A collection of libraries and tools to process multimedia content

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iwalton3 Jellyfin Desktop Client based on Plex Media Player

transitive-bullshit 👻 A curated list of awesome FFmpeg resources.FFmpeg is a cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video.

xbmc Kodi is an award-winning free and open source home theater/media center software and entertainment hub for digital media. With its beautiful interface and powerful skinning engine, it's available for Android, BSD, Linux, macOS, iO

ssut Build ffmpeg for ARM-based Apple Silicon Macs

ultraembedded This project is a FPGA based media player which is capable of playing Motion JPEG encoded video over HDMI or VGA on commonly available FPGA boards.

ratwithacompiler Provides closed captioning via Google Cloud Speech Recognition API as a standalone OBS plugin, no other tools required. It's fully optional to viewers and uses Twitch's built in caption support which works on livestreams and in VO

define-private-public A (modern) C++ implementation of the first two books of the Peter Shirley Ray Tracing mini-books ( Features a clean project structure, perf. improvements (compared to the original code), multi-core re

strawberrymusicplayer Strawberry is a music player and music collection organizer. It is a fork of Clementine released in 2018 aimed at music collectors and audiophiles. It's written in C++ using the Qt 5 or 6 toolkit.

keur prettyeq is a system-wide paramateric equalizer for pulseaudio. This software is in alpha. Use at your own discretion.

thelowsunoverthemoon A simple library for music theory in pure C, with Interval, Chord, Scale, and Key Signature functions. I tried to keep this as minimal as possible, so there's no malloc or anything happening under the hood

rossumur Atari 8 bit computers, NES and SMS game consoles on your TV with nothing more than a ESP32 and a sense of nostalgia

antonthefirst A simple MIDI input library that also dovetails into Dear ImGui

Flone-dnb Silent Server Silent is an extremely lightweight, high quality - low latency voice chat made for gaming. Runs on Windows and Linux. Must be used with the Silent (client) application. Made with Qt Framework, Winsock2 an

fastogt About FastoTV FastoTV - is a crossplatform free iptv/stream player. PC/RaspberryPI/BananaPI/OrangePI: Android Mobile/Tablet: Android TV: iPhone: iPad:

leandromoreira FFmpeg libav tutorial - learn how media works from basic to transmuxing, transcoding and more

kushview Element ADVANCED AUDIO PLUGIN HOST This is the community version of Element, a modular AU/LV2/VST/VST3 audio plugin host. Create powerful effects, racks and instruments by connecting nodes to one another.

rxi aq A lightweight framework for creating audio toys Overview The project is a lightweight framework for creating small audio toys. The framework binds immediate mode ui, modularly routed audio nodes and mid

ExistentialAudio BlackHole: Virtual Audio Driver BlackHole is a modern MacOS virtual audio driver that allows applications to pass audio to other applications with zero additional latency. Download Installer

Raveler ffmpeg-cpp A clean C++ wrapper around the ffmpeg libraries which can be used in any C++ project or C# project (with DllImport or CLR). Makes the most commonly used functionality of FFmpeg easily available for any C++ pr

phoboslab PL_MPEG - MPEG1 Video decoder, MP2 Audio decoder, MPEG-PS demuxer Single-file MIT licensed library for C/C++ See pl_mpeg.h for the documentation. Why? This is meant as a simple way to get video playback int

osai-ai TensorStream TensorStream is a C++ library for real-time video streams (e.g., RTMP) decoding to CUDA memory which supports some additional features: CUDA memory conversion to ATen Tensor for using it via Python in P

olive-editor Olive Video Editor Olive is a free non-linear video editor for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Discover more: Website | Twitter | Discord | Code Documentation NOTE: The issue tracker is temporarily closed while Olive's

ireader Build status: Build Dependence: libflv Adobe FLV muxer/demuxer MPEG-4 AVCDecoderConfigurationRecord/AudioSpecificConfig librtmp rtmp-client: RTMP publish/

tanersener MobileFFmpeg FFmpeg for Android, iOS and tvOS 1. Features Includes both FFmpeg and FFprobe Use binaries available at Github/JCenter/CocoaPods or build your own version with external libraries

bitgapp eqMac2 System-Wide Equalizer for the Mac + 127k (Legacy) Warning! Volume bug with wireless devices Until this bug is fixed you may experience sudden loud changes in vo

Xingtao FFdynamic - Extend FFmpeg with run time control and dynamic audio/video composition This project shipped with two parts: FFdynamic library and applications build on FFdynamic Contents An application I

ImageOptim Highest-quality GIF encoder based on pngquant. gifski converts video frames to GIF animations using pngquant's fancy features for efficient cross-frame palettes and temporal dithering. It produces animated GIFs t

everdrone Digital Signal Processing Library and Audio Toolbox for the Modern Synthesist. Attention This library is still under development! Read the docs and check out the examples. Currently looking for con

cuinjune Ofelia Description Ofelia is a Pd external which allows you to use openFrameworks and Lua within a real-time visual programming environment for creating audiovisual artwork or multimedia applications such

obsproject OBS Studio <> What is OBS Studio? OBS Studio is software designed for capturing, compositing, encoding, recording, and streaming video content, efficiently. It's dist

SFML SFML — Simple and Fast Multimedia Library SFML is a simple, fast, cross-platform and object-oriented multimedia API. It provides access to windowing, graphics, audio and network. It is written in C++, and has bindings