Game Programming

These are libraries of all sorts that are useful for game programming.

Newest releases

coolbutuseless chipmunkcore chipmunkcore is a low-level wrapper around the Chipmunk2d rigid body physics simulation library. chipmunkcore is just the simulator. To a

IW4x IW4x² is a community effort to re-implement Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 (IW Engine 4.0) source code. Getting started IW4x² source code is contain

Fewnity T-Rex-Runner-Game-Nintendo-DS T-Rex runner game from Google Chrome on Nintendo DS. Created with devkitPro for Nintendo DS. Video of the game here! Scr

nbarkhina A web based N64 Emulator

doctorcode9 Tic Tac Toe Game A simple Flutter Tic tac toe game made for educational purpose. the main goal of this project is to teach the importance of data stru

BraceYourselfGames BYG Imgui Logger Displays Unreal's UE_LOG output in an ImGui window. Heavily based on the Console example from imgui_demo.cpp included with ImGui. Fea

mattiasgustavsson dos-like dos-like is a programming library/framework, kind of like a tiny game engine, for writing games and programs with a similar feel to MS-DOS pr

AmongUsPlus AmongUsPlus Installer Developed by donnellan0007 This is the installation setup for the AmongUsPlus mod, which allows for a modified Among Us experien

skeeto British Square Engine (Analysis and Perfect AI Player) This program exhaustively explores the complete game tree for British Square, an abstract strat

LAGameStudio Apolune and the Lost Astronaut Game Creation Framework This is the Lost Astronaut Game Creation Framework ... ... along with the commercial Apolune Ga

seanbaxter Circle C++ shaders 2020 Sean Baxter (@seanbax) Shader quick guide Driver disclaimers Compiling the samples Using the compiler Shader a

layabox LayanNative2.0 is an open-source LayaAir2.0 engine runtime LayaNative is a complete set of development solutions for the development, testing and rele

vectorizedio Redpanda Redpanda is a streaming platform for mission critical workloads. Kafka® compatible, No Zookeeper®, no JVM, and no code changes required. Use

mist64 geoWrite Source Code by Berkeley Softworks, reverse engineered by Michael Steil. Description geoWrite is a WYSIWYG rich text editor for the Commodore

codyphobe Among Us Protocol Research Contained in this repo is my detailed explanation of the netcode behind Among Us, a game by Innersloth. Myself and others h

nickmqb FPGA craft A voxel game/Minecraft clone for the iCE40 UP5K FPGA (for the iCEBreaker board). Disclaimer Use this project at your own risk. This project

santiontanon Westen House (MSX) by Santiago Ontañón Villar Download latest compiled ROMs (v1.2) from: You

superjamie Source code to the 1995 DOS roguelike game Alphaman

ssloy A blank for a SDL2-based platformer game Attention, this repository does not contain (and never will) a playable game. The goal is to show basic princ

ToKiNoBug SlopeCraft Get your 3D pixel painting in minecraft. 在minecraft中生成3d的地图画 软件简介 SlopeCraft软件是我(TokiNoBug)用matlab开发的、用于在minecraft中生成立体地图画的软件。 与spritecraft

Zekfoo AGZ-CPU-01 To commemorate the 20th year since the Game Boy Advance’s release, I have designed a full revamp of its PCB, using only the most essential

dansanderson lexaloffle This is a miscellaneous collection of code and material related to products by Lexaloffle Games LLP. This collection is maintained for the

maverick-360 LUDO Multiplayer ludo game made in Unity This a multi-plaayer game. But due to lack of budget I am not able to make it online multi-player. So users h

abisxir alasgar Alasgar is a pure nim game engine based on OpenGL ES. The reason behind it was to learn graphic programming using nim programming language. Pl

MarkGillespie C++ demo for "Discrete Conformal Equivalence of Polyhedral Surfaces" by Mark Gillespie, Boris Springborn, and Keenan Crane at SIGGRAPH 2021.

stacksmashing A small arcade game utilizing the Raspberry Pi Pico and 20 arcade buttons!

HViktorTsoi A simple localization framework that can re-localize in built maps based on FAST-LIO.

TheOfficialFloW This is a wrapper/port of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Android for the PS Vita.

PolyMarsDev Twini-Golf is a game created in 48 hours for the 2021 GMTK Game Jam using C++ and SDL2.

orbitersim Orbiter is a spaceflight simulator based on Newtonian mechanics. Its playground is our solar system with many of its major bodies – the sun, planets and moons.

lgw1995 This project adds the multiplayer battle to Plants vs. Zombies via reverse engineering, inline hook and dynamic-link library injection. Two online players can defend and attack as Plant and Zombie respectively.

mschweiger Open-source repository of Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

rodri042 This software streams games from a Raspberry Pi to a Game Boy Advance, through its Link Port. Video and audio are compressed and sent in real time to the GBA, while the latter responds with its current input, allowing to play game