Static Code Analysis

List of tools for improving quality and reducing defects by code analysis

Newest releases

quarkslab The purpose of this project is to analyse a raw binary firmware and determine automatically some of its features. This tool is compatible with all architectures as basically, it just does simple statistics on it.

facebook Infer Infer is a static analysis tool for Java, C++, Objective-C, and C. Infer is written in OCaml. Installation Read our Getting Started page for details on how to install packaged versions of Infer. To bu

danmar Cppcheck Linux Build Status Windows Build Status Coverity Scan Build Status Donations If you find Cppcheck useful for you, fe

GameTechDev Intel Shader Analyzer Intel Shader Analyzer is a tool for offline static analysis of shaders for Intel GPU Architectures. It allows a user to compile dxbc or HLSL code and inspect the generated GPU ISA for either DX11 a

facebook SPARTA is a library that provides the basic blocks for building high-performance static code analyzers based on Abstract Interpretation.

NASA-SW-VnV IKOS IKOS (Inference Kernel for Open Static Analyzers) is a static analyzer for C/C++ based on the theory of Abstract Interpretation. Introduction IKOS started as a C++ library designed to facilitate the