A fork to Google's Gmail/Hangouts chips library, with some extra features

ChipsLibrary This is a fork of Google's chips library shown here, and can be downloaded from here What's different from the original library : It's easy to import and build on Eclipse. :) Removed buggy dragging featur

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Hamadakram Ratifier Ratifier is a form validation library for Android. Download Grab via Gradle: compile 'com.irozon.ratifier:ratifier:1.0.0' Or Maven: <dependency> <groupId>com.irozon.ratifier</groupId&gt

egslava MaskedEditText This project derives from toshikurauchi/MaskedEditText, but it's been adapted for gradle build system and has additional features: filter allowed chars filter denied chars user can use chars from mask

bignerdranch Typesetter Tool to help nail down text styles when beginning a project. Change the values and hit render to see them modify the text below. Use the share button to automatically take a screenshot and share. Current list of fo

a-tolstykh TextViewRichDrawable This is a tiny library which empowers TextView's (and its inheritors) compound drawables with size specifying, vector support and tinting. Currently empowers next Android views with RichDrawable support:

chen-xiao-dong RichEditText A rich edit text view on Android to replace native EditText view,it let user show/input more informational text. The library support editting rich text on UI, like bold, different font color, add link for the selecti

mabbas007 Unfortunately, I'm busy to maintain this project, so please feel free to fork it and adjust it the way you want Welcome to TagEditView! Android EditText view for view tags How to use Add it in your root build.gradle

hanks-zyh LineHeightEditText Fix edittext lineHeight and cursor effect when set lineSpacingExtra or lineSpacingMultiplier EditText vs LineHeightEditText Usage compile 'com.hanks:lineheightedittext-library:1.0'

rafakob FloatingEditText TextInputLayout and TextInputEditText merged into one class. Just for convenience and for removing some boilerplate code. Description Instead of writing this: <android.support.design.widget.Text