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jpmml R2PMML R package for converting R models to PMML Features This library is a thin wrapper around the JPMML-R command-line application. For a list of su

codesections _ _ (pronounced "lowbar") is a meta utility package for the Raku programming language. Being meta means that _ is comprised of independent sub-package

baldwindavid ExWaiter Helper for waiting on asynchronous conditions to be met. Hexdocs found at https://hexdocs.pm/ex_waiter. Installation Add the latest release t

Trendyol boru boru is a pipeline implementation in kotlin with native coroutine support and custom dsl. Supports chaining pipeline steps with conditions and br

Androz2091 Instaddict (beta) How addicted are you to Instagram? Let's drop your data package into Instaddict, it will give you the answer. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ Example DEMO

ms-jpq coq.nvim (first & third) party sources PR welcome First party lua sources & third party integration for coq.nvim See :COQhelp custom_sources How to us

androiddevnotesyoutube Timber + Logger Integration. Make Logcat Prettier, show thread information and more.

nvest-solutions A simple HTML to PDF convertor for Android

mlegy Linkester is an Android library that aims to help Android developers test their deep links implementation.

didisouzacosta Simple library to decompress files .zip, .rar, .cbz and .cbr in React Native.

alexfu Launch an Android Virtual Device without Android Studio.

cognitect Transit is a data format and a set of libraries for conveying values between applications written in different languages. This library provides support for marshalling Transit data to/from Clojure.

vlang vOS An effort to write a modern, fast, and interesting operating system in V. Join the Discord chat (#v-os channel). Goals Keep it simple and easy to

urbanadventurer Unlock an Android phone (or device) by bruteforcing the lockscreen PIN. Turn your Kali Nethunter phone into a bruteforce PIN cracker for Android devices! (no root, no adb)

INPS-it SPIDlibraryAndroid is a library for logging in via SPID through several different identity providers.

ibrahimsn98 A lightweight, simplified form validation library for Android Screenshots Validation Rules Setup <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <resources xm

ashish01 hn-data-dumps Hacker News corpus has a few very nice properties. It is small enough that it can be analyzed on a laptop but at the same time it's big

mschristensen go-funk-generics An example utility library, inspired by go-funk, implemented using the proposed generics syntax from the latest Go 2 design draft. Fo

brian-norman 🎨 A tiny (Kotlin) library for generating attractive colors

cczhr This project is based on the libimobiledevice open source library development, and realizes that the Android device OTG can modify the longitude and latitude of the iPhone after connecting to the iPhone

sanfengAndroid Use fake-linker to combine with Xposed, provide Java and Native two-way shielding data detection, also provide additional file redirection, JNI Monitor, file access control, provide to other software to dynamically add or modify t

kdrag0n This is a Magisk module that enables hidden features on Android 12 Developer Preview 1.

unionofblackbean Plugin for fixing crash caused by dispensing shulker box by Union of Black Bean.

skydoves 🧬 Android DataBinding kit for notifying data changes from Model layers to UI layers on MVVM architecture.

utsmannn Android helper libraries for geolocation, places and animating polyline. Build for modern architecture with Kotlin and Coroutine

notKamui A Kotlin mini library for math expression string evaluation

devnied A Java library used to read and extract data from NFC EMV credit cards (Android/PCSC).

xuuhaoo Android runtime crash controller. defense java crash keep your application safety

CRED-CLUB Synth is CRED's inbuilt library for using Neumorphic components in your app.

tytydraco LADB bundles an ADB server within the app libraries. Normally, this server cannot connect to the local device because it requires an active USB connection. However, Android's Wireless ADB Debugging feature allows the server and th

ethicalhackingplayground SSRF plugin for burp that Automates SSRF Detection in all of the Request

TanZhiL FragmentKey一款解决使用newInstance创建fragment定义key传值问题的apt框架