framework designed for both efficiency and flexibility. It allows you to m