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lemire Simple C++ code to benchmark fast division algorithms relying on constant divisors.

mrdimosthenis gleam_synapses A neural network library for the Gleam language! Installation Add gleam_synapses to your rebar.config dependencies: {deps, [ {gleam

artivis kalmanif is a Kalman filter(s) on Lie groups library for state-estimation targeted at robotics applications. It is developed as a header-only C++17 library based on manif.

Tencent Forward - A library for high performance deep learning inference on NVIDIA GPUs Forward - A library for high performance deep learning inference on NV

coqui-ai Coqui STT ( 🐸 STT) is an open-source deep-learning toolkit for training and deploying speech-to-text models. 🐸 STT is battle tested in both producti

bytedance ByteDance-HIDS English | 简体中文 ByteDance-HIDS is a Cloud-Native Host-Based Intrusion Detection solution project to provide next-generation Threat Detec

keenon DiffDART: Differentiable Physics Engine

ChunelFeng 跨平台/多语言的 相似向量/相似词/相似句 高性能检索引擎。功能强大,使用方便

jatinchowdhury18 A lightweight neural network inferencing engine written in C++. This library was designed with the intention of being used in real-time audio processing, but may be useful for other tasks as well.

quantumjot BayesianTracker (btrack) is a Python library for multi object tracking, used to reconstruct trajectories in crowded fields. Here, we use a probabilistic network of information to perform the trajectory linking. This method uses sp

tudelft Spiking Neural Networks in C++ with strong GPU acceleration through CUDA

upczww TensorRT implementation of "RepVGG: Making VGG-style ConvNets Great Again"

coin-or A C++ Algorithmic Differentiation Package: Home Page

Samsung This project ONE aims at providing a high-performance, on-device neural network (NN) inference framework that performs inference of a given NN model on processors, such as CPU, GPU, DSP or NPU.

NVIDIA The cuDNN Frontend API is a C++ header-only library that demonstrates how to use the cuDNN C backend API. The cuDNN C backend API is documented in the cuDNN developer guide.

espressif ESP-Skainet is Espressif's intelligent voice assistant, which currently supports the Wake Word Engine and Speech Commands Recognition.

bloomberg A word2vec negative sampling implementation with correct CBOW update.

petercerno High-performance backtesting engine written in C++ for evaluating trading strategies restricted to a single trading pair (e.g. BTC/USD) and finding their optimal hyper-parameters. This software gives you a full control over every

pegasusTrader CTP 高频量化交易平台 C++ Trade Platform for quant developer

jizhang-cmu Autonomous Navigation and Collision Avoidance for Ground Robots

graphcore PopTorch is a set of extensions for PyTorch enabling models to be trained, evaluated and used on the GraphCore IPU.

ethz-asl libnabo is a fast K Nearest Neighbour library for low-dimensional spaces. It provides a clean, legacy-free, scalar-type–agnostic API thanks to C++ templates. Its current CPU implementation is strongly inspired by ANN, but with mor

electech6 Detailed comments for ORB-SLAM3

vidalt Modern implementation of the hybrid genetic search (HGS) algorithm specialized to the capacitated vehicle routing problem (CVRP). This code also includes an additional neighborhood called SWAP*.

NVIDIA-AI-IOT Human pose estimation is the computer vision task of estimating the configuration (‘the pose’) of the human body by localizing certain key points on a body within a video or a photo

deepmind A learning environment written in C++ and Lua for the creation of grid worlds.

d99kris Spacy-cpp is a C++ wrapper library for the excellent NLP library spaCy.

tohtsky myFM is an implementation of Bayesian Factorization Machines based on Gibbs sampling, which I believe is a wheel worth reinventing.

NVIDIA cuCollections (cuco) is an open-source, header-only library of GPU-accelerated, concurrent data structures.

nihui The YOLOv5 object detection android example

adham-elarabawy An open-source 3D-printed quadrupedal robot. Intuitive gait generation through 12-DOF Bezier Curves. Full 6-axis body pose manipulation. Custom 3DOF Leg Inverse Kinematics Model accounting for offsets.

Mazhichaoruya Perception of Autonomous mobile robot,Using ROS,rs-lidar-16,By SLAM,Object Detection with Yolov5 Based DNN

google Makani was a project to develop a commercial-scale airborne wind turbine, culminating in a flight test of the Makani M600 off the coast of Norway. All Makani software has now been open-sourced. This repository contains the working