A Small C Compiler

8cc C Compiler 8cc is a compiler for the C programming language. It's intended to support all C11 language features while keeping the code as small and simple as possible. The compiler is able to compile itself. You can see its

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eurecom-s3 SymCC is a compiler wrapper which embeds symbolic execution into the program during compilation, and an associated run-time support library.

kostya Most programs from benchmarks game. All programs are chosen to be simplest, single-thread and without any low-level hacks. Also, the code for all languages trying to be implemented with one algorithm, use the same language constructs and containers, and be semantically similar to each other.

binarly-io efiXplorer - IDA plugin for UEFI firmware analysis and reverse engineering automation

LegatAbyssWalker Compilation of the most amazing code out there

animetosho Test self-modifying code behaviour on processors for single-use JIT functions

patrickporto A curated list of awesome programming language design, domain specific languages and homebrew compilers

ic005k 用于在win或winpe下提取和编辑dsdt文件的工具,mac下也可以使用该工具来编辑和调试dsdt。

TrivialCompiler TrivialCompiler is a compiler written in C++17 that translates SysY (a C-like toy language) into ARM-v7a assembly.