A simple tool for debugging GPU HW

gputool This is a tool for inspection of GPU HW, mainly intended for driver developers. IMPORTANT: Development of this project has ceased AMD has open sourced UMR, a tool with a superset of features that gputool expos

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wg wrk - a HTTP benchmarking tool wrk is a modern HTTP benchmarking tool capable of generating significant load when run on a single multi-core CPU. It combines a multithreaded design with scalable event notification systems such as

oracle crashcart - microcontainer debugging tool What is crashcart? crashcart is a simple command line utility that lets you sideload an image with linux binaries into an existing container. Building crashcart

OALabs BlobRunner BlobRunner is a simple tool to quickly debug shellcode extracted during malware analysis. BlobRunner allocates memory for the target file and jumps to the base (or offset) of the allocated memory. This allows an analys

secrary I create makin to make initial malware assessment little bit easier for me, I think it's useful for others as well, It helps to reveal a debugger detection techniques used by a sample. Note: Only supports x64 Supports x64 and x86

eteran edb is a cross platform AArch32/x86/x86-64 debugger. It was inspired by Ollydbg, but aims to function on AArch32, x86, and x86-64 as well as multiple OS's. Linux is the only officially supported platform at the moment, but FreeBSD, O

mortie Snow Snow is a header-only unit testing library for C. Just include the file snow/snow.h. IRC channel: #snow on Freenode. If you have any questions, or just want to chat, just ping me (@mort) :) Snow 2 Snow 2 is

baldurk RenderDoc is a frame-capture based graphics debugger, currently available for Vulkan, D3D11, D3D12, OpenGL, and OpenGL ES development on Windows 7 - 10, Linux, Android, Stadia, and Nintendo Switchâ„¢. It is completely open-source under

changeofpace VivienneVMM VivienneVMM is a stealthy debugging framework implemented via an Intel VT-x hypervisor. The driver exposes a hardware breakpoint control interface which allows a user mode client to set and clear breakpoints. These br