Useful libraries or tools that don't fit in the categories above or maybe just not categorised yet

Newest releases

graphitemaster The following tool lets you inspect the computational flow of a floating point expression, seeing where rounding occurs, when exceptions are triggered, when precision may be lost, when special values propagate, when error accumula

scandum This document describes a partitioning stable adaptive comparison-based sort named fluxsort. Benchmarks and a visualization are available at the bottom.

flouthoc Extremely minimal vmm for linux written in C. Hopefully someday will spin linux-vm for you.

zodiacon Replacement for the Windows built-in Regedit.exe tool

ahrm Sioyek is a PDF viewer designed for reading research papers and technical books.

mike1k Analyze patches in a process for investigation or repairment purposes.

0vercl0k Yet another Windows DLL injector.

alexhude MMUit is a lightweight toolkit to explore and modify address translation for ARM64.

microsoft D3D9On12 is a mapping layer, which maps graphics commands from D3D9 to D3D12. D3D9On12 is not an implementation of the D3D9 API, but is instead an implementation of the D3D9 usermode DDI (device driver interface).

boku7 Cobalt Strike Beacon Object File (BOF) that takes the name of of a PE file as an argument and spawns the process in a suspended state

GossiTheDog Exploit allowing you to read registry hives as non-admin

hasherezade An experimental dynamic malware unpacker based on Intel Pin and PE-sieve

boku7 Cobalt Strike BOF - Bypass AMSI in a remote process with code injection.

Twinklebear Starter project for cross platform WebGPU development in C++

netbiosX A fake AMSI Provider which can be used to gain persistence on a host when a specific text is triggered. By default calc.exe will open.

RedSection OffensivePH is a post-exploitation tool that utilizes an old Process Hacker driver to bypass several user-mode access controls.

tsoding The idea is to implement a batch program that can accept a CSV file

0vercl0k what the fuzz or wtf is a distributed, code-coverage guided, customizable, cross-platform snapshot-based fuzzer designed for attacking user and or kernel-mode targets running on Microsoft Windows.

powercord-org A (relatively) small node library to clone and pull git repositories in a standalone manner thanks to libgit2, powered by WebAssembly and Emscripten

ant4g0nist Sloth is a fuzzing setup that makes use of libFuzzer and QEMU’s user-mode emulation (qemu/linux-user) on x86_64/aarch64 host to emulate aarch64 Android libraries to fuzz the target Android native library.

anthemtotheego InlineExecute-Assembly is a proof of concept Beacon Object File (BOF) that allows security professionals to perform in process .NET assembly execution as an alternative to Cobalt Strikes traditional fork and run execute-assembly m

harold-b BladeBit - Fast Chia (XCH) RAM-only k32-only Plotter

kkent030315 Code Injection, Inject malicious payload via pagetables pml4.

MichalStrehovsky C# bindings for Sokol using Sokol's binding generator

deni2312 A header-only version of Instagram Private API in C++

nikhilsourav Fundamentals of Data structures and algorithms in c++

DarrenLevine A C++ serialization/deserialization library designed with embedded systems in mind

Yaxser A tool to kill antimalware protected processes

hasherezade Process Ghosting - a PE injection technique, similar to Process Doppelgänging, but using a delete-pending file instead of a transacted file

NarutoUA This mod replaces original Grand Theft Auto V upscaler with FidelityFx Super Resolution 1.0

medusalix xone is a Linux kernel driver for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S accessories. It serves as a modern replacement for xpad, aiming to be compatible with Microsoft's Game Input Protocol (GIP).

TrevorAttema Off The Grid (OTG) Messenger is an easy way for people to communicate through text messages when in remote areas. With a theoretical transmission range of 10 miles (16kms), OTG messenger can be used by groups of people to stay con

0xhh TinyE8 emulates Ben Eater's 8 bit breadboard CPU. Implemented all the Instructions except JC and JZ, I need to watch the whole playlist before implementing these two instructions..