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This is a list of resources for learning C programming in general, or something useful relating to C programming.

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TarunSingh56 DSA-CRACKER If you appreciate my work, please star this repository. It motivates me. 🚀 🚀 Hello, folks! This is an attempt to solve 450 questions car

Apress Source Code for "Ray Tracing Gems II: Next Generation Real-Time Rendering with DXR, Vulkan, and OptiX" by Adam Marrs, Peter Shirley, and Ingo Wald

Sushreesatarupa cpp fundamentals and questions for beginners and intermediates

YatSenOS A Simple 32-bit OS lab tutorial.

joaquintides An efficient, composable design pattern for range processing

jakepriddle Get a users HWID in C++ and use it in Java

jiannanya A simple process library in x86 assembly language for study usage

RainerGrimm It has more than 200 running examples. The names of the directories reflect the names of the chapters in the book. I put the name of the source file in the title of each source code example.

fschuetz04 SimCpp20 is a discrete-event simulation framework for C++20. It is similar to SimPy and aims to be easy to set up and use.

alandefreitas GitHub Pages with snippets for Modern C++

nvpro-samples This tutorial is a beginner-friendly introduction to writing your own fast, photorealistic path tracer in less than 300 lines of C++ code and 250 lines of GLSL shader code using Vulkan. Here's an example of what you'll render at t

ShiqiYu SimpleCNNbyCPP For Course CS205 'C/C++ Program Design' at Southern University of Scicence and Technology, China. Model Information The model is traine

rby90 A list of tutorials that work towards the making of small to large projects in C.

hibetterheyj Homework repo of Modern Cpp for CV (2020Spring) at UniBonn

cristeigabriel My CS:GO cheat, written with performance in mind.

VSFe This repository consists of materials for those preparing for coding tests and algorithm interviews.

QuantlabFinancial Your weekly dose of modern C++ challenge

metacall MetaCall allows calling functions, methods or procedures between multiple programming languages.

corellium Corellium Releases 'Completely Usable' Version of Linux for M1 Macs

mkirchner In a 2016 TED interview (14:10) Linus Torvalds speaks about what he considers good taste in coding. As an example, he presents two implementations of item removal in singly linked lists (reproduced below). In order to remove the f

yekyam A simple assembly interpreter to help people with understanding the language without the hassle of setup.

DanielaE An educational C++20 implementation of Boost.Optional that also is-a C++20 std::optional.

SamFisher18 An Awesome beginner-friendly repo to help you in open-source contributions. Made specifically for contributions in HACKTOBERFEST 2020! .Push any code in any language you want .

bigyanic A beginner-friendly open source repository to create your pull request.

harvestlamb 侯捷C++课程PPT及代码,动手学起来

balloonwj C/C++学习,后端开发进阶指南。

Mustafiz04 A beginner-friendly project to help you in open-source contributions. Made specifically for contributions in HACKTOBERFEST 2020! From Hello World Programs to Data Structure and Algorithms! all in one. Please leave a star ⭐ to supp

chandrikadeb7 This repository aims to help code beginners with their first successful pull request and open source contribution. Happy coding!

CppCon Slides and other materials from CppCon 2019

p-ranav A curated list of awesome header-only C++ libraries

jlggross Aqui você encontra os materiais de um curso COMPLETO de Graduação em Ciência da Computação de uma das melhores universidades do Brasil.

huangrt01 我的自学笔记,在学习shell和MLSys,整理C++、算法、操作系统,后续学习分布式系统,终身更新。