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GyverLibs EasyHID Библиотека программного USB клавиатуры и мыши для Arduino Nano/UNO/Mega и прочих Программный USB Работает на любой AVR Arduino 16 МГц Поддержк

floooh qoiview A simple .qoi image file viewer on top of the sokol headers. QOI: https://github.com/phoboslab/qoi Sokol: https://github.com/floooh/sokol WASM

NCommander == Porting a Windows 1.0 16-bit to 32-bit (and 64-bit) Systems == This is the code documenting the changes requiring to port a Windows 1.0 application

SpectacularAI HybVIO A visual-inertial odometry system with an optional SLAM module. This is a research-oriented codebase, which has been published for the purposes

MasterQ32 zig-qoi A implementation of the Quite-OK-Image format for Zig. API Add qoi.zig to your Zig project as a package. pub const DecodeError = error{ OutOfM

D4stiny ForkPlayground A library to implement the Process Forking attack described in this blog post. ForkLib - C++ library that implements the Process Forkin

henrhie React Native SHA library ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ React-native-sha is a blazing fast ⚡ solution for performing Secure Hashing Algorithm in React Native. Main reason this

PROCW The pickME3D is a client program of an online furniture store. This program can help customers to find proper furniture for their room. Virtual furniture store clients, construct 3D space from a photo of the room and can help cust

aoemods zig-sga Low-level minimal allocation implementation of Relic's funky archive format in Zig with comments and clearly named variables. Building Just co

husarion micro_ros_stm32_template Boilerplate to create a project with: STM32 + Ethernet + micro-ROS + FreeRTOS + Arduino + PlatformIO Default config STM32F407

ethanedits Apex-Legends-SDK Open Source Cheat for Apex Legends, designed for ease of use. Made to understand reversing of Apex Legends and respawn's modified sou

latortuga71 CtoShellcodeAutomation Why Wanted to automate the task, and was having issues using @hasherezade tool to automate the string inlining for some reason

trashuncle TrashUncle-Shadow_Masks Shadow Mask filters meant to be used with MiSTer FPGA You can find out more info here: https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/ShadowM

ProxymanApp Protobuf for Proxyman macOS app Protobuf for Proxyman app - Include Apple Silicon & Intel architecture How to build Open the project on the latest Xco

asottile ukkonen Implementation of bounded Levenshtein distance (Ukkonen) port this is a port of ukkonen from javascript to c++ / python via cffi. installation

LimHyungTae NAVER LABS Indoor dataset - LiDAR API These dataset are obtained in realistic department store environments! [Paper] [Related Video] (This demo video

romainguy Pathway Pathway is an Android library that provides new functionalities around the graphics Path API. Pathway is compatible with API 21+. Maven reposi

oXis Blog post Tested on Windows 21H1, Visual Studio 2019 (v142) and an NVIDIA GTX860M. GPUSleep GPUSleep moves the beacon image to GPU memory before the b

jappaj MiniAB_FanSaver A 3D-printable baffle to prevent Voron V0.1 Mini Afterburner blower fans from overheating Is your Mini Afterburner toolhead struggling

crt0o Dotfiles Here's the dotfiles for my Qtile config, they're a bit quick-and-dirty but I hope they'll do. Please tell me if i forgot anything, I'll try t

EspressoCake DLL Image Resource Version Enumeration BOF What is this? This is a Cobalt Strike BOF file (a mildly massaged port of @N4k3dTurtl3's existing PoC , mea

commandblockguy CEleste A Celeste Classic port for the TI-84+CE and TI-83PCE graphing calculators. Usage (A video tutorial for the following steps is also available h

lzx8589561 X-UI LVGL8 for ESP-IDF 移植自X-TRACK项目的页面栈框架,新增支持异步通信的订阅发布数据中心 特点 使用C语言重构,方便继承复用 核心文件 ui_page_manager.h、ui_page_manager.c 实现页面栈、订阅发布数据中心 完整页面生命周期 MVC架构 数

ar4 AGDeblend AGDeblend contains tools to deblend seismic data (separate overlapping shots) and synthetically blend or adjust pseudo-deblended data. Its a

ethdevberlin Purpose This repo is intended to coordinate Ethereum Berlin events Workflow Talk proposals are added via issues (with the label proposed talk) There i

t6 Parfetch Fetch FreeBSD ports with parallel connection support and connection pipelining. 🔥 This is an experiment. Use at your own risk. This is a glu

interkosmos fortran-pcre2 A work-in-progress collection of Fortran 2018 ISO_C_BINDING interfaces to Perl-compatible Regular Expressions 2 (PCRE2). Build Instructi

amber8706 WLC Window Library Controls (WLC) - this small library visual controls for Delphi, contains "basic" controls: edit, button, radiobutton, checkbox, sta

metacall MetaCall Python C io_uring Example io_uring is a new Linux Kernel interface that speeds up I/O operations in comparison to previous implementations li

marshallh gbpp Replacement power regulator for Game Boy Pocket. The GBP famously cannot handle running many flash carts reliably. And if you add an IPS mod, it

felangel flutter_services_binding A subset of WidgetsFlutterBinding specifically for initializing the ServicesBinding. When executing runApp within a custom Zo

cryptocode Zig Bit Twiddling Hacks This Zig library reimplements and improves upon the Bit Twiddling Hacks snippets originally authored by Sean Eron Anderson and