Stream Raspberry Pi games to the GBA via the Link Cable

This software streams games from a Raspberry Pi to a Game Boy Advance, through its Link Port. Video and audio are compressed and sent in real time to the GBA, while the latter responds with its current input, allowing to play games of any platform by using the GBA (hence, Remote Play).

Related Repos

CaptainProton42 This repository contains a demo scene for a liquid-in-container shader I made in the Godot Engine. The containers use tool scripts and and can thus be run directly from the editor or the scene can be started in OpenVR.

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lunasorcery Bad Apple, but made with the moon emojis!

khalladay Using Notepad.exe as a render target (via memory scanning + windows hooks)

TixiaoShan A real-time lidar-inertial odometry package. We strongly recommend the users read this document thoroughly and test the package with the provided dataset first. A video of the demonstration of the method can be found on YouTube.

diegomacario A 2D rigid-body dynamics simulator with some cool features for generating beautiful animations.

Perfare Riru版Il2CppDumper,在游戏运行时dump数据,用于绕过保护,加密以及混淆。

thesecretclub BottlEye is a usermode emulator for the commercial anti-cheat BattlEye that works by recreating the anti-cheat module and responding to requests sent by the game server. The write-up of this project can be found on our website