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wolfSSL Description wolfProvider is a library that can be used as an Provider in OpenSSL. Features MD5-1 SHA-1 SHA-224 SHA-256 SHA-384 SHA-512 SHA-512/224 SHA

FeiGeChuanShu ncnn_Android_blazeface The BlazeFace face detection demo infer by ncnn. The model from PaddleDetection BlazeFace-FPN-SSH. This is a sample ncnn androi

Wild-Donkey Donkey Minesweeper A small tool with Windows Minesweeper game Background As a high school student learning Olympics Informatic. Sometimes we have to u

microsoft DirectXMath is an all inline SIMD C++ linear algebra library for use in games and graphics apps

BrentSeidel Ada-Lisp This is a tiny Lisp interpreter written in Ada. As such, it lacks many of the features of a full Common Lisp, but can provide a simple Lisp-l

iiiytn1k IMG-1-02 Plasma display driver IMG102_test_image_(mono, 4_colors, 8_colors)_328p Simple programs for show static images on IMG-1-02 plasma display by

nanochess PI calculator in 146 bytes (boot sector or COM file) by Oscar Toledo G. Nov/11/2021 http://nanochess.org https://github.com/nanochess This is a simp

staltz Node.js Native Module written in Zig Node.js Native Modules are typically written in C++, but you can write them also in other languages like Rust (1,

Ferdi265 wl-mirror - a simple Wayland output mirror client wl-mirror attempts to provide a solution to sway's lack of output mirroring by mirroring an output o

kkent030315 NtSymbol Resolve DOS MZ executable symbols at runtime Example You no longer have not have to use memory pattern scan inside your sneaky rootkit. Pass

CCob lsarelayx Introduction lsarelayx is system wide NTLM relay tool designed to relay incoming NTLM based authentication to the host it is running on. lsa

iamahuman PipeTcp An asynchronous Windows named pipe server that forwards connections to given TCP server. Pre-built binaries can be found in Releases. Invocati

alula Guxt Decompilation Project A decompilation of 2007 freeware shmup by Studio Pixel. 100% playable. Mostly based on work of @tilderain. Reverse engineer

rapiz1 cppc C compiler in C++ Background This is a learning project for Crafting interpreters. Most part of C is supported. Support for pointer is hacky. For

ChrisThrasher boids SFML-based flocking simulation program Requirements C++20 CMake 3.16 SFML 2.5.1 Building cmake -B build -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release cmake --build

Enichan OPBinaryLib C/C++ library for converting a stream of OPL FM synth chip commands to the OPB music format Basic usage Store your OPL commands as a conti

solardiz Generate representative samples from Pwned Passwords (HIBP) This program generates representative samples from Pwned Passwords (HIBP), taking the coun

telephil9 fm === fm provides a gui to select an item from a list using a fuzzy matching algorithm. When an item is selected, it is sent to the plumber `send` po

MayaPosch Lock-free ring buffer This is an implementation of a lock-free ring buffer, using only C++11 STL level features. Originally designed for the NymphCast

rpng Ros wrapper for apriltags-cpp Ros wrapper of the APRIL tags library, using OpenCV (and optionally, CGAL). Requirements Currently, apriltags-cpp requir

kb-elmo Navidat Full navigation keypad This is not tested! Use with caution! STEP files for the case KiCAD PCB files Gerbers for PCB production JLCPCB BOM JLC

nikitinprior The C source code was RESTORED by disassembling the original executable file OPTIM.COM from the Hi-Tech v3.09 compiler. This file is compiled by Hi-Te

sse2 GTA Trilogy Remastered Mission Scripts Original script sources of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: III

zartbot zMonkey zMonkey is an open-source 200G network impairment emulator tool to emulate the real-world WAN/DC conditions for your applications. it can supp

0xTRAW Linux-Privilege-Escalation-MindMap OSCP Privilege Escalation MindMap/Guide Connect with me: The MindMaps comes in different formats and there are loca

dmgerman Edit with emacs Everywhere Introduction This module allows editing with emacs anywhere in OS X. See this demo: https://youtu.be/jYUKYpXL6rI In any tex

mcfx QEMU Judger Test This project was done abandoned 2 months ago, and I can't remember everything very well, so the steps here may be wrong. Setup First,

passbolt ____ __ ____ / __ \____ _____ ____/ /_ ____ / / /_ / /_/ / __ `/ ___/ ___/ __ \/ __ \/ / __/ / ____/ /_/ (__

InterChan374 here's ponggers2, mainly a tech demo to show off the trig functions, fps display, texture and font conversion, texture and text (with the custom fonts

unixzii DyldExtractor A command-line tool to extract dylib files from the dyld shared cache file. Starting with macOS 11, standalone binaries of system librar

danielpontello 7zip-rt 7zip source code slightly modified for running in the Surface RT. Tested only on Windows RT 10. Requirements Building Visual Studio 2012 Expre

Pr00x Elofetch Elofetch - The fastest neofetch ever made Elofetch is a fast program written in C. Like neofetch, this program will show you software and har