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codingo DNS and Target HTTP History Local Storage and Search

j-zero The ORSALA lamp from IKEA is a nice desktop lamp but has a very strange user experience. It features one rotary encoeder with button to control the brightness, color temperature and an on/off switch.

VSFe This repository consists of materials for those preparing for coding tests and algorithm interviews.

LloydLabs A novel technique to communicate between threads using the standard ETHREAD structure

EgeBalci Winsock accept() Backdoor Implant.

asaurusrex Probatorum will check which Nt/Zw functions your local EDR is hooking. Most credit for this code goes to SolomonSklash, who has great blogs on a variety of security topics .

rookuu Collection of beacon object files for use with Cobalt Strike to facilitate 🐚.

jomjol This is an example of Artificial Intelligence (AI) calculations on a very cheap hardware.

antirez Stonky is a Telegram bot that provides access to financial informations. It is backed by the publicly available Yahoo Finance HTTP API, it is written in C

sleepy-monax "µnix" is an execise in minimalism to see if micro kernels are viable on such constrained systems.

essej SonoBus is an easy to use application for streaming high-quality, low-latency peer-to-peer audio between devices over the internet or a local network.

GTAmodding In this repository you'll find the fully reversed source code for GTA III (master branch) and GTA VC (miami branch).

jatinchowdhury18 A lightweight neural network inferencing engine written in C++. This library was designed with the intention of being used in real-time audio processing, but may be useful for other tasks as well.

Angelic47 能够运行在单片机上的多图层128*64精灵图2D引擎系统

mattdesl Fast MP4 mux / demux using WASM, for modern browsers and Node.js.

SYSTRAN Library and command line utility to do approximate string matching of a source against a bitext index and get matched source and target.

scandum This document describes a partitioning stable adaptive comparison-based sort named gridsort.

h3ndrk Simple GTK-based graphical user interface for generating QR-Codes

QuantlabFinancial Your weekly dose of modern C++ challenge

CodeIntelligenceTesting Jazzer – Modern fuzz testing for the JVM (open-sourced)

asaurusrex Project to check which Nt/Zw functions your local EDR is hooking

OpenBoard-org OpenBoard is a cross-platform interactive whiteboard application intended for use in a classroom setting.

guillaumechereau Goxel: Free and Open Source 3D Voxel Editor

GodotECS Godex is a Godot Engine ECS library.

f0lg0 A simple emulator for the CHIP-8 interpreted programming language written in C (SDL for graphics).

lptstr huxdemp is an advanced version of the venerable hexdump that uses colors, bolding, and other terminal formatting to distinguish between nul bytes, ASCII whitespace, UTF8-control characters, ASCII control characters, and normal pri

ellie-long This repo contains files for building a push-button control panel for Zoom. It was made using Windows short cuts, but could easily be modified for Mac instead.

Rvn0xsy PDAcl 是一个支持Windows活动目录扩展权限设置、Windows活动目录常规权限设置、Windows服务权限设置的命令工具。

pplux Imgui-app is an amalgamation of two amazing projects Dear Imgui and Sokol libraries into two files to make it very easy to start working with imgui.

MiSo1289 A C++20 concepts library, providing container concepts etc.

gyf304 LAN Party VPN (LPVPN) to the rescue! LPVPN allows you to create a VPN over Discord so you can set up a VPN in seconds.

quantumjot BayesianTracker (btrack) is a Python library for multi object tracking, used to reconstruct trajectories in crowded fields. Here, we use a probabilistic network of information to perform the trajectory linking. This method uses sp

2013fangwentao Multi-Sensor Fusion (GNSS, IMU, Camera) 多源多传感器融合定位 GPS/INS组合导航 PPP/INS紧组合