Reckless logging. Low-latency, high-throughput, asynchronous logging library for C++.

Introduction Reckless is an extremely low-latency, high-throughput logging library. It was created because I needed to perform extensive diagnostic logging without worrying about performance. Other logging libraries boast the a

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HardySimpson What is zlog? zlog is a reliable, high-performance, thread safe, flexible, clear-model, pure C logging library. Actually, in the C world there was NO good logging library for applications like logback in java or log4cxx in c++. Usi

facebookincubator LogDevice LogDevice is a scalable and fault tolerant distributed log system. While a file-system stores and serves data organized as files, a log system stores and delivers data organized as logs. The log can be viewed as

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morganstanley Binlog A high performance C++ log library to produce structured binary logs. BINLOG_INFO("Log anything! {}, {} or even {}", 1.2f, std::vector{3,4,5}, AdaptedStruct{1, "Foo"}); Motivation Consider the following log excerpt,

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