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KDE Free and open source video editor, based on MLT Framework and KDE Frameworks 5

oandrew ipod-gadget simulates an iPod USB device to stream digital audio to iPod compatible devices/docks. It speaks iAP(iPod Accessory Protocol) and starts an audio streaming session.

patriciogonzalezvivo glslViewer GlslViewer is a flexible console-base OpenGL Sandbox to display 2D/3D GLSL shaders without the need of an UI. You can definitely make your

arkhipov Temporal Tables Extension Introduction A temporal table is a table that records the period of time when a row is valid. There are two types of periods

martanne dvtm - dynamic virtual terminal manager dvtm brings the concept of tiling window management, popularized by X11-window managers like dwm to the consol

zero-to-mastery coding_challenge-36 Build Your Own Blockchain... Build your own blockchain: Using any tools you want, you will have to build something like this: http

sysprog21 Complementary Programs for course "Linux Kernel Internals" Project Listing tpool: A lightweight thread pool. tinync: A tiny nc implementation using co

matslina Awib is a brainfuck compiler entirely written in brainfuck. Awib implements several optimization strategies and its compiled output outperforms that o

sdima1357 esp32_usb_soft_host esp32 USB-LS pure software host thru general IO pins. Up to 4 HID devices simultaneously. board ~$3 :https://www.aliexpress.com/pr

DualCoder vgpu_unlock Unlock vGPU functionality for consumer grade GPUs. Important! This tool is very untested, use at your own risk. Description This tool enab

zserge 1bitr 1bitr ("One Bitter" or "The Bitter One") is a minimalistic text-based music tracker. It only supports 1-bit audio playback and encourages users

robert-strandh SICL: A new Common Lisp Implementation This is the main source code repository for SICL. It contains the compiler, standard library, and documentation

alexmercerind A media playback library for Dart & Flutter apps on Windows & Linux. Based on libVLC & libVLC++. (Both šŸŽµ audio & šŸŽž video)

argonne-lcf Using Python modules for in-situ data analytics with OpenFOAM 8. NOTE that this is NOT PyFOAM which is an automation tool for running OpenFOAM cases.

ConorWilliams A blazing-fast, lightweight, work-stealing thread-pool for C++20. Built on the lock-free concurrent riften::Deque.

boysetsfrog Official repository for vimpc a vi/vim inspired client for the Music Player Daemon (mpd).

dmsc EMU2: A simple text-mode x86 and DOS emulator

BnademOverflow Wonderful library with lots of useful functions, algorithms and data structures in C, link it with -lC+ Better than C, not as much as c++

YtFlow A lightweight Universal Windows proxy app

oracle A ECMAScript 2021 compliant JavaScript implementation built on GraalVM. With polyglot language interoperability support. Running Node.js applications!

giuseppe ostree-docker-builder ā€“ Build a Docker image from an OStree commit

squid-cache Squid is a caching proxy for the Web supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and more. It reduces bandwidth and improves response times by caching and reusing frequently-requested web pages. Squid has extensive access controls and makes a g

artivis kalmanif is a Kalman filter(s) on Lie groups library for state-estimation targeted at robotics applications. It is developed as a header-only C++17 library based on manif.

webcamoid akvcam is a fully compliant V4L2 virtual camera driver for Linux.

metarutaiga Convert between RGB and YUV

alandefreitas GitHub Pages with snippets for Modern C++

sony Embedded Linux embedding for Flutter This project was created to develop non-official embedded Linux embeddings of Flutter. This embedder is focusing

esseks Monicelli 2.0 "Cofandina" This all-new release mainly brings several improvements to the code that make it easier to hack and build new features. In a

mekhontsev imgui_md Markdown renderer for Dear ImGui using MD4C parser. C++11 or above imgui_md currently supports the following markdown functionality: Wrapped

dora2-iOS daibutsu 8.4.1 untether (for 32-bit iOS) exploit A dyld exploit that overrides the MISValidateSignature in libmis.dylib (CVE-2015-7079) OSUnserialize

gearDev-code Copper An Open source compiled programming language, In development. Goals Copper is an general-purpose OOP language. Coppers main goal is to allow ea

brad-lin FreePSXBoot Exploit allowing to load arbitrary code on the PSX using only a memory card (no game needed) Caveat The current version of this exploit re

okvik lu9 -- Lua for Plan 9 space lu9 is an umbrella project providing a native Plan 9 port of the Lua library and several other libraries and programs buil