Standard Libraries

This contains standard C libraries.

Newest releases

alcover C string buffer library

PeterSommerlad A C++20 implementation of safe (wrap around) integers following MISRA C++ rules

unterumarmung C++ library that provides a basic_fixed_string template that combines std::array fixed-size semantic and std::string semantic together

odriverobotics High performance motor control

expnkx fast_io is a C++ general-purpose exception-safe RAII I/O library based on C++ 20 Concepts. It is at least ten times faster than cstdio or iostream.

lemire The fast_float library provides fast header-only implementations for the C++ from_chars functions for float and double types. These functions convert ASCII strings representing decimal values (e.g., 1.3e10) into binary types

iboB A collection of small single-header C++ libraries similar to or extending the C++ standard library. See below for a list.

p-ranav Fast CSV parser and writer for Modern C++

jermp tongrams is a C++ library to index and query large language models in compressed space. It is the result of some research papers [1,2] by Giulio Ermanno Pibiri and Rossano Venturini.

SanjayDevTech Open source programming algorithms

masesk Modern C++ 11 native, OS agnostic, socket library/base code with a single header include

Idein QMKL6 (VideoCore VI QPU Math Kernel Library) is a BLAS library that runs on VideoCore VI QPU, the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) of Raspberry Pi 4. QMKL6 implements the same C interfaces (e.g. cblas_sgemm) as the other BLAS librari

lunasorcery sloth is a small utility that reads stdin and echoes it back out very, very slowly.

NVIDIA libcu++, the NVIDIA C++ Standard Library, is the C++ Standard Library for your entire system. It provides a heterogeneous implementation of the C++ Standard Library that can be used in and between CPU and GPU code.

schellingb Simple and convenient data structure single-file public domain libraries for C/C++

cee-studio The goal is to improve C lover's productivity for "high level" programming by providing similar functionalities of C++ STL, but it does not intend to replicate C++ STL function by function. It relies on C's memory layout to achiev

p-ranav psched is a lightweight library that provides a priority-based task scheduler for modern C++.

benman64 cross platform subprocess library for c++ similar to design of python subprocess

cylondata Cylon is a fast, scalable distributed memory data parallel library for processing structured data

scandum The most commonly used binary search variant was first published by Hermann Bottenbruch in 1962 and hasn't notably changed since. Below I'll describe several novel variants with improved performance. The most notable variant, the

ashtum lazycsv is a c++17, posix-compliant, single-header library for reading and parsing csv files.

tidwall Features Supports any number of dimensions Generic interface with support for variable sized items ANSI C (C99) Supports custom allocators Implements the rbang variant Robust, self-contained tests Pretty darn good performan

mhaskar A simple C implementation to decoded your shellcode and writes it directly to memory, You can use this code to perform process injection.

Ubpa Feature the best C++ static reflection libliray in the whole world tiny, handy, elegant basic (non-static / static) member variable (non-static / static) member function

dsharlet C++ multidimensional arrays in the spirit of the STL

arc80 Plywood is a cross-platform framework for building all kinds of C++ software.

ameenmaali urldedupe is a tool to quickly pass in a list of URLs, and get back a list of deduplicated (unique) URL and query string combination. This is useful to ensure you don't have a URL list will hundreds of duplicated parameters with d

sargarass Support for С++20 std::stop_token to interrupt the blocking Linux syscalls without throwing any exception.

tidwall hashmap.c - Hash map implementation in C.

tidwall Features Generic interface with support for variable sized items. Fast sequential bulk loading ANSI C (C99) Supports custom allocators Pretty darn good performance. 🚀

libgeos GEOS is a C++11 library for performing operations on two-dimensional vector geometries. It is primarily a port of the JTS Topology Suite Java library. It provides many of the algorithms used by PostGIS, the Shapely package for Pyt

sheredom The hashmap is made to work with UTF-8 string slices - sections of strings that are passed with a pointer and an explicit length. The reason for this design choice was that the hashmap is being used, by the author, to map symbols

tcsullivan C++17 code to convert integers to strings at compile-time