Image Processing

open source c++ toolkit for image processing.

Newest releases

vrmiguel Taruga is a work in progress single-header turtle graphics library written in C++11

TartanLlama A screenshot server, library, and command-line utility for the Raspberry Pi

Little-Potato-1990 A framework of lidar mapping and localization with strong extensibility

sastejugaad 3d printed Model of fastest supersonic cruise missile in the world BraHmos. The BrahMos is a medium-range ramjet supersonic cruise missile that can be launched from submarine, ships, aircraft, or land. It is the fastest supersonic

qianduanXIAOHAOZI This is a simple projection of four-dimensional objects into three-dimensional space, and then the projection objects are presented on the 2D screen.

xuhao1 This repository is a Fisheye version of VINS-Fusion with GPU and Visionworks acceleration. It can run on Nvidia TX2 in real-time, also provide depth estimation based on fisheye.

alandefreitas Modern C++ is being used for a variety of scientific applications, and this environment can benefit considerably from graphics libraries that attend the typical design goals toward scientific data visualization.

aschinchon An experiment to build abstract drawings with #Rstats and physarum model

skanti Generate watertight meshes and sdf grids from degenerate, non-manifold meshes

xyzzy Picture to QR code converter hosted on

Mithil467 Coreavor - a simple image viewer

alibaba libgrape-lite is a C++ library from Alibaba for parallel graph processing. It differs from prior systems in its ability to parallelize sequential graph algorithms as a whole by following the PIE programming model from GRAPE.

Flycars This is an open source HD map project for autonomous driving. The precision map production process is divided into four parts: map collection, map production, map labeling, and map saving. This project mainly uses lidar as a colle

coolbutuseless The miranda packages includes some modern pseudo-random number generators (PRNGs). These are up to 20x faster than the built-in PRNGs in R.

ENDESGA EDGITOR was designed to be extremely concise and clean from the ground up. It uses SDL2 as the core of its rendering system, and is designed to be as efficient as possible. EDGITOR can theoretically support colossal canvases (stre

googleprojectzero SkCodecFuzzer is a small utility for testing the security and reliability of C/C++ image codecs supported by the Skia graphics library. In Android, these parsers are reachable through standard interfaces such as BitmapFactory and

google-research Tiny Differentiable Simulator is a header-only C++ physics library with zero dependencies.

Diolinux A simple Patch for GIMP 2.10+ to help all Photoshop Users.

MaurycyLiebner Enve is a new open-source 2D animation software for Linux and Windows. You can use enve to create vector animations, raster animations, and even use sound and video files. Enve was created with flexibility and expandability in min

LingDong- Skeleton Tracing A new algorithm for retrieving topological skeleton as a set of polylines from binary images. Available in all your favorite languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, C#/Unity, Swift, Rust, Juli

Jyouhou Introduction UnrealText is a project that synthesizes scene text images using 3D graphics engine. This repository accompanies our CVPR 2020 paper: UnrealText: Synthesizing Realistic Scene Text Images from the Unreal Wor

alecjacobson ASCII ART C++ implementation of image to ASCII art conversion. The main functionality is in ascii_art in ascii_art.h. For general inputs I use stb_image_resize.h to resize the input. Otherwise, the only dependency is t

easymodo qimgv | Current version: 0.8.9 Qt5 image viewer. Fast, configurable, easy to use. Optional video support. Screenshots Main window & panel Folder view Settings window qimgv v0.6

saintmarina undelete_jpg undelete_jpg is a program that recovers JPG images from SD cards and hard drives. Introduction When deleting an image from an SD card, only the directory entry to the file is removed but the con

hantuzun HR code Human Response Code: Designed to be recognized by humans and OCR. Encodes all valid URL characters to images. Motivation QR codes has pros and cons as with everything else. While scanning a QR code

bbc Audio Waveform Image Generator audiowaveform is a C++ command-line application that generates waveform data from either MP3, WAV, FLAC, or Ogg Vorbis format audio files. Waveform data can be used to produce a visual r

fefanto Fontaudio - icon toolkit for audio developers Version 1.0 – validation stage - any (polite) feedback is welcome: to leave feedback use issues on this repo, hit @fefanto on twitter, or drop a me a mail

fogleman hmm hmm is a heightmap meshing utility. If you've done any 3D game development, 3D printing, or other such things, you've likely wanted to convert a grayscale heightmap image into a 3D mesh. The naive way is pretty sim

glimpse-editor Glimpse Image Editor Glimpse is a downstream fork of the GNU Image Manipulation Program. You can find out more information on our FAQs page: What is different about Glimpse?

woltapp BlurHash BlurHash is a compact representation of a placeholder for an image. Why would you want this? Does your designer cry every time you load their beautifully designed screen, and it is full of empty box

seetaface SeetaFace Engine is an open source C++ face recognition engine, which can run on CPU with no third-party dependence. It contains three key parts, i.e., SeetaFace Detection, SeetaFace Alignment and SeetaFace Identification, which a

robinhouston Image unshredding using a TSP solver Introduction Yesterday I saw a fun demo by Nayuki using simulated annealing to reconstruct photographs whose columns have been shuffled. For example, the photograp

taichi-dev Documentation Chat taichi-nightly taichi-nightly-cuda-10-0 taichi-nightly-cuda-10-1 # CPU only. No GPU/CUDA needed. (Linux, OS X and Windows) py