Portable, simple and extensible C++ logging library

Plog - portable and simple log for C++ Pretty powerful log in less than 1000 lines of code Introduction Hello log! Features Usage Step 1: Adding includes Step 2: Initialization Step 3: Logg

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alexhude Peculiar Log PeculiarLog is a lightweight log filtering tool supporting regular expressions and instant (as-you-type) results. It is designed to work with huge multi-gigabyte text files utilizing the power of Intel Hyperscan eng

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morganstanley Binlog A high performance C++ log library to produce structured binary logs. BINLOG_INFO("Log anything! {}, {} or even {}", 1.2f, std::vector{3,4,5}, AdaptedStruct{1, "Foo"}); Motivation Consider the following log excerpt,

sysstat sysstat - System performance tools for the Linux operating system

MengRao fmtlog is a performant asynchronous logging library using fmt library format.

ptcar2009 PTCLogs is a library for pretty and configurable logs.

ali019283 dogefetch, a project made in C for doges, very project, much wow