ARCHIVED - libbson has moved to

libbson ARCHIVED - libbson is now maintained in a subdirectory of the libmongoc project: libbson is a library providing useful routines related to building, parsi

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znone QTL QTL is a C ++ library for accessing SQL databases and currently supports MySQL, SQLite and ODBC. QTL is a lightweight library that consists of only header files and does not require separate compilation and installation. QTL

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df7cb SI Units for PostgreSQL Christoph Berg [email protected] postgresql-unit implements a PostgreSQL datatype for SI units, plus byte. The eight base units can be combined to arbitrarily complex derived units using operators defined in th

zhouxingtuan alphaKV A simple key-value database, fast and lightweight. Support Linux/Mac/IOS/Android How to Use #include "alphakv.hpp" USING_NS_HIVE; AlphaKV* pKey = new AlphaKV(); bool result = pKey->openDB("mydb"); result =

omnisci OmniSciDB (formerly MapD Core) OmniSciDB is an open source SQL-based, relational, columnar database engine that leverages the full performance and parallelism of modern hardware (both CPUs and GPUs) to enable querying of multi-bi

bloomberg Overview Comdb2 is a clustered RDBMS built on Optimistic Concurrency Control techniques. It provides multiple isolation levels, including Snapshot and Serializable Isolation. Read/Write transactions run on any node, with the clie