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saitoha FFmpeg is a collection of libraries and tools to process multimedia content such as audio, video, subtitles and related metadata. Librar

xerpi PSP USB Video Class (UVC) plugin What's this? This is a plugin that lets you stream your PSP screen to your computer via USB. It follows the USB Video

bozbez An OBS plugin that allows capture of independant application audio streams on Windows, in a similar fashion to OBS's game capture and Discord's application streaming.

jellyfin Desktop client using jellyfin-web with embedded MPV player. Supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Media plays within the same window using the jellyfin-web interface unlike Jellyfin Desktop. Supports audio passthrough. Based on Ple

luastoned OBS Plugin to capture CS:GO with Trusted Mode enabled

KDE Free and open source video editor, based on MLT Framework and KDE Frameworks 5

alexmercerind A media playback library for Dart & Flutter apps on Windows & Linux. Based on libVLC & libVLC++. (Both 🎵 audio & 🎞 video)

webcamoid akvcam is a fully compliant V4L2 virtual camera driver for Linux.

alienatedsec Even newer Custom Firmware for Xiaomi Cameras based on Hi3518e Chipset. It includes free RTSP, ONVIF and other improvements based on the work by roleoroleo

SonicMastr An Open Source PSVita/TV MP4 player with 1080p playback and subtitle support

mattdesl Fast MP4 mux / demux using WASM, for modern browsers and Node.js.

mattdesl Standalone MP4 (H264) encoder compiled with Emscripten into WASM.

mpromonet WebRTC-streamer is an experiment to stream video capture devices and RTSP sources through WebRTC using simple mechanism.

rossumur A free video streaming service that runs on a ESP32

SchmockLord I have successfully installed MacOS Catalina 10.15.4 on my i9-10900k running on a Gigabyte Z490 Vision D.

jeonghopark A video version of SketchSynth. (SketchSynth Github) It behaves like Sketchsynth and can import video files. Video format should be mp4 or mov. Changing the effect of the video creates other sound patterns.

lettier 😎 The open-source, Haskell-built video editor for GIF makers.

fastogt IPTV/NVR/CCTV/Video cloud

versatica mediasoup v3 Website and Documentation Support Forum Design Goals mediasoup and its client side libraries are designed to accom

GoogleChromeLabs webm-wasm webm-wasm lets you create webm videos in JavaScript via WebAssembly. The library consumes raw RGBA32 buffers (4 bytes per pixel) and turns them into a webm video with the given framerate and quality. This make

pkuvcl davs2 davs2 is an open-source decoder of AVS2-P2/IEEE1857.4 video coding standard. An encoder, xavs2, can be found at Github or Gitee (mirror in China). Linux(Ubuntu-16.04): Windows(VS2013): Stargazers over time

pkuvcl xavs2 xavs2 is an open-source encoder of AVS2-P2/IEEE1857.4 video coding standard. A decoder, davs2, can be found at Github or Gitee (mirror in China). Build it Windows Use VS2013 or later

twitter Overview Vireo is a lightweight and versatile video processing library that powers our video transcoding service, deep learning recognition systems and more. It is written in C++11 and built with functional programm

transitive-bullshit ffmpeg-gl-transition FFmpeg filter for applying GLSL transitions between video streams (gl-transitions). (example crosswarp transition) Note If you want an easier solution, I recommend checking out f

gerbera Gerbera - UPnP Media Server Gerbera is a UPnP media server which allows you to stream your digital media through your home network and consume it on a variety of UPnP compatible devices. Gerbera is based on Medi

videolan README for the VLC media player =============================== VLC is a popular libre and open source media player and multimedia engine, used by a large number of individuals, professionals, companies and institutions. Usi

junyanz Light Field Video Viewer [Project] [Video] [Paper] C++ implementation for Light field video applications (including video refocusing, focus tracking, changing aperture and view) as described in the followin

FFmpeg FFmpeg README FFmpeg is a collection of libraries and tools to process multimedia content such as audio, video, subtitles and related metadata. Libraries libavcodec provides implementation of a wider rang

xiph Daala next-generation video codec Daala is the codename for a new video compression technology. The effort is a collaboration between the Mozilla Foundation, the Xiph.Org Foundation and any other contributors that wish

xlab libvpx-go Package vpx provides Go bindings for libvpx-1.6.0, the WebM Project VPx codec implementation. All the binding code has automatically been generated with rules defined in vpx.yml. Usage $ brew in

cisco OpenH264 OpenH264 is a codec library which supports H.264 encoding and decoding. It is suitable for use in real time applications such as WebRTC. See for more details. Encoder Feature

strukturag libde265 - open h.265 codec implementation libde265 is an open source implementation of the h.265 video codec. It is written from scratch and has a plain C API to enable a simple integration into other software. libd