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hepingood LibDriver MAX30105 English | 简体中文 | 繁體中文 The MAX30105 is an integrated particle-sensing module.It includes internal LEDs, photodetectors, optical elem

mrousavy 🖼️ react-native-jsi-image 🏗️ This library is work in progress! 🏗️ A writeable in-memory Image JSI Host Object. JSI-Image is a modern library that p

FeinbergMC Wall OBS Setup A drag-and-drop solution to setup OBS for use with Specnr's (and potentially other) various wall macro scripts - made by Feinberg. Has

Andoryuuta ddon_common_key_bruteforce Tool for bruteforcing the Camellia key used in the DDON Login Server <-> Client exchange. This works by seeding the PRNG by

Hackinside PS4 and PS5 Camera windows 10/11 drivers More about the camera driver for windows 10 developent steps, by Antonio Jose Ramos Marquez (aka bigboss) @ps

SylvainCorlay xeus-r is a Jupyter kernel for R based on the native implementation of the Jupyter protocol xeus. Installation xeus-r has not been packaged for the ma

o-santi functional structures just a simples repo to record some annotations and implementations (and some proofs) of common data structures (trees, lists, ve

SarnaxLii Apex Cleaner Full Apex/EAC/Origin Trace Files Cleaner This is the best cleaner I've ever made. So this is a Full Apex Legends trace cleaner. Mostly my

OzymandiasTheGreat Testing Hyperbeam Start hyperbeam on your computer and copy-paste address to packages/mobile/App.tsx. Then in another terminal run yarn mobile:start a

martijnschouten Electrokinetic sculpture This sculpture has been built as a demonstration of electrical friction compensation. The sculpture aims to create the same l

Angold-4 chainsaw: A Codeforces Commandline Tool chainsaw is a small and faster drop-in replacement for your copy and paste while attending Codeforces contests

Zlanee Xenon An open source top mount WKL Tkl Specs Mounting style: Top mount Typing Angle: 7 Degrees Dimensions: 358.1625 x 144.5625 mm Front height: 20.5mm

eikehein Hyelicht Hyelicht is an IoT/embedded project for home decoration/automation. Its software allows you to do colorful painting and animations on a LED-b

SarnaxLii CFX-Bypass What's the purpose of this? Program blocks the outbounding and inbounding calls from adhesive so they won't get to check your hwid from the

yrashk Compile-time Contracts for Zig Compile-time contracts address the duck-typing problem in Zig. When you have a function taking type or anytype paramete

hariketsheth A challenge to solve coding questions of top 6 companies in 30 days. An initiative started by Arsh Goyal.

SarnaxLii Fivem-Bypass ScriptHook Bypass For Fivem / bypass hardware ID For nvdia only Not Working? Run as admin and disable your antivirus. How to use 1. Put y

YamanQD AntWare: LEGACY EDITION 🐜 ⚔ A small game made by a couple of students as a university project. Built from scratch using C++ and Legacy OpenGL, hence

zeroday-z CyberVal CyberVal is a paste of a internal Valorant Cheat which has been used by several providers like LeagueHell, Enduty and several other pasted ch

GangmingZhao GraphFPN: Graph Feature Pyramid Network for Object Detection Download graph-FPN-main.zip For training , run: python train.py For test with Graph_fpn

gvolpe stargazers-raffle Run a raffle among the 🌟 stargazers 🌟 of a Github project! Overview It is designed to run directly on Github actions but it can al

Laremere Alg alg.math does concise formulas for custom types. Similar to operator overloading in other languages. I'm making this for a private project which n

Ameobea SvelteKit To-Do List This application was created to accompany a blog post about my experience trying out SvelteKit for the first time. It is deployed

jglim UnsignedFlash FirmwarePoC_RE.mp4 A vulnerability exists for some IC204 instrument clusters that are found in Mercedes-Benz vehicles of ~2007-2013, whi

zeroday-z CyberVal-Injector CyberVal is a paste of a internal Valorant Cheat which has been used by several providers like LeagueHell, Enduty and several other

Camroku Ember A hobby OS written in C++ Compiling You need grub, i686-elf-tools and nasm installed. cd src make build Running You need qemu installed. make ru

ph4s3tw0 GetProcAddressCaseStudies Written by hypervis0r and Jeff Six cases demonstrating methods of optimizing GetProcAddress Blog post located at https://pha

unusual-audio Vocal EQ A VST3 / AU plugin that combines a high pass filter with 2 fixed EQs: the high frequency boost adds or exaggerates the hyped top end of moder

john-luan This PCB project was initially started as an exercise of learning KiCAD. 这个PCB最初是作为学习KiCAD的练习开始的。 And it is currently working with KiCAD 6.99. 目前在KiCA

maximeborges pico-rmii-ethernet Enable 100Mbit/s Ethernet connectivity on your Raspberry Pi Pico with an RMII based Ethernet PHY module. Leverages the Raspberry Pi

windows10luke V4L2 to NDI V4L2 to NDI is an application that connects to attached V4L2 devices and encodes the video signal into NDI It uses the NDI library, allowi

FULLSHADE WARFOX is a software-based HTTPS beaconing Windows implant that uses a multi-layered proxy network for C2 communications. This kit was designed to emu