Game Programming

These are libraries of all sorts that are useful for game programming.

Newest releases

nesbox TIC-80 is a fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games.

zestydevy A WIP decompilation of Dinosaur Planet for the Nintendo 64

TheOfficialFloW This is a wrapper/port of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Android for the PS Vita with lots of custom patches

GTAmodding In this repository you'll find the fully reversed source code for GTA III (master branch) and GTA VC (miami branch).

Angelic47 能够运行在单片机上的多图层128*64精灵图2D引擎系统

GodotECS Godex is a Godot Engine ECS library.

jbikker This template has been designed to make it easy to start coding C++ using games and 3D graphics.

EricLengyel This repository contains reference code for the Open Game Engine Exchange (OpenGEX) file format.

alvr-org ALVR uses technologies like Asynchronous Timewarp and Fixed Foveated Rendering for a smoother experience.

tomlooman Third-person Action Roguelike made in Unreal Engine C++ (for Stanford CS193U 2020)

sinbad SPUD is a save game and streaming level persistence solution for Unreal Engine 4.

jarikomppa SoLoud is an easy to use, free, portable c/c++ audio engine for games.

Gusabary Hooray! Card Game UNO!

NoelFB A small game made entirely on live stream over about 15 hours. I intend to add more documentation and clarify some of the code and assets over the next few days.

reidrac This is a set of libraries and tools to make MSX games using the C programming language.

simulationcraft SimulationCraft is a tool to explore combat mechanics in the popular MMO RPG World of Warcraft

schellingb DOSBox Pure is a fork of DOSBox, an emulator for DOS games, built for RetroArch/Libretro aiming for simplicity and ease of use.

FlaxEngine Flax Engine is a high quality modern 3D game engine written in C++ and C#. From stunning graphics to powerful scripts - Flax can give everything for your games.

std-nullptr AmongUsMenu is a Cheat Menu for the popular Game Among Us.

haikarainen Bootleg is a hackable game console made for indie devs and homebrewers.

arc80 This is the source code for Flap Hero, a small, free game that runs on multiple platforms. It's available on Android and iOS.

sysprog21 gameboy-emu aims to be an efficient and portable Game Boy emulator. Only the original Game Boy (DMG) is supported at this time.

jorio Nanosaur is a 1998 Macintosh game by Pangea Software. In it, you’re a cybernetic dinosaur from the future who’s sent back in time 20 minutes before a giant asteroid hits the Earth. And you get to shoot at T-Rexes with nukes.

sysprog21 A Game Boy emulator with dynamic recompilation (JIT)

Xingyu-Lin SoftGym is a set of benchmark environments for deformable object manipulation including tasks involving fluid, cloth and rope. It is built on top of the Nvidia FleX simulator and has standard Gym API for interaction with RL agents

GValiente Create and display sprites, backgrounds, text, raster effects and more with only one line of C++ code. Custom standard library without heap allocations nor exceptions, based on ETL.

chrxh ALiEn is a GPU-accelerated physics engine with focus on artificial life computations.

ideugu 게임 수학을 위한 소프트렌더러 프레임웍

nathan818fr A small utility to hide the Among Us taskbar when playing.

abunchofhacks Epicinium is a multiplayer strategy game with simultaneous turns where nature is a finite resource, available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

veselysps An Anti-Cheat Bypass for Genshin Impact that allows you to inject ANY dlls into the protected game.

TheChernoCommunity A community-driven game project from people in TheCherno's Discord Server.