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saitoha FFmpeg is a collection of libraries and tools to process multimedia content such as audio, video, subtitles and related metadata. Librar

hpjansson     About • Gallery • Packages • Development Chafa is a command-line utility that converts image data, including animated GIFs, into graphics formats

ushitora-anqou TinySixel A header-only C++11 library for Sixel. Example See example/ directory. More complicated demo is here. License MIT, except the following file

SAT1226 Minase (Here is Japanese version) Minase is terminal file manager. Features Preview of the selected file/directory Preview text syntax highlight (use

coderobe crixel Crystal sixel renderer Installation Add the dependency to your shard.yml: dependencies: crixel: github: fliegermarzipan/crixel Run shards

saitoha sixel (kmiya's sixel) This repository is unofficial mirror of "sixel"(kmiya's sixel). http://nanno.dip.jp/softlib/man/rlogin/sixel.tar.gz License This

aiju Sixel support for plan9port devdraw Sixeldraw is an implementation of plan9port's devdraw(1) that runs inside a terminal and uses sixel for drawing an

jart hiptext hiptext is command line tool for rendering images and videos inside terminals. Dependencies You need clang or gcc >=4.7. You also need to inst

saitoha seq2gif Description This software converts a sequences record file generated by ttyrec into a gif animation directly(without taking screenshots), by u

PerBothner DomTerm - a terminal emulator and console using DOM and JavaScript DomTerm is a combined terminal emulator and REPL console using web technlogies - i.

phantomics April Array Programming Re-Imagined in Lisp Ken Iverson's masterpiece reflected in the medium of Lisp. April compiles a subset of the APL programming

bendudson Introduction Py4CL is a bridge between Common Lisp and Python, which enables Common Lisp to interact with Python code. It uses streams to communicate

saitoha Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) Version 1.2 --- http://www.libsdl.org/ This is th

jes SCAMP CPU SCAMP is my homebrew 16-bit CPU. It stands for something like "Simple Computing and Arithmetic Microcoded Processor". The CPU is very primit

sergeneren Volumetric Path Tracer VPT is a volumetric path tracer to render openvdb files on gpu using Cuda. It uses the Ray Tracing Gems Vol 28. as the base, an

matt77hias MAGE This repository (v0) does not contain the WIP remake (v1) built from the ground up (C++20, D3D12). About Game and rendering engine featuring both

jose-villegas A real time global illumination solution that achieves glossy surfaces, diffuse reflection, specular reflection, ambient occlusion, indirect shadows, soft shadows, emissive materials and 2-bounce GI.

Cigg Voxel Cone Tracing Project in TSBK03 - Advanced Game Programming, at Linköping University. The scene is voxelized and stored in a 3D texture. The voxe

DQLin Real-Time Rendering with Lighting Grid Hierarchy I3D 2019 Demo Daqi Lin This demo is for the I3D 2019 paper Real-Time Rendering with Lighting Grid Hie

XT95 Point Based Global Illumination Project made with Muhammad Daoud at the University of Luminy. Youtube demo Article Features: UV Unwrapper Point based

cache-tlb Some (simple) global illumination algorithms Instant radiosity using virtual point lights Note: This project is almost finished, although the shaders

zero-radiance GIGL - Tiny Global Illumination OpenGL Renderer DISCLAIMER: this is a work in progress! :-) Loosely based on the following papers: Keller, "Instant ra

knightcrawler25 GLSL-PathTracer A physically based path tracer that runs in a GLSL fragment shader. Features Unidirectional path tracer RadeonRays for building BVHs (

geometrian Simple Spectral This is a simple multithreaded spectral pathtracer implementing the algorithm (linear combination of bases) described in our EGSR 2019

Nadrin Quartz © 2018 - 2019 Michał Siejak (@Nadrin) A physically based GPU path tracing renderer with a declarative scene description language based on ES7.

TeamWisp WispRenderer - Real-Time Raytracing Renderer What is it? Wisp is a general purpose high level rendering library. Specially made for real time raytraci

rtx-on RTX-Explore - DXR Path Tracer Contact Us Henry Zhu LinkedIn, personal website Liam Dugan LinkedIn, personal website Ziad Ben Hadj-Alouane LinkedIn, pe

Zielon Ray tracer sandbox in Vulkan This project is an engine where you can create/test new shaders in real-time physically based ray tracing system. The mai

diharaw Helios A real-time unidirectional GPU path tracer using the cross-vendor Vulkan ray-tracing extensions. Features Real-time progressive rendering Tiled

rdinse VCTGI Real-time global illumination renderer using voxel cone tracing (without SVO). Hints and Compilation The main parts of the renderer are located

kbladin Voxel Cone Tracing For Real Time Global Illumination Converting mesh data to voxel data and rendering global illumination using cone tracing in OpenGL

demonixis SSGI-URP Screen Space Global Illumination for Universal Render Pipeline. It's a port of a SSGI shader wrote by Martins Upitis for the Godot Engine. It