Fast Recurrent Networks Library

PRNN A fast implementation of recurrent neural network layers in CUDA. Introduction For a GPU, the largest source of on-chip memory is distributed among the individual register files of thousands of threads. For exa

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NVIDIA CUDA Samples Samples for CUDA Developers which demonstrates features in CUDA Toolkit. This version supports CUDA Toolkit 10.2. Release Notes This section describes the release notes for the CUDA Samples on GitHub only

mwydmuch extremeText extremeText is an extension of fastText library for multi-label classification including extreme cases with hundreds of thousands and millions of labels. extremeText implements: Probabilistic Labels Tree (PLT) lo

muskie82 CNN-DSO: A combination of Direct Sparse Odometry and CNN Depth Prediction 1. Overview This code provides a combination of DSO and Monodepth. For every keyframe, depth values are initialized with the prediction from

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TomaszRewak FaceLandmarking Real time face landmarking using decision trees and NN autoencoders. The approach to the face landmarking problem used in this project is briefly described on my blog:

RedisAI RedisAI A Redis module for serving tensors and executing deep learning models. Cloning If you want to run examples, make sure you have git-lfs installed when you clone. Quickstart Docker Build

neuroanatomy BrainBox is a web application that let's you annotate and segment 3D brain imaging data in real time, collaboratively.