Simple compiler frontend using LLVM as backend

Summus Basic compiler frontend using LLVM as backend written without C macros (includes and simple defines don't count 😊 ) so it is easy to read and understand. Mission Create and refine a most basic compiler u

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BitFunnel NativeJIT NativeJIT is an open-source cross-platform library for high-performance just-in-time compilation of expressions involving C data structures. The compiler is light weight and fast and it takes no dependencies beyond t

rhysd 8cc.vim: Pure Vim script C Compiler This is a Vim script port of 8cc built on ELVM. In other words, this is a complete C compiler written in Vim script. 8cc is a nicely-written small C compiler for x86_64 Linux. It's C11-aware

Unity-Technologies HLSLcc DirectX shader bytecode cross compiler. Originally based on This library takes DirectX bytecode as input, and translates it into the following languages: GLSL (OpenGL

qeedquan SubC is a simple subset of C originally written by Nils Holms ( for teaching newcomers how to write a compiler. This is a reimplementation of SubC based on Nils compiler (subc-20161212.tgz) and the Go standard packag

keiichiw constexpr-8cc: Compile-time C Compiler constexpr-8cc is a compile-time C compiler implemented as C++14 constant expressions. This enables you to compile while you compile! This project is a port of 8cc built on ELVM Infrastructu

NytroRST Shellcode Compiler Shellcode Compiler is a program that compiles C/C++ style code into a small, position-independent and NULL-free shellcode for Windows (x86 and x64) and Linux (x86 and x64). It is possible to call any Windows AP

tcbrindle Collected C++17 Headers for C++11/14 This repository features self-contained single-header implementations of some of the new facilities which will be added to the standard library in C++17, namely std::any, std::optional, std::s

ipankajg Ceed ---- Ceed is a tiny open source compiler for x86 Linux and Windows. It can compile a high level language source code into ELF or PE executable. Design and implementation of Ceed is described at: Folde