A high performance network library

Pink Pink is a wrapper of pthread. Why you need it? When you use pthread, you always define many type of thread, such as: In network programming scenario, some thread used for accept the client's connection, some thread used

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seladb PcapPlusPlus is a multiplatform C++ library for capturing, parsing and crafting of network packets. It is designed to be efficient, powerful and easy to use. PcapPlusPlus enables decoding and forging capabilities for a large vari

basil00 REQRYPT ReQrypt is a tool for tunneling and encrypting web browser requests to hide them from local (e.g. router-level, or ISP-level) snooping and interception. ReQrypt is useful for bypassing ISP-level URL censorship/filtering/l

saprykin About plibsys is a cross-platform system C library with some helpful routines. It has zero third-party dependencies and uses only native system calls. Features plibsys gives you: Platform independent data t

h2o H2O - an optimized HTTP server with support for HTTP/1.x, HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 (experimental) Copyright (c) 2014-2019 DeNA Co., Ltd., Kazuho Oku, Tatsuhiko Kubo, Domingo Alvarez Duarte, Nick Desaulniers, Marc Hörsken, Masahiro

ninenines Cowboy Cowboy is a small, fast and modern HTTP server for Erlang/OTP. Goals Cowboy aims to provide a complete HTTP stack in a small code base. It is optimized for low latency and low memory usage, in part be

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denandz Fuzzotron Fuzzotron is a simple network fuzzer supporting TCP, UDP and multithreading. Radamsa and Blab are used for test case generation. Fuzzotron exists as a first-port-of-call network fuzzer, aiming for low setup overhead.

evilsocket librestd A low dependencies and self contained library to create C++ RESTful API services ( UNDER HEAVY DEVELOPMENT ). Scope This library and the underlying HTTP server component do not support the full HTTP specs but