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Artificial Intelligence

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INET-RC GeoMX is a MXNet-based two-layer parameter server framework, aiming at integrating data knowledge that owned by multiple independent parties in a privacy-preservating way (i.e. no need to transfer raw data), by training a shared d

INET-RC HiPS is a MXNet-based two-layer parameter server framework, aiming at integrating data knowledge that owned by multiple independent parties in a privacy-preservating way (i.e. no need to transfer raw data), by training a shared de

longmakesstuff The Lattice Boltzmann is a simple and relatively young method of Computational fluid dynamics. In contrast to traditional computational fluid dynamics based on the conservation of macroscopic quantities (mass, momentum, and energy

AIBluefisher This repo contains the official implementation of our CVPR 2021 paper - Hybrid Rotation Averaging: A Fast and Robust Rotation Averaging Approach. This library contains not only rotation averaging solvers, but also some popular met

AllentDan A c++ trainable semantic segmentation library based on libtorch (pytorch c++). Backbone: ResNet, ResNext. Architecture: FPN, U-Net, PAN, LinkNet, PSPNet, DeepLab-V3, DeepLab-V3+ by now.

palanglois Implementation for the "Surface Reconstruction from 3D Line Segments" paper.

wh200720041 SSL_SLAM2 Lightweight 3-D Localization and Mapping for Solid-State LiDAR (Intel Realsense L515 as an example) This repo is an extension work of SSL_SL

Santandersecurityresearch CurrentSense-TinyML is all about detecting microcontroller behaviour with current sensing and TinyML. Basically we are trying to work out what is happening on a target PCB.

FeiGeChuanShu convert paddleocr light model to ncnn,you can use it by ncnn.

Tencent 基于deepx_core, 可以开发出数值计算/数值优化/凸优化/机器学习/深度学习/强化学习/图神经网络/无监督学习等应用.

cmdbug 🍅 Deploy NCNN on mobile phones. Support Android and iOS. 移动端NCNN部署,支持Android与iOS。

triton-inference-server Triton Inference Server provides a cloud and edge inferencing solution optimized for both CPUs and GPUs. Triton supports an HTTP/REST and GRPC protocol that allows remote clients to request inferencing for any model being managed

alibaba OverlayBD Accelerated Container Image Accelerated Container Image is an open-source implementation of paper "DADI: Block-Level Image Service for Agile

TixiaoShan A place recognition package using high-resolution imaging lidar. For best performance, a lidar equipped with more than 64 uniformly distributed channels is strongly recommended, i.e., Ouster OS1-128 lidar.

DoubangoTelecom World's fastest ANPR / ALPR implementation for CPUs, GPUs, VPUs and FPGAs using deep learning (Tensorflow, Tensorflow lite, TensorRT & OpenVINO). Multi-OS (NVIDIA Jetson, Android, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Windows) and Multi-Arch (ARM,

jomjol This is an example of Artificial Intelligence (AI) calculations on a very cheap hardware.

Piraxus Skybolt is a real-time planetary environment rendering engine, designed for flight simulators, aerospace R&D, and geospatial applications. Skybolt is written in C++, based on OpenSceneGraph, and supports CIGI for communicating wit

dan-rodrigues This is a simple retro-inspired platformer game (implemented in C11) targetting a retro-inspired FPGA game console by the same author (implemented in Verilog).

jsiek This tiny C-like language includes several kinds of values: integer, Booleans, pointers, and function pointers. Regarding control-flow, it includes if statements, goto, and function calls.

ViRb3 A proxy DLL for Windows to dump JVM classes at JNI level

openvinotoolkit This repository contains a collection of GStreamer* elements to enable CNN model based video analytics capabilities (such as object detection, classification, recognition) in GStreamer* framework.

NVIDIA-AI-IOT NVIDIA Redtail project Autonomous visual navigation components for drones and ground vehicles using deep learning. Refer to wiki for more information on how to get started. This project contains deep neural networks, c

davechurchill CommandCenter: AI Bot for Broodwar and Starcraft II CommandCenter is a StarCraft AI bot that can play both StarCraft: Broodwar and StarCraft 2. CommandCenter is written in C++ using BWAPI and Blizzard's StarCraft II

ApolloAuto We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. -- John F. Kennedy, 1962 Welcome to Apollo's GitHub page! Apollo is a high performance, flexible

ROCmSoftwarePlatform MIOpen AMD's library for high performance machine learning primitives. Sources and binaries can be found at MIOpen's GitHub site. The latest released documentation can be read online here. MIOpen supports two programmi

chuyangliu Snake The project focuses on the artificial intelligence of the Snake game. The snake's goal is to eat the food continuously and fill the map with its bodies as soon as possible. Originally, the project was written

deepmind DeepMind Lab is a 3D learning environment based on id Software's Quake III Arena via ioquake3 and other open source software. DeepMind Lab provides a suite of challenging 3D navigation and puzz

ANNetGPGPU Updates - 05/10/2017: Added a new example The program "image_generator" is located in the "/src/examples" subdirectory and was submitted by Ben Bogart. It produces abstract looking images from ordinary input images. To