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Version Checking

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rumboalla APKUpdater APKUpdater is an open source tool that simplifies the process of finding updates for your installed apps. It provides similar functionality to an app store, but instead of depending on a single source, it a

huazhouwang SmartGo Getting Start In your build.gradle: dependencies { compile '' } Features Now you can launch an explicit Activity like this: SmartGo.from

jasonross Nuwa Nuwa is a goddess in ancient Chinese mythology best known for repairing the pillar of heaven. With this Nuwa project´╝îyou can also have the repairing power, fix your android applicaiton without have to publish

tonyofrancis Fetch A better in app Download Manager for Android. Overview Fetch is a simple yet powerful Android library that allows you to manage downloads more efficiently in your Android apps. It uses a backgrou

xamarin Xamarin.Android Xamarin.Android provides open-source bindings of the Android SDK for use with .NET managed languages such as C#. Build Status Platform Status OSS macOS

dlew joda-time-android This library is a version of Joda-Time built with Android in mind. Why Joda-Time? Android has built-in date and time handling - why bother with a library? If you've worked with Java's Date