a header-file-only, JSON parser serializer in C++

PicoJSON - a C++ JSON parser / serializer Copyright © 2009-2010 Cybozu Labs, Inc. Copyright © 2011-2015 Kazuho Oku Licensed under 2-clause BSD license Version 1.3.1-dev Introduction PicoJSON is a tiny JS
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jpmens jo This is jo, a small utility to create JSON objects $ jo -p name=jo n=17 parser=false { "name": "jo", "n": 17, "parser": false } or arra

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TheDuckDev An entire math parser made with Copilot Copilot wrote 91% of the code in this, amazing isn't it? It supports all normal mathematical expressions excep

bblanchon 📟 JSON library for Arduino and embedded C++. Simple and efficient.

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Mohamed-Nagdy Quran App Data كتب وصور تطبيقات ومواقع القرآن والحديث والذكر يضم كل من التالي json كتب الحديث كملفات json سور القرآن الكريم كاملة كملفات صور كل صفحات

ibireme Fast: can read or write gigabytes per second JSON data on modern CPU. Portable: compliant with ANSI C (C89). Standard: compliant with RFC 8259 and ECMA-404 standard. Safe: complete JSON form, number format and UTF-8 validation. Accuracy: can process int64, uint64 and double number accurately.

ibireme Benchmark JSON library performance in C/C++

Atrix256 Minimal header only C++ library that allows you to define data schemas which then can be read or written in JSON or binary. Nested structures, arrays, and struct inheritance are supported.

anilmaurya Ruby wrapper for simdjson (Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second)

scikit-hep Awkward Array is a library for nested, variable-sized data, including arbitrary-length lists, records, mixed types, and missing data, using NumPy-like idioms.

liqiongfan Modern C++ JSON decoding and encoding library, using modern C++11 features

scottcgi MojoJson MojoJson is an extremely simple and super fast JSON parser. The parser supports all standard Json formats and provides simple APIs for visit different types of the Json values. Also the core algorithm can be easily imple