The MongoDB Database

MongoDB README Welcome to MongoDB! COMPONENTS mongod - The database server. mongos - Sharding router. mongo - The database shell (uses interactive javascript). UTILITIES install_compass - Installs MongoDB Compass for your pl

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seppo0010 rlite self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional Redis-compatible database engine. rlite is to Redis what SQLite is to SQL. Example require "redis" require "hirlite/connection" redis =

sklivvz Cthulhu Extend Redis with JavaScript modules This module invokes commands from Redis in a JavaScript interpreter, duktape. (the thing that should not be) The JavaScript commands are precompiled, can access the Redis API at a

alibaba What is ApsaraCache ? ApsaraCache is based on the Redis official release 4.0 and has many features and performance enhancements. ApsaraCache has proven to be very stable and efficient in production environment. There are many fe

apache Note: The master branch may be in an unstable or even broken state during development. Please use releases instead of the master branch in order to get stable binaries. Pegasus is a distributed key-value storage system which is desig

jianqingdu Kedis-Server -- A Redis Compatible persistance Nosql Kedis-Server is a Redis-Protocol compatible persistance NoSQL with RocksDB as its storage engine, support most Redis comamnds and those Reids complex data structure: string, li