C/C++ logging libraries

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corporateshark 🪵 minilog Minimalistic logging library with threads and manual callstacks. Features Easy to use (2 files, C-style interface) Multiple outputs (a text

ptcar2009 PTCLogs is a library for pretty and configurable logs.

ali019283 dogefetch, a project made in C for doges, very project, much wow

MengRao fmtlog is a performant asynchronous logging library using fmt library format.

sysstat sysstat - System performance tools for the Linux operating system

morganstanley Binlog A high performance C++ log library to produce structured binary logs. BINLOG_INFO("Log anything! {}, {} or even {}", 1.2f, std::vector{3,4,5}, AdaptedStruct{1, "Foo"}); Motivation Consider the following lo

odygrd Quill Asynchronous Low Latency Logging Library Introduction Features Performance Supported Platforms And Compilers Basic Usage CMake In

alexhude Peculiar Log PeculiarLog is a lightweight log filtering tool supporting regular expressions and instant (as-you-type) results. It is designed to work with huge multi-gigabyte text files utilizing the power of Intel Hyp

facebookarchive LogDevice LogDevice is a scalable and fault tolerant distributed log system. While a file-system stores and serves data organized as files, a log system stores and delivers data organized as logs. The log can be

HardySimpson What is zlog? zlog is a reliable, high-performance, thread safe, flexible, clear-model, pure C logging library. Actually, in the C world there was NO good logging library for applications like logback in java or log4cxx i

tamediadigital Complete HyperLogLog++ Implementation Written in D to use in C and other languages. import hll; // creates HLL++ counter with maximal allowed precision (18) auto counter = HLL(18); // allocated size is less or equal

rxi log.c A simple logging library implemented in C99 Usage log.c and log.h should be dropped into an existing project and compiled along with it. The library provides 6 function-like macros for logging: lo

allinurl GoAccess What is it? GoAccess is an open source real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal in *nix systems or through your browser. It provides fast and valuable HTTP statisti

google This repository contains a C++ implementation of the Google logging module. Documentation for the implementation is in doc/. See INSTALL for (generic) installation instructions for C++: basically ./autogen.sh && ./c

phaistos-networks TANK is a very high performance distributed log, inspired in part by Kafka, and other similar services and technologies. This is the second major public release, TANK 2. Read about this new public release here. Introduc

froglogic tracetool - a configurable and efficient logging framework for C++ tracetool is a framework created by froglogic for tracing the execution of a C or C++ program and inspecting its state. This is achieved by instrumentin

KjellKod G3log : Asynchronous logger with Dynamic Sinks EXAMPLE USAGE Optional to use either streaming or printf-like syntax LOG(INFO) << "streaming API is as easy as ABC or " << 123; LOGF(WARN

mattiasflodin Introduction Reckless is an extremely low-latency, high-throughput logging library. It was created because I needed to perform extensive diagnostic logging without worrying about performance. Other logging libraries b

3Hren Blackhole - eating your logs with pleasure Blackhole is an attribute-based logger with strong focus on gaining maximum performance as possible for such kind of loggers. Features Attributes Attr

gabime spdlog Very fast, header-only/compiled, C++ logging library. Install Header only version Copy the source folder to your build tree and use a C++11 compiler. Static lib version (recom

log4cplus % log4cplus README Short Description log4cplus is a simple to use C++17 logging API providing thread--safe, flexible, and arbitrarily granular control over log management and configuration. It is modeled after the Java

SergiusTheBest Plog - portable and simple log for C++ Pretty powerful log in less than 1000 lines of code Introduction Hello log! Features Usage Step 1: Adding includes Step 2: Initialization St

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