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blunderbuss-wctf Overview A set of scripts to help perform an online dictionary attack against a WPA3 access point. Wacker leverages the wpa_supplicant control interfa

mastercomfig Team Comtress 2 Team Fortress 2, but with a lot of fixes, QoL improvements and performance optimizations! About What is Team Comtress 2? It's a versio

dabeaz ranet Author : David Beazley (@dabeaz) http://www.dabeaz.com This is a partial implementation of the Raft distributed consensus algorithm (https://raf

sideeffects This contains the source code for the glTF importer and exporter for Houdini. This project has been setup to produce custom glTF libraries with its o

segviol Indigo Indigo is a compiler for a C-like toy language (named "SysY") into ARMv7a assembly, written in C++ 17. Building Environment: CMake and Make GCC

tychoish Tycho Emacs Config Kit Background I've been using Emacs for a long time, and I suspect I will be for a while yet. This repository contains all of that

nyx-fuzz libxdc libxdc (eXtremely fast DeCoder) aims to be the best Intel-PT decoding library for fuzzing purposes. It was designed to power various of our bin

sailay1996 Delete2SYSTEM Weaponizing for Arbitrary Files/Directories Delete bugs to Get NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Short Description: I just combined @jonasLyk's techni

hhlxf Introduction Recently, we reported more than 50 EOP and info leak vulnerabilities to Microsoft. However, many cases closed without conversation, or di

devangi2000 Data-Structures-Algorithms-Handbook Ace that coding interview! A series of important questions with solutions to crack the coding interview and ace it

gargakshit Chip-8 interpreter in C++ Yet another Chip-8 interpreter, this time written in C++ using GLFW and OpenGL as its graphics library. It uses Dear ImGui t

HerMajestyDrMona Windows 11 Drag & Drop to the Taskbar (Partial Fix) This program partially fixes the missing "Drag & Drop to the Taskbar" support in Windows 11. In th

stnolting captouch - Capacitive Touch Buttons for any FPGA! Overview Electrical Requirements Example Setup Theory of Operation Top Entity Configuration Generics

aaaddress1 Skrull Skrull is a malware DRM, that prevents Automatic Sample Submission by AV/EDR and Signature Scanning from Kernel. It generates launchers that ca

p-ranav Unix-style pathname pattern expansion Table of Contents Quick Start Build Library and Standalone Sample Usage API Wildcards Examples Match file extens

dex-interwebz supremacy Supremacy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cheat, by https://interwebz.cc/. Good for learning, everything is commented. Open Source. --- Why

EmilHvitfeldt friends The goal of friends to provide the complete script transcription of the Friends sitcom. The data originates from the Character Mining reposito

hardik05 What it is? This is a simple C program, i coded to explain common types of vulnerabilities like: integer overflow integer underflow Out of bound Read

crvvdev MasterHide MasterHide is a x64 Windows Driver created to monitor/hide or block access from processes, objects, files ( whatever you want, your imagina

1452206376 ESP32 Paperang Emulator 目前原理图有一处错误 整流二极管要用ss34/1n5822这类的大电流肖特基二极管,不能用1n4007!!!pcb没问题 用ESP32 DIY 热敏打印机,模拟Paperang/喵喵机通信协议,可以通过蓝牙连接手机,接收、打印Paperang APP/

iPower KasperskyHook Hook system calls on Windows by using Kaspersky's hypervisor How does it work? Kaspersky utilizes its hypervisor when hardware virtualiz

kubkon zacho ...or Zig's Mach-O parser. This project reinforces my understanding of the Mach-O file format since I am the one who is, well, trying to come up

DerekSelander yacd (Yet Another Code Decrypter) Decrypts FairPlay applications on iOS 13.4.1 and lower, no jb required This application uses @s1guza's Psychic Paper

hax0kartik Wumiibo Amiibo Emulation for 3ds over network. How To Use Put the 0004013000004002 folder in luma/titles/ Enable Title patching from luma menu Obtain

lunasorcery bad-apple-braille Bad Apple, but made with the unicode braille glyphs! Building & Running To generate the video datastream from source, run the follow

1d8 Coqui DISCLAIMER: This project was made for research purposes. Anything you do with this code is on you and is not my responsibility. This malware is

MickeyMeowMeowHouse UefiDisplayBitmap Simple demo of displaying a bitmap image in UEFI environment. Introduction This project is a simple demo of displaying a bitmap imag

1dime This Is Not An Operating System To build this OS (yes, the name is a joke), run make install and make all This is necessary because it downloads and b

dsh0416 evt A Handcrafted Low-Level Event Handler designed as Ruby 3 Scheduler. Supports io_uring, epoll, kqueue, IOCP (WIP), and Ruby select fallback. Instal

frontend-id Frontend Indonesia Open Source Project This repository contains open source project, issue that need to be solved and important links related to it 🌎

windwp Run repl code in the floating/popup window. demo Install This plugin depend on vim-floaterm you need to install it first using vim-plug Plug 'voldikss

desonflag smart-watch To develop a smart watch yourself, you only need to look at this 我的bilibili名字是菜鸡le,里面会上传代码讲解,欢迎大家观看。 MDK-ARM.rar 这个压缩包要解压在根目录,就是跟code,Driv

patrykstefanski libfev A library for events and fibers (a.k.a. green threads/goroutines/stackful coroutines). Overview libfev is an abstraction over event-driven, non