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gamemann The DPDK Stats Description A small DPDK application that increments a basic packet counter for TCP or UDP packets depending on what's specified in the

seamansrl Control centralizado via IP usando API-REST El siguiente proyecto permite controlar 8 reles via IP a través el protocolo HTTP REST con solo una Arduin

Plutonomicon pluto The Plutus Core assembler pluto is a programming language which is essentially Untyped Plutus Core (UPLC) with a little bit of syntactic sugar.

software-tools-books Software Tools in Python The best way to learn design in any field is to study examples, and some of the best examples of software design come from th

brummer10 CollisionDrive.lv2 Overdrive/Distortion Features Overdrive/Distortion simulation. Dependencys libcairo2-dev libx11-dev Build git submodule init git su

borisbat NotOkImageFormat Lossy fixed-rate GPU-friendly image compression\decompression ( roughly 8:5 to 1, ~2.8bpp ) Some work in progress numbers from my M1

rohanrhu libhash: a fast and efficient non-iterating hashmap library Libhash is a fast and efficient non-iterating hashmap library Usage Usage is easy and simp

program-- spress spress provides utilities for encoding and compressing geospatial objects, such as sf objects. Installation This package requires C++11 for com

FeiGeChuanShu The Android demo of Mediapipe Hand infer by ncnn Please enjoy the mediapipe hand demo on ncnn You can try this APK demo

libsixel A C language SIXEL encoder/decoder implementation

vectr-ucla Direct LiDAR Odometry: Fast Localization with Dense Point Clouds DLO is a lightweight and computationally-efficient frontend LiDAR odometry solution w

vshymanskyy embedded-wasm-apps Run native, statically-compiled AssemblyScript, Rust, C/C++, TinyGo, Zig, etc. apps on any platform How it works The approach is si

vifm Vifm – Vim-like file manager      Latest release is 0.12. This file last updated on 29 September, 2021. Brief Description Vifm is a curses based Vim-l

syuu1228 This is freestanding slideviewer using sixel graphics. Currently runs on QEMU, does not use any Filesystem or Network, slide images are directly embedded on ELF image.

galatolofederico st This is a fork of a fork of the excellent st terminal patched with a patch of a patch. This repository constitutes my personal configuration of st.

klange David Ashley's SDL fire demo This is the "fire" SDL demo from the SDL website, updated to include resizable window support and stripped of its old bui

uobikiemukot sdump sixel image dumper this program is a variant of idump install you need to install following library before build libsixel (https://github.com/sa

saitoha FFmpeg is a collection of libraries and tools to process multimedia content such as audio, video, subtitles and related metadata. Librar

hpjansson     About • Gallery • Packages • Development Chafa is a command-line utility that converts image data, including animated GIFs, into graphics formats

ushitora-anqou TinySixel A header-only C++11 library for Sixel. Example See example/ directory. More complicated demo is here. License MIT, except the following file

SAT1226 Minase (Here is Japanese version) Minase is terminal file manager. Features Preview of the selected file/directory Preview text syntax highlight (use

coderobe crixel Crystal sixel renderer Installation Add the dependency to your shard.yml: dependencies: crixel: github: fliegermarzipan/crixel Run shards

saitoha sixel (kmiya's sixel) This repository is unofficial mirror of "sixel"(kmiya's sixel). http://nanno.dip.jp/softlib/man/rlogin/sixel.tar.gz License This

aiju Sixel support for plan9port devdraw Sixeldraw is an implementation of plan9port's devdraw(1) that runs inside a terminal and uses sixel for drawing an

jart hiptext hiptext is command line tool for rendering images and videos inside terminals. Dependencies You need clang or gcc >=4.7. You also need to inst

saitoha seq2gif Description This software converts a sequences record file generated by ttyrec into a gif animation directly(without taking screenshots), by u

PerBothner DomTerm - a terminal emulator and console using DOM and JavaScript DomTerm is a combined terminal emulator and REPL console using web technlogies - i.

phantomics April Array Programming Re-Imagined in Lisp Ken Iverson's masterpiece reflected in the medium of Lisp. April compiles a subset of the APL programming

bendudson Introduction Py4CL is a bridge between Common Lisp and Python, which enables Common Lisp to interact with Python code. It uses streams to communicate

saitoha Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) Version 1.2 --- http://www.libsdl.org/ This is th

jes SCAMP CPU SCAMP is my homebrew 16-bit CPU. It stands for something like "Simple Computing and Arithmetic Microcoded Processor". The CPU is very primit

sergeneren Volumetric Path Tracer VPT is a volumetric path tracer to render openvdb files on gpu using Cuda. It uses the Ray Tracing Gems Vol 28. as the base, an