The MongoDB Database

MongoDB README Welcome to MongoDB! COMPONENTS mongod - The database server. mongos - Sharding router. mongo - The database shell (uses interactive javascript). UTILITIES install_compass - Installs MongoDB Compass for your pl

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taosdata An open-source big data platform designed and optimized for the Internet of Things (IoT).

zerotier Fully Decentralized Fully Replicated Key/Value Store

erthink High-performance embedded transactional database in the form of a key-value store

abbychau usize-kv The fastest, 64-bit data-chunk only, one-to-many key-value storage. use-case It is specialized for one-to-many relation for NOSQL / key-less structure of data-storage. features Compact and hash

hivedb Fast, Enjoyable & Secure NoSQL Database Hive is a lightweight and blazing fast key-value database written in pure Dart. Inspired by Bitcask. Documentation & Samples 📖 Features 🚀 Cross pl

hse-project HSE: Heterogeneous-Memory Storage Engine HSE is an embeddable key-value store designed for SSDs based on NAND flash or persistent memory. HSE optimizes performance and endurance by orchestrating data placement across DRAM and mul

RediSearch RediSearch implements a search engine on top of Redis, but unlike other Redis search libraries, it does not use internal data structures like Sorted Sets.

tidwall Redcon is a custom Redis server framework that is fast and simple to use. This is a C version of the original Redcon, and is built on top of evio.c.