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etri About the Project The repository contains some examples of pre-trained SNN (Spiking Neural Network) models. The models were trained using the MM-BP tr

chenjianqu The MOT implement by Solov2+DeepSORT with C++ (Libtorch, TensorRT).

mmp Source code for pbrt, the renderer described in the third edition of "Physically Based Rendering: From Theory To Implementation", by Matt Pharr, Wenzel Jakob, and Greg Humphreys.

jose-villegas A real time global illumination solution that achieves glossy surfaces, diffuse reflection, specular reflection, ambient occlusion, indirect shadows, soft shadows, emissive materials and 2-bounce GI.

microsoft Fork of TensorFlow accelerated by DirectML

uzh-rpg Learning High-Speed Flight in the Wild This repo contains the code associated with the paper Learning Agile Flight in the Wild. For more information,

Andrew-Helmer C++ implementation of "Stochastic Generation of (t,s) Sample Sequences", by Helmer, Christensen, and Kensler (2021)

TixiaoShan This repository contains code for a lidar-visual-inertial odometry and mapping system, which combines the advantages of LIO-SAM and Vins-Mono at a system level.

NVlabs Nvdiffrast - Modular Primitives for High-Performance Differentiable Rendering

Livox-SDK Livox-Free-Space is a fast and effective free-space detection package using Livox LiDAR data. It based on traditional algorithm to segment 3D LiDAR data and generate free-space.

Kevincoooool This is a comprehensive project that combines the powerful computing capabilities of ESP32, with functions such as speech recognition, image recognition, GUI learning, and FFT music spectrum. It is suitable for learning image reco

RUB-SysSec USENIX 2021 - Nyx: Greybox Hypervisor Fuzzing using Fast Snapshots and Affine Types

shouxieai C++ library based on tensorrt integration

Livox-SDK This respository implements a robust LiDAR-inertial odometry system for Livox LiDAR. The system uses only a single Livox LiDAR with a built-in IMU. It has a robust initialization module, which is independent to the sensor motion

FeiGeChuanShu Real time yolox Android demo by ncnn

eanswer This repository contains the implementation for the paper An End-to-End Differentiable Framework for Contact-Aware Robot Design (RSS 2021).

Fraunhofer-IMS AIfES (Artificial Intelligence for Embedded Systems) is a platform-independent and standalone AI software framework optimized for embedded systems. The Feedforward Neural Networks (FNN) implemented in AIfES can be freely parameter

openppl-public PPLNN, which is short for "PPLNN is a Primitive Library for Neural Network", is a high-performance deep-learning inference engine for efficient AI inferencing.

fuxi-asyncflow an AI and gameplay editor for game development, written by c++ , suppport lua and python

iqiyi XGBoost Serving is a flexible, high-performance serving system for XGBoost && FM models, designed for production environments. It deals with the inference aspect of XGBoost && FM models, taking models after training and managing t

NikolausDemmel Square Root Bundle Adjustment for Large-Scale Reconstruction

netease-youdao Edge ML Library (EMLL) offers optimized basic routines like general matrix multiplications (GEMM) and quantizations, to speed up machine learning (ML) inference on ARM-based devices. EMLL supports fp32, fp16 and int8 data types. E

leimao ResNet implementation, training, and inference using LibTorch C++ API.

anoymous-face This is the code of our paper An Efficient Training Approach for Very Large Scale Face Recognition or F²C for simplicity.

facebookresearch It aims to provide composable vmap and grad transforms that work with PyTorch modules and PyTorch autograd with good eager-mode performance.

Sg4Dylan Deploy OcrLite in your web browser with ncnn and webassembly

ShiqiYu A simple fisheye distortion correction program

HKUST-Aerial-Robotics Tightly coupled GNSS-Visual-Inertial system for locally smooth and globally consistent state estimation in complex environment

INET-RC GeoMX is a MXNet-based two-layer parameter server framework, aiming at integrating data knowledge that owned by multiple independent parties in a privacy-preservating way (i.e. no need to transfer raw data), by training a shared d

INET-RC HiPS is a MXNet-based two-layer parameter server framework, aiming at integrating data knowledge that owned by multiple independent parties in a privacy-preservating way (i.e. no need to transfer raw data), by training a shared de

longmakesstuff The Lattice Boltzmann is a simple and relatively young method of Computational fluid dynamics. In contrast to traditional computational fluid dynamics based on the conservation of macroscopic quantities (mass, momentum, and energy