C-based/Cached/Core Computer Vision Library, A Modern Computer Vision Library

Build Status Travis CI VM: Linux x64: Raspberry Pi 3: Jetson TX2: Backstory I set to build ccv with a minimalism inspiration. That was back in 2010, out of the frustration with the computer vision l

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merrymercy Note: The data and scripts here are all stale. Please go to https://github.com/dmlc/tvm/wiki/Benchmark#mobile-gpu For the latest results. Benchmarking Deep Neural Networks on ARM CPU/GPU This repo is the

MhLiao TextBoxes++: A Single-Shot Oriented Scene Text Detector Introduction This is an application for scene text detection (TextBoxes++) and recognition (CRNN). TextBoxes++ is a unified framework for oriented scene text det

live-keys Version: 1.6.1 License: LGPL Website: livekeys.io Demo: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPt5KSy1wh0 Documentation: livekeys.io/docs Build Requirements: Qt 5.7 or higher Open CV 4.1 or higher Livekeys is a

skyde1021 CNN implementation with C++ and CUDA Various versions (CPU, CUDA_NAIVE, CUDA_TILED, GEMM) of convolutional neural network implementations by Heechul Lim Layer configuration Convolution (Forward CPU, CUDA_NAIV

facebookresearch Tensor Comprehensions (TC) is a fully-functional C++ library to automatically synthesize high-performance machine learning kernels using Halide, ISL and NVRTC or LLVM. TC additionally provides basic integration with Caffe2 and p

yuxng PoseCNN: A Convolutional Neural Network for 6D Object Pose Estimation in Cluttered Scenes Created by Yu Xiang at RSE-Lab at University of Washington and NVIDIA Research. Introduction We introduce PoseCNN, a new Convol

glouw Tinn (Tiny Neural Network) is a 200 line dependency free neural network library written in C99. For a demo on how to learn hand written digits, get some training data: wget http://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/machine-learning-databases/semeio

marian-nmt Marian Marian is an efficient Neural Machine Translation framework written in pure C++ with minimal dependencies. Named in honour of Marian Rejewski, a Polish mathematician and cryptologist. Main features: Efficient