Android performance test tool-CPU,memory,network traffic,starting time,battery current and status

Emmagee - a practical, handy performance test tool for specified Android App Emmagee is a practical, handy performance test tool for specified Android App, which can monitor CPU, memory, network traffic, battery current and statu

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stepstone-tech Android Test XRunner This library allows you to run Android UI tests multiple times in a single instrumentation execution. Written in Kotlin. Why use it? Let's face it - instrumentation tests can be flaky. Even if you

calabash Welcome to Calabash for Android After delivering support for the final releases of iOS 11 and Android 8 operating systems, Microsoft will discontinue our contributions to developing Calabash, the open-source mobile app testi

permissions-dispatcher kompile-testing A library for testing kotlinc compilation with kotlin annotation processors(kapt) which is strongly inspired by google/compile-testing. kompile-testing gives you an easy way to assert not only annotation process

jraska LiveData Testing TestObserver to easily test LiveData and make assertions on them. Read Medium Article for more info. Usage Having LiveData<Integer> of counter from 0 to 4: Kotlin - see ExampleTest.kt

KasperskyLab Kaspresso Kaspresso is a great UiTest framework based on Espresso and UI Automator, and providing a wide set of such amazing features as: 100% stability. Increased speed of Espresso and UiAutomator command execution.

Banno Gordon Gordon is an Android instrumentation test runner designed for speed, simplicity, and reliability. We built it because neither Spoon nor Fork were fast enough nor reliable enough for us, and in attempts to fork those libr

andreafioraldi This experimetal fuzzer is meant to be used for API in-memory fuzzing on Android.

google Android UIConductor Android UIConductor is a platform that allow users to create E2E testing workflow very easily. Screen Shot Requirement Linux (Mac and Windows should also work, but need write the pa