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NeuraLegion crystal-fann Crystal bindings for the FANN C lib Installation Add this to your application's shard.yml: dependencies: crystal-fann: github: Neur

nickgillian The Gesture Recognition Toolkit (GRT) is a cross-platform, open-source, C++ machine learning library designed for real-time gesture recognition.

VowpalWabbit Vowpal Wabbit is a machine learning system which pushes the frontier of machine learning with techniques such as online, hashing, allreduce, reductions, learning2search, active, and interactive learning

Tyill Sunnet is a light deep learning library. Linux/Windows License ResNet cpp-example for Win Compare with Tensorflow, inference ResNet50. PC: i5-2400, GF

aksnzhy High performance, easy-to-use, and scalable machine learning (ML) package, including linear model (LR), factorization machines (FM), and field-aware factorization machines (FFM) for Python and CLI interface.

openvinotoolkit English | 简体中文 OpenVINO™ integration with TensorFlow This repository contains the source code of OpenVINO™ integration with TensorFlow, designed for T

tensorflow Documentation TensorFlow is an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning. It has a comprehensive, flexible ecosystem of tools, libraries, a

SABER-labs C++ Torch Server Serve torch models as rest-api using Drogon, example included for resnet18 model for Imagenet. Benchmarks show improvement of ~6-10x

rlidwka node-fann node-fann is a FANN bindings for Node.js. FANN (Fast Artificial Neural Network Library) is a free open source neural network library, which

xk-wang Onsets and Frames TensorRT inference This repository is a tensorrt deployment of the onsets and frames model, which is implemented using pytorch (http

Numerix-DSP siglib SigLib Digital Signal Processing and Machine Learning Library What is SigLib? SigLib is a highly portable DSP and ML library that supports many

open-mmlab Introduction English | 简体中文 MMDeploy is an open-source deep learning model deployment toolset. It is a part of the OpenMMLab project. Major features F

FeiGeChuanShu GFPGAN-ncnn a naive ncnn implementation of GFPGAN aims at developing Practical Algorithms for Real-world Face Restoration model support: 1.GFPGANClean

jedi007 LibTorch-YoLoV5-train-detection use c++ train yolov5 Just for learning!!! Just for learning!!! Just for learning!!! Dependencies Windows10 Qt5.1

Qengineering YoloX Jetson Nano YoloX with the ncnn framework. Paper: Special made for a Jetson Nano, see Q-engineering deep le

FeiGeChuanShu ncnn_MakeupTransfer SSAT Makeup/Makeup Transfer infer by ncnn The ncnn demo of SSAT: A Symmetric Semantic-Aware Transformer Network for Makeup Transfe

QuentinAM Neural network Working on neural network libs in C Advantages You'll be able to use the same code for different types of neural networks You'll be abl

Abraham423 An OD project implemented by TensorRT The project is a TensorRT version of CenterPoint, an 3D object detection model using center points in the bird e

Tencent ncnn ncnn is a high-performance neural network inference computing framework optimized for mobile platforms. ncnn is deeply considerate about deployme

FeiGeChuanShu The Android demo of Mediapipe Hand infer by ncnn Please enjoy the mediapipe hand demo on ncnn You can try this APK demo

FeiGeChuanShu ncnn_Android_mlsd The Android demo of M-LSD: Towards Light-weight and Real-time Line Segment Detection This is a sample ncnn android project, it depen

yun-liu Semantic Edge Detection with Diverse Deep Supervision This repository contains the code for our IJCV paper: "Semantic Edge Detection with Diverse Deep

FeiGeChuanShu ncnn_Android_PP-TinyPose ncnn Android demo of PP-TinyPose this project is a ncnn Android demo for PP-TinyPose, it depends on ncnn library and opencv.

FeiGeChuanShu ncnn_Android_blazeface The BlazeFace face detection demo infer by ncnn. The model from PaddleDetection BlazeFace-FPN-SSH. This is a sample ncnn androi

FeiGeChuanShu ncnn_Android_CrowdCounting This is a sample CrowdCounting Android demo infer by ncnn, it depends on ncnn library and opencv

NVIDIA-ISAAC-ROS Isaac ROS DNN Inference Overview This repository provides two NVIDIA GPU-accelerated ROS2 nodes that perform deep learning inference using custom mode

NVIDIA-ISAAC-ROS Isaac ROS Apriltag Overview This ROS2 node uses the NVIDIA GPU-accelerated AprilTags library to detect AprilTags in images and publishes their poses,

UZ-SLAMLab ORB-SLAM3 V0.2: Beta version, 21 Jul 2020 Authors: Carlos Campos, Richard Elvira, Juan J. Gómez Rodríguez, José M. M. Montiel, Juan D. Tardos. ORB-SLA

james34602 Real time monaural source separation base on fully convolutional neural network operates on time-frequency domain AI Source separator written in C run

nihui DAIN ncnn Vulkan ❗ ❗ ❗ This software is in the early development stage, it may bite your cat ncnn implementation of DAIN, Depth-Aware Video Frame Inte

referit3d ReferIt3D: Neural Listeners for Fine-Grained 3D Object Identification in Real-World Scenes [ECCV 2020 (Oral)] Created by: Panos Achlioptas, Ahmed Abde

WZTENG 🚀 If it helps you, click a star! ⭐ Ncnn deployment on mobile,support:YOLOv5s,YOLOv4-tiny,MobileNetV2-YOLOv3-nano,Simple-Pose,Yolact,ChineseOCR-lite,E