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Andrew-Helmer C++ implementation of "Stochastic Generation of (t,s) Sample Sequences", by Helmer, Christensen, and Kensler (2021)

ankane pgvector Open-source vector similarity search for Postgres CREATE TABLE table (column vector(3)); CREATE INDEX ON table USING ivfflat (column); SELECT

itm4n PPLdump This tool implements a userland exploit that was initially discussed by James Forshaw (a.k.a. @tiraniddo) - in this blog post - for dumping th

ToKiNoBug SlopeCraft Get your 3D pixel painting in minecraft. 在minecraft中生成3d的地图画 软件简介 SlopeCraft软件是我(TokiNoBug)用matlab开发的、用于在minecraft中生成立体地图画的软件。 与spritecraft

3gstudent ntfsDump Use to copy a file from an NTFS partitioned volume by reading the raw volume and parsing the NTFS structures. Similar to https://github.com/P

nihui vkpeak A synthetic benchmarking tool to measure peak capabilities of vulkan devices. It only measures the peak metrics that can be achieved using vect

Trey2k Godot Lua Module Table of contents: About Features TODO Compiling Examples Contributing And Feature Requests About This is a Godot engine module that

farazsth98 Introduction Over the past few weeks, I've been doing some hypervisor research here and there, with most of my focus being on PCI device emulation cod

shalithasuranga Codeglish 🐒 A communication language only for die-hard programmers. Try Codeglish on internet chat platforms for fun. But, please don't use Codeglish

badd1e Proof-of-Concept Not related to software bugs and exploits; this repo contains snippets of code that demonstrate some interesting functionality or a h

RustyBamboo SHA256 Compute Shader (Kernel) Written in Rust ... with application to Validating the Bitcoin Blockchain Abstract The project consists of two primary

gabe-k PoCs CVE Platform Component Bug Class Methodology Date Reported Date Fixed CVE-2021-1882 macOS distnoted Arbitrary Pointer Use Fuzzing 01/04/2021 04/2

xinbailu DripLoader (PoC) Evasive shellcode loader for bypassing event-based injection detection, without necessarily suppressing event collection (still added

farazsth98 Introduction Over the past few weeks, I've been doing some hypervisor research here and there, with most of my focus being on PCI device emulation cod

VoidmatrixHeathcliff LuaJsonLib JSON 解析库 API 总览 名称 功能 value = Load(str) 将已编码的 JSON 对象解码为 Lua 对象 value = LoadFromFile(path) 将指定路径文件中已编码的 JSON 对象解码为 Lua 对象 str = Dump(value

zhiayang lambda calculus interpreter what: A small lambda calculus interpreter written in C++. It supports α-conversion and β-reduction, as well as precise tra

AckslD nvim-whichkey-setup.lua This nvim-plugin is just a wrapper for vim-which-key to simplify setup in lua. Features Simple setup in lua. Can handle comple

Zekfoo AGZ-CPU-01 To commemorate the 20th year since the Game Boy Advance’s release, I have designed a full revamp of its PCB, using only the most essential

boku7 Cobalt Strike BOF - Inject ETW Bypass Inject ETW Bypass into Remote Process via Syscalls (HellsGate|HalosGate) Running InjectEtwBypass BOF from Cobalt

howardlau1999 简单地演示了 PyTorch 中自动求导机制的原理。 编译运行 使用 Bazel bazel run autograd_test 包含了一个使用 MSE 损失函数的一次直线的线性回归,以及一个使用 BCE 损失函数的带有 sigmoid 激活函数的两层非线性 XOR 网络。 使用 pybind11

fwsGonzo 128-bit RISC-V assembler RISC-V has a 128-bit ISA that is fairly developed, but not standardized fully yet. I am maintaining a RISC-V userspace emulat

TixiaoShan This repository contains code for a lidar-visual-inertial odometry and mapping system, which combines the advantages of LIO-SAM and Vins-Mono at a system level.

TartanLlama Single-header, ranges-compatible generator type built on C++20 coroutines

mmozeiko wcap Simple and efficient screen recording utility for Windows. Get latest binary here: wcap.exe press Ctrl + PrintScreen to start recording monitor (

ORCA666 EVA3: using hellsgate in EVA to get the syscalls [tested with cobalt strike 4.3] note that i dont claim that the idea is mine, this repo is probably

GaryOderNichts Bloopair Bloopair allows connecting controllers from other consoles like native Wii U Pro Controllers on the Wii U. It temporarily applies patches to

luin wechat-export Export WeChat chat histories to HTML files. Preview This script generates a HTML file for each contact's chat history. Currently it supp

rbaron This is a hacky PlatformIO project in which Home Assistant data is displayed in an e-ink display. Useful Links Display Hardware on Tindie Official Git

atollk Copper is a C++ library of a powerful queue object for communication between threads. It is based on Go's channels and follows the quote:

RepRapLtd 6DInput Project to create an open-source 3D printed 6 DoF input device Provisional design ideas: FreeCAD for the mechanical design KiCAD for the elect

sandeepmistry pico-lorawan Enable LoRaWAN communications on your Raspberry Pi Pico or any RP2040 based board using a Semtech SX1276 radio module. Based on the Semte

mariohackandglitch kartdlphax kartdlphax is a semiprimary exploit for the download play mode of Mario Kart 7. It can be used to run an userland payload in an unmodified

kebby Capturinha A tool for real time screen and audio recording on Windows, using NVIDIA's NVENC and with an emphasis on performance, correctness (eg. fram