List of C or C++ debuggers

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symflower symflower-kakoune Symflower fully automatically generates high coverage unit tests for your source code: revealing bugs and security issues while you

mrexodia MiniDumpPlugin Simple x64dbg plugin to save the current state in a full minidump. Created for dumpulator. Download the latest binaries here. Building

rochus-keller Welcome to the Oberon+ parser, code model, compiler and IDE This project started out as an Oberon-07 parser, code model and transpiler written in C++

divinepet ft_containers-unit-test About ft containers unit test is a complete testing for project of school 21/ecole 42 and allowing you test your containers: V

Synthetic-Dev EzSpec A unit testing framework for Roblox and Luau! Inspired by and forked from Boat's BoatTEST / Elttob's FusionCI I was always discouraged from usi

pixelomer Pongo BRIX A pongoOS module for running the BRIX game, featuring rendering code I wrote at 1 AM and the CHIP-8 emulator I made 2 years earlier when I

HyperDbg HyperDbg Debugger is an open-source, community-driven, hypervisor-assisted, user-mode and kernel-mode Windows debugger with a focus on using modern hardware technologies. It is a debugger designed for analyzing, fuzzing and revers

ORCA666 Another version of EVA using anti-debugging techs && using Syscalls

dfeneyrou High performance visual profiler, debugger, tests enabler for C++ and Python

Air14 HyperHide is open-source hypervisor based Anti-Anti-Debug plugin for x64dbg/x32dbg. HyperHide uses Intel ept to hook various syscalls and also other functions which can be used to spot the presence of debugger.

David-Reguera-Garcia-Dreg xshellex WARNING: the ugliest code in the world With xshellex you can paste any kind of c-shellcode strings in x64dbg, ollydbg & immunity debugger. Al

sarven Unit testing tips by examples in PHP Introduction In these times, the benefits of writing unit tests are huge. I think that most of the recently start

darvincisec Anti-Debug and Anti-Memory Dump for Android

swoole Yet Another Swoole Debugger

Rat431 ColdHide is a mini and simple open source user mode anti-anti debug library x86/x64 for Windows. To inject this library try using ColdMDLoader.

xpn A simple POC to show the power of .NET debugging capabilities when looking to inject code without an unmanaged stub.

thalium IceBox Icebox is a Virtual Machine Introspection solution that enable you to stealthily trace and debug any process (kernel or user). It's based on project Winbagility. Files which might be helpful: ho

rohanrhu GDBFrontend is an easy, flexible and extensionable gui debugger. Installing Deb Package (Debian / Ubuntu / KDE Neon) You can install GDBFrontend via deb package for Debian-based distribu

Cambricon CAMBRICON CN-GDB This is CN-GDB, the BANG-C source-level debugger on Linux, based on GDB-7.11, the GNU source-level debugger. For more information about gdb, please refer to the README file in this folder or check t

gdbinit EFI DXE Emulator An EFI DXE binary emulator based on Unicorn Copyright © 2016-2019 Pedro Vilaca. All rights reserved. [email protected] - This is an EFI DXE phase binaries emulator based on Unicorn. Referenc

googleprojectzero KTRW KTRW is an iOS kernel debugger for devices with an A11 SoC, such as the iPhone 8. It leverages debug registers present on these devices to bypass KTRR, remap the kernel as writable, and load a kernel extension that

microsoft NTTTCP-for-Linux Summary A multiple-threaded Linux network throughput benchmark tool. Features Multiple threads to send/receive data ('-P', '-n', and '-l'). By default, Receiver ('-r') uses 16

BaumFX cpp-anti-debug a c++ library that offers debugger detection. getting started these instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.

sharkdp A dbg(…) macro for C++

catchorg The latest version of the single header can be downloaded directly using this link Catch2 is released! If you've been using an earlier version of Catch, please see the Breaking Changes section of the release

JoeDog Siege WHAT IS IT? Siege is an open source regression test and benchmark utility. It can stress test a single URL with a user defined number of simulated users, or it can read many URLs into memory and stress

renatoGarcia IceCream-Cpp IceCream-Cpp is a little (single header) library to help with the print debugging on C++11 and forward. Try it at godbolt! Contents Install Usage Return value Configuration

mxmssh drAFL Original AFL supports black-box coverage-guided fuzzing using QEMU mode. I highly recommend to try it first and if it doesn't work you can try this tool. Additionally, you might want to try Manul that supports bla

googleprojectzero Introducing halfempty 🥛 Fast, Parallel Testcase Minimization Halfempty is a new testcase minimization tool, designed with parallelization in mind. Halfempty was built to use strategies and technique

sslab-gatech QSYM: A Practical Concolic Execution Engine Tailored for Hybrid Fuzzing Environment Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit and 16.04 64bit Installation # disable ptrace_scope for PIN $ echo 0|sudo tee

c-testsuite c-testsuite This project aims to be a collaborative database of C compiler test cases, minimal test runners, and public test results. The general idea is that the various test suites here adhere to well defined, simple

changeofpace VivienneVMM VivienneVMM is a stealthy debugging framework implemented via an Intel VT-x hypervisor. The driver exposes a hardware breakpoint control interface which allows a user mode client to set and clear breakpoints