A tiny x86 compiler with ELF and PE target

Ceed ---- Ceed is a tiny open source compiler for x86 Linux and Windows. It can compile a high level language source code into ELF or PE executable. Design and implementation of Ceed is described at: http://logicpundit.com/blog/ceed Folde

Related Repos

TrivialCompiler TrivialCompiler is a compiler written in C++17 that translates SysY (a C-like toy language) into ARM-v7a assembly.

jserv shecc is built from scratch, targeted at 32-bit Arm architecture. It is a considerably stripped down version of C and it is meant as pedagogical tool for learning about compilers.

tser-project TypeScript (TS) is a greate invention, for letting us have a statically typed language development experience while reusing the JS ecosystem. TS is essentially a pre-compiled language, executed using the JS virtual machine after compiled into JS.

mytechnotalent A comprehensive reverse engineering tutorial covering x86, x64, 32-bit ARM & 64-bit ARM architectures.

lucas-streanga A virtual processor with a unique instruction set written in C++

Vexu Aro A C compiler with the goal of providing fast compilation and low memory usage with good diagnostics. Right now preprocessing and parsing is mostly

riscv This is the RISC-V C and C++ cross-compiler. It supports two build modes: a generic ELF/Newlib toolchain and a more sophisticated Linux-ELF/glibc toolchain.

vegesm first-cc-gcc A port of the earliest C compiler to modern GCC. The compiler outputs PDP-11 assembly code that can be compiled and run on a PDP-11 emula