Image Processing

open source c++ toolkit for image processing.

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msqrt single source gl single source gl (ssgl) lets you write GLSL shaders as C++ lambdas that automatically capture shader inputs and outputs. This unifies

Jaysmito101 ogl OGL - A Great Cross Platform OpenGL Base Library With Everything You might Ever need! For any Questions : How to use

veluca93 Fast PNG Encoder This is a proof-of-concept fast PNG encoder that uses AVX2 and a special Huffman table to encode images faster. Speed on a single cor

GNOME GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program

DonutVikingChap ASCII Fortress 2 This repository contains the source code for ASCII Fortress 2. For releases and more information, check out the download page at TF2M

openglonmetal MGL OpenGL 4.6 on Metal This is a start for porting OpenGL 4.6 on top of Metal, most of it is functional and has been tested. The tests are functional

rswinkle PortableGL "Because of the nature of Moore's law, anything that an extremely clever graphics programmer can do at one point can be replicated by a mer

DjDeveloperr deno_gl [WIP] OpenGL library for Deno. TODO: Maybe higher level WebGL (2) API built on top of this? Building This module is nowhere near to actual rel

lambertjamesd N64 Realtime Shadows This showcases a tenique to render realtime shadows on native N64 hardware. It works as a variation of shadow volumes and works b

annh9b JPEGView-Image-Viewer-and-Editor Updated Dec 01 2021. Second life for famous JPEGView - fast and tiny viewer/editor for JPEG, BMP, PNG, WEBP, TGA, GIF

xboot libcg The tiny C library of 2D computer graphics. Getting Started The library's .c and .h files can be dropped into a project and compiled along with

DiligentGraphics Diligent Engine A Modern Cross-Platform Low-Level 3D Graphics Library and Rendering Framework Diligent Engine is a lightweight cross-platform graphics

borisbat NotOkImageFormat Lossy fixed-rate GPU-friendly image compression\decompression ( roughly 8:5 to 1, ~2.8bpp ) Some work in progress numbers from my M1

syuu1228 This is freestanding slideviewer using sixel graphics. Currently runs on QEMU, does not use any Filesystem or Network, slide images are directly embedded on ELF image.

uobikiemukot sdump sixel image dumper this program is a variant of idump install you need to install following library before build libsixel (

hpjansson     About • Gallery • Packages • Development Chafa is a command-line utility that converts image data, including animated GIFs, into graphics formats

tatsy qt5-shadow-maps Shadow mapping implementation with Qt5 and OpenGL (Qt 5.4 or higher) Algorithms Ordinary shadow mapping for direct shadows Reflective

PROCW The pickME3D is a client program of an online furniture store. This program can help customers to find proper furniture for their room. Virtual furniture store clients, construct 3D space from a photo of the room and can help cust

romainguy Pathway Pathway is an Android library that provides new functionalities around the graphics Path API. Pathway is compatible with API 21+. Maven reposi

telephil9 view ===== `view` is an image viewer for 9front. It uses the STB library to load PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP file formats. `view` currently misses some fea

lnstadrum Overview Beatmup is an extensible asynchronous image and signal processing framework. Beatmup is for image processing, mainly. It enables low-level us

yahiaetman imgcmp A simple pixel-wise image comparator. This tool compares between two images pixel by pixel. The features of this tool are minimal since it is d

jacereda Build-once run-anywhere OpenGL application Standing on the shoulders of Cosmopolitan libc this proof of concept application should run on Windows and

Graphics-Programming-Virtual-Meetup Resources A hand-picked list of graphics programming resources by graphics programming virtual meetup attendees Meetup page:

pigpeppa xin26x xin26x is a real time video encoder library, it supports vvc. The bitstream generated by xin26x is compatible with vtm 10:

fraunhoferhhi Fraunhofer Versatile Video Encoder (VVenC) Versatile Video Coding (VVC) is the most recent international video coding standard, developped by the Join

simerplaha Slack3D Simple 3D graphics engine. Features Phong lighting Fly style camera - Freely move around a 3D scene Text rendering - English characters and nu

Tsuku43 zoomg バーチャル背景適用済み動画から部屋の画像を復元するライブラリ zoomg zoomg PyPIパッケージ zoomgのアルゴリズムを説明した資料 AVTOKYO2020 AVTOKYO2020で使用する参考資料 Sample zoomgを利用するサンプルコード

hanshulll Hacktoberfest2021 Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software sponsored by Digital Ocean, Intel, and DEV. What is HacktoberFest

arcbtc LNURLPoS Cheap, offline(!), DIY bitcoin lightning-network PoS Lightning-network uses hot wallets, real-world payments are made from phones. The burden

antvis 📱📈An elegant, interactive and flexible native charting library for mobile.

ZackFreedman Chromance Big, bold rainbow-glowing wall art that features the king of shapes - the hexagon. This project was designed to work with an EmotiBit wristb