Game Programming

These are libraries of all sorts that are useful for game programming.

Newest releases

ideugu 게임 수학을 위한 소프트렌더러 프레임웍

nathan818fr A small utility to hide the Among Us taskbar when playing.

abunchofhacks Epicinium is a multiplayer strategy game with simultaneous turns where nature is a finite resource, available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

veselysps An Anti-Cheat Bypass for Genshin Impact that allows you to inject ANY dlls into the protected game.

TheChernoCommunity A community-driven game project from people in TheCherno's Discord Server.

r-lyeh Minimalist framework in plain C for quick 3D game development.

kkent030315 An Anti-Cheat Bypass for Genshin Impact that allows you to inject ANY dlls into the protected game.

SunXLei SRender is a software renderer written from scratch in C++11 with no dependencies (except win32 for display image) for windows platform. The purpose of writing this renderer is mainly for better understanding basic CG knowledge an

HamletDuFromage A Nintendo Switch homebrew app download and update CFWs, sigpatches, FWs and cheat codes. Support Atmosphere, ReiNX and SXOS.

mgerdes Minigolf - a minigolf game written (mostly) from scratch in C.

timi-liuliang Echo is a new game engine, which uses many industry-standards of nowadays for game development. This new design concept makes the engine simpler to use and more powerful.

ExtraConcentratedJuice A cheat for the recently popular fad game Among Us

FrictionalGames Here is everything you need to build Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Included are project files for Visual Studio 2010 and CMake for Linux & macOS.

TheOfficialFloW This is an experimental plugin for Adrenaline that allows you to play a few games in native resolution.

Kiakra Game engine written in zig, no external dependencies required!

uzh-rpg Flightmare is a flexible modular quadrotor simulator. Flightmare is composed of two main components: a configurable rendering engine built on Unity and a flexible physics engine for dynamics simulation.

Tencent write your game with TypeScript in the ue4 or unity

NoelFB a small C++ game framework for 2D games.

p-ranav cgol is a modern C++ implementation of Conway's Game of Life

redstrate A cross-platform game engine that integrates a real-time physically based workflow and makes it easy to get started writing games or other graphical applications in C++!

ares-emu ares runs games for a variety of classic computers and game consoles on modern PCs.

Perfare Riru版Il2CppDumper,在游戏运行时dump数据,用于绕过保护,加密以及混淆。

thesecretclub BottlEye is a usermode emulator for the commercial anti-cheat BattlEye that works by recreating the anti-cheat module and responding to requests sent by the game server. The write-up of this project can be found on our website

diegomacario A 2D rigid-body dynamics simulator with some cool features for generating beautiful animations.

CaptainProton42 This repository contains a demo scene for a liquid-in-container shader I made in the Godot Engine. The containers use tool scripts and and can thus be run directly from the editor or the scene can be started in OpenVR.

TixiaoShan A real-time lidar-inertial odometry package. We strongly recommend the users read this document thoroughly and test the package with the provided dataset first. A video of the demonstration of the method can be found on YouTube.

lunasorcery Bad Apple, but made with the moon emojis!

khalladay Using Notepad.exe as a render target (via memory scanning + windows hooks)

blendogames Source code of Thirty Flights of Loving (2012)

davechurchill StarDraft: StarCraft Map Visualization Tool Draft: definition - "A preliminary sketch, outline, or version" Demo Video: StarDraft is a small, efficient C++ library intended

ryanpcmcquen Basque Basque is a cross-platform top-down 2d game engine. Running on Windows: Running on Mac: Running on Linux: Packages for all platforms are available under the GitHub Action here: Too lazy to do loca

ITotalJustice A way to install your gamecards directly to the switch!