A curated list of awesome C++ (or C) frameworks, libraries, resources, and shiny things

Newest releases

Panda381 PicoVGA - VGA/TV display on Raspberry Pico

Maff1t A simple PoC to demonstrate that is possible to write Non writable memory and execute Non executable memory on Windows You can build it using Visual Studio.

bblanchon 📟 JSON library for Arduino and embedded C++. Simple and efficient.

BowenFu match(it): A light-weight header-only pattern-matching library for C++17.

namazso IDAShell is a shell extension for launching IDA from the context menu of executables.

jinhanada A Simple Stack Machine VM

cmuratori This is a simple timing utility you can use to see how slow your terminal program is at parsing escape-sequence-coded color output.

Bambofy This is a header only ring buffer that is designed to work on embedded devices, it is able to handle non-blocking ISR spooling.

ibara 8088ify is an Intel 8080 CP/M 2.2 to Intel 8086 (8088) MS-DOS assembly language translator.

Air14 HyperHide is open-source hypervisor based Anti-Anti-Debug plugin for x64dbg/x32dbg. HyperHide uses Intel ept to hook various syscalls and also other functions which can be used to spot the presence of debugger.

intel Contains the source code examples described in the "Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Optimization Reference Manual"

Activision A Windows Shell Extension for the Pixar USD file format.

jatinchowdhury18 Time Stretcher - C++ audio time-stretching implementation

hasherezade Transacted Hollowing - a PE injection technique. A hybrid between Process Hollowing and Process Doppelgänging.

xing1357 Operating System Coded in Assembly and C. Has a Virtual Filesystem, Simple Shell, GDT and IDT, and more. Planning to add networking functionalities and a GUI.

biraj21 Texterm Text Editor - A very minimal & simple text editor written in C with only Standard Library.

binji A gameboy emulator that only plays Pokemon Blue, in ~70 lines of c++

Polydynamical "Main" branch contains source code and generated MIDI file. "MP3" branch contains the MP3 file converted from the MIDI file.

dekuNukem Bob Cassette Rewinder: Hacking Detergent DRM for 98% Cost Saving

YatSenOS A Simple 32-bit OS lab tutorial.

MathisHammel StringCheese is a CTF tool to solve easy challenges automatically in many cases where a strings | grep is just not enough

leimao ResNet implementation, training, and inference using LibTorch C++ API.

mattreecebentley A data container replicating std::queue functionality but with better performance than standard library containers in a queue context.

irlanrobson Bounce is a 3D physics engine for games.

pavel-kirienko Side-channel file transfer between independent VM executed on the same physical host

oceanbase OceanBase is an enterprise distributed relational database with high availability, high performance, horizontal scalability and compatibility with SQL standards.

microsoft eBPF is a well-known technology for providing programmability and agility, especially for extending an OS kernel, for use cases such as DoS protection and observability.

rsms bin/ckit — tool for building and testing projects (calls cmake & ninja) pkg/rbase — common functionality for C projects (optional to use) example/hello/ — an example project ckit.cmake — CMake routines

StarCrossPortal SleighCraft is a decoder (or, linear disassembler) based on ghidra's decompiler implementation. Sleighcraft can be used in Rust or Python, with both high-level and low-level API.

ihhub Free implementation of Heroes of Might and Magic II game engine

ArthurSonzogni A simple C++ library for terminal based user interface.

oceanbase A proxy server for OceanBase Database.