Fast and Simple MongoDB Client for R

mongolite Fast and Simple MongoDB Client for R High-level, high-performance MongoDB client based on libmongoc and jsonlite. Includes support for aggregation, indexing, map-reduce, streaming, SSL encryption a

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apple FoundationDB is a distributed database designed to handle large volumes of structured data across clusters of commodity servers. It organizes data as an ordered key-value store and employs ACID transactions for all operations. It is espec

griddb Overview GridDB has a KVS (Key-Value Store)-type data model that is suitable for sensor data stored in a timeseries. It is a database that can be easily scaled-out according to the number of sensors. High Reliability I

crate CrateDB is a distributed SQL database that makes it simple to store and analyze massive amounts of machine data in real-time. Features of CrateDB: Standard SQL plus dynamic schemas, queryable object

Tencent CMONGO README Welcome to CMONGO! COMPONENTS mongod - The database process. mongos - Sharding controller. mongo - The database shell (uses interactive javascript). UTILITIES mongodump - MongoDB dump tool - for backups,

baidu BaikalDB:A Distributed HTAP Database BaikalDB supports sequential and randomised realtime read/write of structural data in petabytes-scale. BaikalDB is compatible with MySQL protocol and it supports MySQL style SQL dialect, by

vmxdev tkvdb Trie (radix trie in fact) key-value database tkvdb is an embedded database library for key-value data. It is similar to Berkeley DB, LevelDB or SQLite4 LSM. Keys are always sorted in memcmp() order. Supported o

tikv Website | Documentation | Community Chat TiKV is an open-source, distributed, and transactional key-value database. Unlike other traditional NoSQL systems, TiKV not only provides classical key-value APIs, but also transacti

cinience RedisStudio (Redis GUI Client) Download Introduction 1. Redis Studio is Redis GUI Client,support Windows xp, windows 7, windows 8 2. Kernel is MSOpen hiredis, GUILIB is duilib 3. Support official Redis 2.6