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giuspen CherryTree A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single XML or SQLite file. The proje

michelp pgsodium pgsodium is an encryption library extension for PostgreSQL using the libsodium library for high level cryptographic algorithms. pgsodium can

Ameobea SvelteKit To-Do List This application was created to accompany a blog post about my experience trying out SvelteKit for the first time. It is deployed

dimitri pgcopydb pgcopydb is a tool that automates running pg_dump | pg_restore between two running Postgres servers. To make a copy of a database to another

MariaDB MariaDB server is a community developed fork of MySQL server. Started by core members of the original MySQL team, MariaDB actively works with outside developers to deliver the most featureful, stable, and sanely licensed open SQL

nalgeon All the missing SQLite functions SQLite has very few functions compared to other DBMS. SQLite authors see this as a feature rather than a bug, because

elau1004 TFR4SQLite Text File reader for SQLite ( This is a SQLite extension module that enables you to create a virtual table in SQLite to

r-dbi RSQLite Embeds the SQLite database engine in R, providing a DBI-compliant interface. SQLite is a public-domain, single-user, very light-weight databas

mysql Copyright (c) 2000, 2021, Oracle and/or its affiliates. This is a release of MySQL, an SQL database server. License information can be found in the

mr-karan ClickHouse Keeper Example An example of running a local ClickHouse cluster using clickhouse-keeper for replication. Config examples accompanying the b

okbob Unix pager (with very rich functionality) designed for work with tables. Designed for PostgreSQL, but MySQL is supported too. Works well with pgcli too. Can be used as CSV or TSV viewer too. It supports searching, selecting rows,

renecannao Introduction ProxySQL is a high performance proxy, currently for MySQL and forks (like Percona Server and MariaDB) only. Future versions of ProxySQL w

datacharmer test_db A sample database with an integrated test suite, used to test your applications and database servers This repository was migrated from Launchp

ocelot-inc ocelotgui Version 1.5.0 The ocelotgui GUI, a database client, allows users to connect to a MySQL or MariaDB DBMS server, enter SQL statements, and rec

markuman mex mariadb client Pull Mirror: Push Mirror:

akopytov Table of Contents sysbench Features Installing from Binary Packages Linux macOS Windows Building and Installing From Source Build Requirements Windows

ged pg¶ ↑ home docs clog Description¶ ↑ Pg is the Ruby interfa

sqitchers App/Sqitch version v1.2.2-dev Release Coverage Database Sqitch is a database change management application. It currently supports PostgreSQL 8.4+, SQL

HypoPG HypoPG HypoPG is a PostgreSQL extension adding support for hypothetical indexes. An hypothetical -- or virtual -- index is an index that doesn't reall

citusdata pg_paxos This PostgreSQL extension provides a basic implementation of the Paxos algorithm in PL/pgSQL and basic table replication through Paxos. Warni

okbob plpgsql_check I founded this project, because I wanted to publish the code I wrote in the last two years, when I tried to write enhanced checking for

2ndQuadrant pglogical 2 The pglogical 2 extension provides logical streaming replication for PostgreSQL, using a publish/subscribe model. It is based on technolog

pgpartman PG Partition Manager pg_partman is an extension to create and manage both time-based and serial-based table partition sets. Native partitioning in Pos

zabbix-tools libzbxpgsql This project provides comprehensive monitoring of PostgreSQL servers using a natively compiled Zabbix agent module, written in C. A precon

FlashSQL MySQL Data Redistribution Motivation While B-Tree is a ubiquitous index structure used in managing data, it is well known for its low space utilizatio

github Trilogy Trilogy is a client library for MySQL-compatible database servers, designed for performance, flexibility, and ease of embedding. It's currentl

greenplum-db Greenplum Database - Massively Parallel PostgreSQL for Analytics. An open-source massively parallel data platform for analytics, machine learning and AI.

EnterpriseDB repmgr: Replication Manager for PostgreSQL repmgr is a suite of open-source tools to manage replication and failover within a cluster of PostgreSQL se

ClusterLabs PostgreSQL Automatic Failover High-Availibility for Postgres, based on industry references Pacemaker and Corosync. Description Pacemaker is nowadays t

omniti-labs OmniPITR OVERVIEW OmniPITR is a set of scripts to ease setting up WAL replication, and making hot backups from both Master and Slave systems. This set

backtrace-labs This fork of sqlite_protobuf fixes some issues (e.g., #15) and removes the test suite that we do not use. It also comes with proto_table, a C library

orioledb OrioleDB – the solution for PostgreSQL wicked problems OrioleDB is the solution for PostgreSQL wicked problems such as bloat, write-amplification, poo