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isXander Xander's Fabric Template for Kotlin The best Fabric template using kotlin. Usage Mod Development: Please read the Fabric Wiki for general mod developm

USCreditCardGuide Credit Cards Phone Numbers This is a collection of phone numbers on the back of credit cards. Many of them are blank for now because we don't have tho

LanarsInc Date text field with on the fly validation

enofeb Socially Socially is a textView which is able to create separate clickable views according to your requirements. Sample Video Simple Usage <com.enofeb

RHSaliya This is an android library to represent password strength.

hearsilent TagEditText - A simple Android Tag EditText

mike5v ViewMore TextView allows you to use a TextView by hiding the content of the text by a number of established lines and to display all the content expanding the TextView by a collapsing/expanding animation. It's possibile use an ell

YKW93 ExpandableTextView - Read More TextView for Android

stoyicker A lightweight, highly customizable and reliable OTP input field for Android

tfcporciuncula Phonemoji provides a flexible text input field implementation that formats international phone numbers as you type and displays the flag of the country that matches the number's country code

ZiyadKhalil This is a task that was required for the instabug internship program 2020 that did not pass the task phase despite being good enough to pass

Chen-keeplearn Android类似支付宝密码输入框,美团外卖验证码输入框,验证码粘贴等;有效果图,有demo;支持下划线,方框,连体框样式;可设置光标、光标颜色,下划线输入时高亮,边框大小、颜色、圆角等等;设置密码显示的样式

santalu A simple way to format text fields without getting affected by input filters.

PRNDcompany Super easy TextView with 'Read More'

afreakyelf A Simple PDF Viewer library which only occupies around 125kb while most of the Pdf viewer occupies upto 16MB space.

gregcockroft Render beautiful LaTeX Math Equations in an Android View

sarnavakonar Animate your text like never before

YahiaAngelo A native Rich text editor for android based on Markwon library with export to Markdown option

gusakovgiorgi Description Simple pulse countdown view which is based on TextView. minSdkVersion 22 (Lollipop 5.1) - But you can try to use it in a lower version as well. It should work. Library is implemented on kotlin but has conven

anoop44 AwesomeTextInputLayout An EditText decorator inspired by the EditText fields in Add New Contact screen of Google's Contact App. EditText is surrounded by a rounded rectangle border. Whenever the edit text receives f

rasheedsulayman AnimatedCountTextView A library that helps you animate change in numeric values in a TextView. Gradle Dependency Add the dependency to your app's build.gradle: implementation 'com.r4sh33d:AnimatedCou

CottaCush 💰 A library to dynamically format your EditTexts to take currency inputs

armcha AutoLinkTextView V2 AutoLinkTextViewV2 is the new version of the AutoLinkTextView. The main differences between the old and new version are Fully migration to Kotlin Added several new features Some improvements

hasankucuk SocialTextView A simple custom Android TextView that highlights content such as Mention, Hashtag, Phone, Email and Url. Setup allprojects { repositories { ... maven { url 'https:/

ppetarr LabelView LabelView allows you to create lined-labeled views. LabelView will expand to fit the longest text. Setup Add "https:\\jitpack.io" as a maven url to your top-level (project) gradle fi

mahimrocky ShowMoreText This is simple library for creating textview expandable. Like Continue or Less. This library extended versiion TextView. Easy to use. Sample Root Gradle allprojects { repositorie

bffcorreia Fole Fole is a simple library that handles a toggle for you, to expand and collapse a TextView. Please, star this repo if you find it useful. 🙃 Demo • Installing • Basic Usage • Animations

thomhurst Android EditText Validations Easily Validate EditTexts This library is best used with Kotlin, and is to help reduce boilerplate code when writing validation rules for EditText fields. To install: Add Jitpack to y

xeoh Android TextHighlighter Introduction highlights every View which inherits TextView(i.e. TextView, Button, EditText). Set targets and Colors. Then highlight any word. Requirements Android

Camerash ToggleEditTextView 📝 Easily switch between EditText and TextView seamlessly. Grab via Gradle ☕ dependencies { implementation 'com.camerash:toggleedittextview:0.1.1' } Usa

wordpress-mobile Aztec: Native HTML Editor for Android Aztec (which extends EditText) is a rich-text editor component for writing HTML documents in Android. Supports Android 4.1+ (API 16 - Jelly Bean) Getting started D

GrenderG MarkdownView WebView implementation supporting Markdown rendering. Prerequisites Add this in your root build.gradle file (not your module build.gradle file): allprojects { repositories { .