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alibaba BladeDISC Introduction Overview Features and Roadmap Frontend Framework Support Matrix Backend Support Matrix Deployment Solutions Numbers of Typical

mb64 A λ-calculus interpreter A strongly-normalizing interpreter for the untyped lambda calculus. $ make $ ./lc "(λ x y. x) (λ x. x)" Input: (λ x y. x) (λ

spencertipping How to write a JIT compiler First up, you probably don't want to. JIT, or more accurately "dynamic code generation," is typically not the most effecti

GrapheneOS Download latest version: sqlite4java-392 with SQLite 3.8.7, Windows/Linux/Mac OS X/Android binaries OSGi bundle 1.0.392 with sqlite4java-392 Files for

DosWorld --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pascal Pro - free 32-bit pascal compiler

skyline-emu Skyline Shader Compiler (SSC) A fork of yuzu's shader compiler modified for Skyline's needs with all other changes being upstreamed and changes from y

rapiz1 cppc C compiler in C++ Background This is a learning project for Crafting interpreters. Most part of C is supported. Support for pointer is hacky. For

nikitinprior The C source code was RESTORED by disassembling the original executable file OPTIM.COM from the Hi-Tech v3.09 compiler. This file is compiled by Hi-Te

dinosaure Gilbraltar, the MirageOS retreat is not so far gilbraltar is a version of the OCaml compiler to be able to build a MirageOS for RaspberryPi 4. It's a

baronfel tree-sitter-fsharp =========================== F# grammar for tree-sitter based on the language spec Requirements Nodejs a C compiler See the tree-sit

DeNA DeClang 日本語はこちら Introduction DeClang is an anti-hacking compiler based on LLVM project and extented the OSS project ollvm (

MdIqubal Matrix Shockwave Shader || || https://poly

mashakos OmniScaler Zero Latency DirectX 11 scaling utility. OmniScaler takes a windowed game or application, displays its window contents to a fullscreen view

ibara pl0c pl0c is a compiler for the PL/0 language. It reads in PL/0 source code and outputs equivalent C source code. It was written to be the subject of

riicchhaarrd Programming language that compiles into a x86 ELF executable.

matslina Awib is a brainfuck compiler entirely written in brainfuck. Awib implements several optimization strategies and its compiled output outperforms that o

vegesm first-cc-gcc A port of the earliest C compiler to modern GCC. The compiler outputs PDP-11 assembly code that can be compiled and run on a PDP-11 emula

riscv-collab This is the RISC-V C and C++ cross-compiler. It supports two build modes: a generic ELF/Newlib toolchain and a more sophisticated Linux-ELF/glibc toolchain.

Vexu Aro A C compiler with the goal of providing fast compilation and low memory usage with good diagnostics. Right now preprocessing and parsing is mostly

lucas-streanga A virtual processor with a unique instruction set written in C++

mytechnotalent A comprehensive reverse engineering tutorial covering x86, x64, 32-bit ARM & 64-bit ARM architectures.

tser-project TypeScript (TS) is a greate invention, for letting us have a statically typed language development experience while reusing the JS ecosystem. TS is essentially a pre-compiled language, executed using the JS virtual machine after c

jserv shecc is built from scratch, targeted at 32-bit Arm architecture. It is a considerably stripped down version of C and it is meant as pedagogical tool for learning about compilers.

TrivialCompiler TrivialCompiler is a compiler written in C++17 that translates SysY (a C-like toy language) into ARM-v7a assembly.

ic005k 用于在win或winpe下提取和编辑dsdt文件的工具,mac下也可以使用该工具来编辑和调试dsdt。

patrickporto A curated list of awesome programming language design, domain specific languages and homebrew compilers

animetosho Test self-modifying code behaviour on processors for single-use JIT functions

binarly-io efiXplorer - IDA plugin for UEFI firmware analysis and reverse engineering automation

LegatAbyssWalker Compilation of the most amazing code out there

kostya Most programs from benchmarks game. All programs are chosen to be simplest, single-thread and without any low-level hacks. Also, the code for all languages trying to be implemented with one algorithm, use the same language constru

eurecom-s3 SymCC is a compiler wrapper which embeds symbolic execution into the program during compilation, and an associated run-time support library.

ccache ccache – a fast compiler cache Ccache (or “ccache”) is a compiler cache. It speeds up recompilation by caching previous compilations and detecting when the same compilation is being done again. General i