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A collection of open-source libraries for high level network programming.

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hrvach A computer from 1948 in ICMP packets Errr, what? Manchester Baby was the very first stored program computer in the world [1]. Now it lives again, and

haad proxychains - a tool that forces any TCP connection made by any given application to follow through proxy like TOR or any other SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or HTTP(S) proxy. Supported auth-types: "user/pass" for SOCKS4/5, "basic" for HTTP.

firehol iprange - manage IP ranges

traviscross WHAT IS MTR? mtr combines the functionality of the 'traceroute' and 'ping' programs in a single network diagnostic tool. As mtr starts, it investigate

baidu Dperf: 10M HTTP CPS Load tester Dperf is a DPDK based high performance L4L7 load tester. It can also be a CPU benchmark for packets processing. Main F

jamesroberts FastWSGI 🚧 FastWSGI is still under development. FastWSGI is an ultra fast WSGI server for Python 3. Its written in C and uses libuv and llhttp under

ourway This is a simple http server for pure static content. You can use it to serve the content of a ftp server via http for example. It is also nice to exp

apache Apache Traffic Server Traffic Server is a high-performance building block for cloud services. It's more than just a caching proxy server; it also has

meltwater Served Overview Served is a C++ library for building high performance RESTful web servers. Served builds upon Boost.ASIO to provide a simple API for d

splunk Pion Network Library C++ framework for building lightweight HTTP interfaces Project Home: Retrieving the code git clone

gamemann The DPDK Stats Description A small DPDK application that increments a basic packet counter for TCP or UDP packets depending on what's specified in the

seijikun LanPartyServer, or LAPAS for short, is a Linux distribution configuration that simplifies the setup required to get a LAN-Party up and running.

Yi-Tseng P4 DPDK target notes Build P4 code There is a very simple L1 switch based on PSA architecture in this repo (see l1switch) Before building the p4 code,

LANDrop LANDrop is a cross-platform tool that you can use to conveniently transfer photos, videos, and other types of files to other devices on the same local network.

blinker-iot An IoT Solution,Blinker library for embedded hardware. Works with ESP8266, ESP32 (idf)

me-no-dev Async HTTP and WebSocket Server for ESP8266 Arduino

howmp CobaltStrike是一款渗透测试神器,支持http/https、tcp、smb等多种通信方式。 在hvv防守方、应急响应等场景中,都有检测CobaltStrike的需求。 现有检测方案 使用特征码扫描 http

lizrice The Beginner's Guide to eBPF Programming for Networking As seen at Cloud Native eBPF Day 2021. Setup Create a container that we can issue curl request

eusporg α-Indirect Control in Onion-like Networks We propose a fast, accurate, and scalable algorithm to detect ultimate controlling entities in global corpor

Y77CH requests-like networking library using boost for C++

benjojo iptables-uwu This is a xtables module that can uwu outgoing packets, mostly as a shitpost, but also as a future referance to me on how to write xtable

joegrand Pizza_Compass A Particle project named Pizza_Compass Welcome to your project! Every new Particle project is composed of 3 important elements that you'

sysprog21 vwifi implements a minimal interface to achieve basic functonalities, such as scanning dummy Wi-Fi network, connecting, and disconnecting from it. vwifi is based on cfg80211 subsystem, which works together with FullMAC drivers. At

lizrice A very basic eBPF Load Balancer in a few lines of C

morrolinux Simple, fast and flexible DIY Remote Desktop software

ferhatgec Single header cURL wrapper for C++ around libcURL

evilsocket This crate simplifies the compilation of eBPF programs written in C integrating clang with Rust and the cargo build system with functions that can be used from a file.

Hypfer Wifi MQTT Data Logging via an esp8266 for the Ikea VINDRIKTNING PM2.5 air quality sensor

praetorian-inc PortBender is a TCP port redirection utility that allows a red team operator to redirect inbound traffic destined for one TCP port (e.g., 445/TCP) to another TCP port (e.g., 8445/TCP). PortBender includes an aggressor script that

Manawyrm TCP/IP for Casio fx-9860 graphical calculators (with SLIP support, uIP stack)

skickar A NAT router with an FTP honeypot using a canarytoken by @spacehuhn and @kodykinzie based on the espcanary library.

alipay Openwifi is an open-source WiFi protocol stack based on SDR that is fully compatible with Linux mac80211. It's driver takes advantage of the Linux kernel's supports (mac80211, cfg80211) for WiFi high MAC, so it can provide an inte