Image Processing

open source c++ toolkit for image processing.

Newest releases

LucidVR An OpenVR Driver for VR Gloves

GPUOpen-Effects AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) is an open source, high-quality solution for producing high resolution frames from lower resolution inputs.

dbohdan HiColor is a program for converting images to 15- and 16-bit RGB color, the color depth of old display modes known as “high color”. In 15-bit mode images have 5 bits for each of red, green, and blue, and the last bit is reserved.

zpl-c zpl.texed is a cross-platform stack-based image generation tool suitable for prototyping textures with pixel art aesthetics

openppl-public is a high-performance image processing library of openPPL supporting x86 and cuda platforms.

wkjarosz HDRView is a simple research-oriented high-dynamic range image viewer with an emphasis on examining and comparing images, and including minimalistic tonemapping capabilities. HDRView currently supports reading EXR, PNG, TGA, BMP,

dengyueyun666 C++ implementation of several image contrast enhancement techniques.

metarutaiga Convert between RGB and YUV

zchrissirhcz Lightweight Mat and imread()/imwrite()/imshow()

dmurdoch rgl is a 3D visualization system based on OpenGL. It provides a medium to high level interface for use in R, currently modelled on classic R graphics, with extensions to allow for interaction.

flameshot-org Powerful yet simple to use screenshot software

doyubkim Fluid simulation engine for computer graphics applications

CNugteren CLBlast is a modern, lightweight, performant and tunable OpenCL BLAS library written in C++11.

dfranx This library supports favorites, actual Windows icons, image previews, zooming in, etc...

Nicolas-Constanty Blender addon for AutoRemesher by huxingyi

h3ndrk Simple GTK-based graphical user interface for generating QR-Codes

guillaumechereau Goxel: Free and Open Source 3D Voxel Editor

pplux Imgui-app is an amalgamation of two amazing projects Dear Imgui and Sokol libraries into two files to make it very easy to start working with imgui.

CarVac A Qt Quick GUI adaptation of Filmulator --- a film emulator with all of the positives and none of the negatives.

AsahiLinux Research for an open source graphics stack for Apple M1.

nihui The minimal opencv for android and ios

huxingyi Isotropic Remeshing of Triangulated Surface

andywang0607 A label tool aim to reduce semantic segmentation label time, rectangle and polygon annotation is supported

daohu527 This is an open source HD map project for autonomous driving. The precision map production process is divided into four parts: map collection, map production, map labeling, and map saving.

markrussinovich Takes a bitmap that is the size or width of Task Managers's CPU core view (ideally with single cells showing instantaneous percent CPU) and scrolls the bitmap using threads that consume CPU based on the pixel's greyscale (black is

bitbank2 A command line tool for turning binary image files into C source code. The output is an array of unsigned chars and is sent to stdout. Included are comments detailing the image type, size and other details.

ZQPei Implementation of PatchMatch for image inpainting in cpp

vearch Gamma is the core vector search engine of Vearch. It is a high-performance, concurrent vector search engine, and supports real time indexing vectors and scalars without lock.

Bleuje C++ project about making this animation :

egorodet 🎲 Modern 3D graphics made simple with cross-platform C++17 meta-API on top of DirectX 12 & Metal

vrmiguel Taruga is a work in progress single-header turtle graphics library written in C++11

TartanLlama A screenshot server, library, and command-line utility for the Raspberry Pi

Little-Potato-1990 A framework of lidar mapping and localization with strong extensibility